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34:17Pogba Injury Blow! Haaland Transfer Update! Man Utd News
33:55Pogba Transfer Hope! Man Utd News
Pogba Transfer Hope! Man Utd NewsÁhorf 122 þ.21 klukkustund síðan
57:25Solskjaer Transfer Setback! Man Utd News
Solskjaer Transfer Setback! Man Utd NewsÁhorf 122 þ.21 klukkustund síðan
36:15Sancho for Henderson? Kounde the Priority! Man Utd News
38:26United Still Want Sancho Transfer! Man Utd News
United Still Want Sancho Transfer! Man Utd NewsÁhorf 124 þ.21 klukkustund síðan
55:29CB Transfer Talks Begin!? RICE Transfer Hint! Man Utd News
36:17DE GEA Up For Sale? Man Utd News
DE GEA Up For Sale? Man Utd NewsÁhorf 129 þ.21 klukkustund síðan
34:39Sancho Deal In Danger! Transfer Budget revealed? Man Utd News
34:41GOLDBRIDGE! Manchester United 3-1 Newcastle Match Reaction
38:47Solskjaer's Transfer Backing! De Gea Leaving? Man Utd News
36:05Koulubaly Transfer Race! Konate For 40 Million! Man Utd News


  • thats what she said

  • Yeah Dortmund looks like a bunch of fools. But if United go back in for him they will too

  • Pagba injury record needs a looked at

  • I see lingard is now scoring goals for fun with the hammers 🤔

  • Ole outta


  • Disprespect to bailly in my opinion. If eric bailly was it 100% of the time you would struggle to find 20 cb better than him. He is very calm on the ball, has great passing range, strong in the tackle, great positioning from what I see. He has made mistake in the past but making a couple mistakes isn't enough to brandish him as a bad defender. Harry Maguire is a bad defender.

  • 👍🏼👍🏼

  • 2-0 to united , my predictions. Think they weak at the back and a bit toothless upfront

  • Twitch: Notapro11

  • Mark and this Sancho story is like the pandemic. Its gone far too long and its still here in 2021. Recycled conversations...zZzZzZzZzZ

  • Why is Mark continuously stuck with Sancho and Dortmund. We don’t want him, even if he is $80mil, buy Grelish instead. Sancho is 💩. It’s hard to let go for Mr 90%

    • Sancho is not 💩 lmao. Maybe over hyped a bit but definitely a better rw than we have right now. Oh wait, we only have one and it’s Daniel James ffs

  • I think ole dosnt want to play Maguire and Bailey cos he still having nightmares from the spurs 6-1

  • Yeah but we where looking to buy him a year ago lol they will get half the price this summer should have took or offer sancho couldn’t have had a worse season

  • Just a quick FYI, Cavani was asked if the competition was thougher in France than in England. He basically said that all ligues around the world have different characteristics and many aspects that make them unique. I have noticed that he is a very neutral person when it comes to opinions in the media.

  • We can't buy a bag of chips from Dortmund

    • We’ve done business with them several times in the past...


  • I swear if Ole goes back to Victor and Harry I not watching us lose to Chelsea ! 😡😡😡😡

  • Alright! Meanwhile in 2021, KG taking over TUS.

  • Jenny Neame you're very quiet these days

  • Mark: Sancho - No; our Defense is horrid and needs addressing first Period. Full Stop.

  • I definitely think now that Maguire wasn’t the one organising the defence for Leicester. I 100% think it was Evans so maybe Koulibaly would be the better option than Kounde?

    • Maguire is 27 and still going through a ‘learning phase’ Fuk him off already my god

  • Is bruno not suspended for 5 yellow cards

  • 🐰🦤🐰

  • We need to get the glazers out

    • We need united fans to stop buying anything from united

  • I subscribed at 384k. Early congratulations on the 1M to the crew. You guys have been a daily excape .

  • What is Man United's best center back pairing? - any pair not named Magalof!

    • Best pairing is either maguire bailly or lindelof and tuanzebe

  • Going off subject.. How painful is it seeing our neighbours running away with the league again..🙄

    • Not painful they bought their success and their manager is a checkbook manager what players came from the academy or a crap team has he really used all he used was foden that's it he can't use any wingers from the academy he went and got Torres because he don't wanna give the academy a chance and his a checkbook manager

    • @Nightin Gale ikr?

    • Ikr

  • I would chnage Tuanz. + Martial with Halland i think BVB lose halland anyway they need CB and CF >> Rashy/D.James Halland/Cavani GreenW/amad<< and Buy Kounde 60M defence >> Harry or Lindelof + Eric or Kounde << .As DM i would put D.V Beek his first tuch is great>quick passing and inteligent player. Sell: Lingard 30mil , Hendo 35 mil .

  • we need to sort our center half and CMD an striker and and figure out which goalkeeper to win title challenger next season defense win you titles and attack win you games

  • Ole is clueless any top manager would play lindelof n Bailey maguire is way tooo slow

    • Wth u didn't even make sense

  • Board out don't want to wait another year to sign a player that we should have got the year before

    • @Zanos wait another year I guess lol

    • What u Gona do about it ?

  • Progress would be getting Varane ( swap for Pogba) . Sancho (cash or swap for Martial) and calvert Lewin/ Haaland (cash).

  • Would you swap Tuanzebe and Bailly for Kulibaly or Kunde?

    • @Mick Moore I like Tuanzebe but I don't think Ole rates him

    • No way would I sell Tuanzebe, I would play him in Matic position.

  • 🚫OLE OUT🚫

  • Do Man City really need another center back?

  • Lmaoo

  • What a bloody legend this guy is

  • value over actually long term signings

  • Sometimes I wonder if MARK believes in everything he say cause he always CONTRADICT himself with wat kind of PLAYERS he like at United he wanted bellin at the age of 16 to come play CAM for us from the champions league but not our loanee to come back to do it he wanted the club players for the future then says he would swap Paul for Ronaldo

  • I love how Goldbridge says "I didn't make a big deal of it..." in regard to Henderson not catching the ball cleanly. EVERY TIME Henderson's name has come up since the match, Goldbridge has "Not made a big deal of it" by repeatedly pointing it out.

  • If we are going for a centerback, then we can't just go for any player. It must be someone better than all of the others we have. Better than Maguirre and Bailly.

  • we would take all summer negotiating the sancho deal unless we do this the 1st week of the transfer window i dont want to no

  • I don't know what games he's watching

  • Totally depends on if United wants to actually win something. Look at city they don’t play Sterling and Silva while Aguero is out and manage to beat Weat Ham.

    • We have good scouts but our club is not run well and we need a dof

    • City is a much better run club than utd.. They've a director of football along with a very good scouting network.. Employs the best management and so on..

    • and that too within 90 minutes

  • as long as Shaw and Rashford are on the left we should get lots of crosses/service into the box 👍

  • Why is being so pesimistic the right attitude? I don’t want no draw, let’s beat them!!

    • Pessimism and realism are different. You can hope to beat them, but given most of our form dating back to the Sheffield loss, expect to draw. We have literally played one really good half of football in months (first half vs. Everton).

  • Koulibaly Sancho and Rice would be a good transfer window

  • Get Sancho, swap Lingard + 30m in installments for Rice, Calanoghlu for free, and a CB. Doable, but I don't think Clownward would be able to pull it off. His plague rat level intellect would be our downfall.

    • It make sense mate. I hope Jesse played well at westham, and Moyes can give us a favor then. Rice is decent cdm. We can't rely on matic forever at CDM slot.

    • Man United are a club run by clowns, coached by an amateur now. They’ve been ruining this club. Why man utd dont get a director football we a big club why till now we havent .

    • @Amen Zerabruk I disagree. We do have options on the RW but none with the quality of Sancho. And you might have noticed that most of our goals come from the left hand side. And having Sancho on the RW might help improve Aaron's game too. We need that balance. But I agree we need a CB and a CDM urgently.

    • We don’t even really need a rw cb and cdm and then offload the deadwoods

    • Rice is just another overrated english player

  • Plz mark let's not go down the sancho rabbit hole 🤢

  • I love Mark’s opening statement especially on days he says it so fast, it comes out as saying “hello every”. So at our household we say “Every is on” whenever we United Stand comes on😃.

  • 36:05

    • What's the point

  • Sell pogba.

  • We need Sancho, i think Rashford would improve immensely with Sancho's inclusion, its not just Rashford but we need players of Bruno's caliber

    • Sancho no, bring HAALAND we need a killer


    • @Jenny Neame He has more face's than a watch shop window display

    • Two faced bee 😤😤😤

  • I would get another midfielder the ones we have they are not good enough they can’t pass because pogba gone it’s just bruno donny won’t fulfill his potential with dinosaur type of football Ole plays so get a creative midfielder

  • Our summer transfer window will be Sergio Ramos Diego Costa and Dzeko on a free

    • @VnnXyz14 KK coming to united, dingus.

    • I don't mind with Ramos. He's still one of the best CB in the world.

    • @Thaylin Pillay , don't think so! Maybe after he retired! lol

    • @VnnXyz14 We will sign Koulibaly when his nearing retirement

    • @VnnXyz14 We will sign Koulibaly when his nearing retirement

  • If clubs go for Haaland like Chelsea this summer we have to go for him. If he stays another season we go for Sancho and Haaland the following summer

  • The biggest mistake United will make this summer is keeping Ole and having players like Martial etc leave. It's clear the problem on the pitch is Ole. With Ole as coach we will continue to question all our players form n abilities!

  • If mark dosent agree with ur opinion he is very dismissive & rude & has become quite snotty ... ill stick to watching flex n KG

    • @Jenny Neame no one cares about a bin dipper's comment. But you are right mark is annoying

    • Not only, he posts Fake Rubbish everydays...

    • Mark is arrogant and rude. Always criticising other teams players. A big mouth know it all. But l. I do like fl.

    • Mark is arrogant and rude. Always criticising other teams players. A big mouth know it all. But l. I do like fl.

  • Buy Haaland not Sancho. Good singers are plenty......and many very good ones should be less expensive than Sancho (like Coman).

  • Its' so pathetic and out of brain keep posting bullshit Fake Video & Comments over Koulibaly; yet again...totally rubbish fake non-sense News! Not real ! Plus, napoli is not selling anyone; and not for cheap...sure not to Stingy Manchester United!

  • I get the feeling we will just miss out on Top4. I think Chelsea will overtake us and Liverpool will come good again and take 4th spot. Spurs to win the Europa League

  • Boring boring I haven’t enough with sancho deal we not signing him

    • Boring with these posted fake daily videos!

  • Grelish would be a better signing.👺👌

  • Don't worry mark, we finished 3rd and right now we are 2nd :)

  • Why are lindelofe and maguire always playing together and have been awful for ages???

  • Bring nothing to the channel. It’s his opinion but he only see good things from players he like everyone else my as well not turn up

  • It doesn't make any sense going cheap in our situation. Get Sancho in. We can sell Lingard, Pogba and a few others to raise more funds.

    • Lingard as already gone and he his now scoring goals for fun 🤔

  • Sancho is staying at Dortmund he is happy at Dortmund

    • @Cronus T yeah and I doubt they’d keep sancho over haaland

    • @Lebron James Dortmund is even more a shambles than he right now. Horrible on the pitch apart from beating Sevilla lately and if they’re going to have to sell a top player to help themselves financially you can bet they won’t be strengthening the squad this summer. 👎🏻

    • Didn’t get himself want to come to United? But I wouldn’t blame him if he saw how incompetent our board is and no longer wants to come to the club

  • de bruyne better than bruno, any season? wash your mouth out

  • Mark do you believe edwood about his transfer plans his transfer story is to keep the fans happy

    • @VnnXyz14 this is this third comment from you with just hate

    • His daily crap fairytales, as usual!

  • Why this guy still talking bout koulibaly he ain’t it....I repeat he is overrated we don’t need him at United

    • Its' so pathetic and out of brain keep posting bullshit Fake Video & Comments over Koulibaly; yet again...totally rubbish fake non-sense News! Not real ! Plus, Napoli is not selling anyone; and not for cheap...sure not to Stingy Manchester United! Decline? lol Sure you're not following him...

  • He is still bloody expensive I just don't understand why Utd been insisting on him...???

    • @VnnXyz14 why are you spamming this in the comments?

    • Its' so pathetic and out of brain keep posting bullshit Fake Video & Comments over Koulibaly; yet again...totally rubbish fake non-sense News! Not real ! Plus, Napoli is not selling anyone; and not for cheap...sure not to Stingy Manchester United! Decline? lol Sure you're not following him...

  • Maybe just forget about Koulibaly, it won't happen. United need a younger, left footed player like Carmo, Botman or Zagadou. Think it will be much easier to get Sancho this summer

  • What u guys think of DENZEL DUMFRIES? PSV Right Back. I think he can also play CDM.

    • Rubbish

  • Every year our transfer budget shrinks whilst the middle pack catch up to us. On top of that clubs like Chelsea and Man City continue to have unlimited budgets. It will take a miracle to get back to the top

    • Start praying

  • We got to get Haaland never mind Sancho !

    • Deluded guy

  • Bailly not better than Maguire he different and better pace but not better overall Maguire one of the best defenders in league and once united sort the tactics out defensively Maguire will prove tht and when he gets the right partner things will look different

    • Its' so pathetic and out of brain keep posting bullshit Fake Video & Comments over Koulibaly; yet again...totally rubbish fake non-sense News! Not real ! Plus, Napoli is not selling anyone; and not for cheap...sure not to Stingy Manchester United! Decline? lol Sure you're not following him...

  • "I don't know what he's said, but he's chatting out his arse" This kind of logic sums up Mark quite well all too often. Listen to people's arguments and understand them before you dismiss them.

    • @manred1984 haha brilliant!

    • Look, I understand where you're coming from, but Palestine is not a state.