SOLSKJAER Confident on RICE Transfer! Man Utd News

Birt 8 sep 2021
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Man Utd have made Declan Rice their next transfer priority and they are confident they'll get him. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. NEW Last Dance Hoodie HERE

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  • You could get bissouma and chuwamene for cheaper than u can get Declan rice

  • Transfer windows shut mark

  • Rice is a must get Fred and lingard out to west ham and get Rice

  • Can't help but think we've got a better chance of buying Toni Macaroni than Rice. Would love Rice though (not because I'm Asian, steady now)

  • Lingard will not sign. Rice is 90+min if Grealish is 100 and Sancho is 74.

  • I enjoy this and agree with most of what you say - except on England games - the Poland game I found really gripping for example. England have improved hugely under Southgate and it was only when we were completely useless that my interest dipped a bit. But I'm NOT one who thinks that only club games matter, and internationals are inferior and kind of irrelevant. I like both, at the right time - and am very engaged in England games. I expect you've expounded on this at greater length elsewhere - but I was a little sad to hear you say you're not that interested and spend the games chatting.

  • 🤔Wether You are Ole In....Ole Out or Ole shake it all about.... He is leaving... This is the only Logical Conclusion... He has given his best and done a great job indeed.. Rice is not the answer a title winning Coach is.

  • Sancho will live on the bench

  • Lets get frank kessie hes cheaper and more experienced

  • Declan Rice is heavily overrated IMO

  • This whole Brexit propaganda is irritating tbh! Man United didn't go for a midfielder because they didn't find a player of the quality they wanted??? WTF?!! Rice isn't even the best in his position in England, let alone Europe! Are we tryna replicate the bloody English national team?? Give this story a rest Mark, the lad's not even good enough in the first place🙄.

  • Rice is the new Sancho. Can look forward to a year of spamming videos on this.

  • Rice 100%

  • We could have used Lingard to get rice, that chance may have passed us and WH may choose to do business elsewhere

  • Love that Rotherham was mentioned, up the Millers!!!

  • out of the mistake we made instead of selling him 25-30mil and sign that cdm we desperately need in roben neves we gonna lose him for free wether to everton or westham and we spoiled it all what a big big inconvenience!!!!!

  • Do you think Man. Utd would pay 100 million pounds for this gentleman? Pls don't waste time on this any more.

  • Buy jude Bellingham

  • Ronaldo and Bruno are in the same Portugal team and Ronaldo still take penalties

  • You can’t sell a player who doesn’t want to go. Seems to me Lingard wants a payday signing for free for someone next summer

  • Jude > Rice

  • We got 25 mil for James. Don't forget that goes entirely to a CDM now that all positions are filled and Dalot is staying

  • I remember when we signed Angelo Henriquez, I was so excited he was an excellent finisher. It was a real shame it never worked out.

    • @Daniel Stowe cheers man, obviously you didn’t watch the video where he talks about Toure who signed for Parma and how we’ve signed youngsters who have gone on to do other things. Ya Prat

    • Cool story bro

  • We r doing what Chelsea did for a few years buy loads of young players and they ended up getting rid of most

  • Outs: Henderson - 35mil Bailly - 15mil Jones - Free Pereira - 10mil Mata - Free Matic - 5mil Fred - 20mil Lingard - 30mil Total Outs - 115mil Ins: CDM - 65mil Total Ins - 65mil Net Profit/Loss - +50mil Loans - Tuanzebe (Premier League) Amad (Premier League) Pellestri (Championship) Shoretire (Championship) Elanga (Premier League) Hannibal (Premier League) Levitt (Championship) Garner (Premier League) Hughel (Championship)

    • we need a a rb an extra midfielder cdm and a cb u really dont use ur brain

  • At least we’re not gonna have Rashford standing over long distance free kicks like he’s Ronaldo.

  • Ronaldo's free kick technique is incredibly consistent, he bangs in straight into the wall almost every time.

    • @Mr North Wales truth hurts but Bruno is currently clear of Ronaldo in free kicks

    • @Patrick Good let's hope he bangs some in this season 🤣

    • @Mr North Wales it was a bit of a joke mate, I've seen ronaldo bang in a 40 yard free kick live at Old Trafford.

    • You're clearly 15 and have no idea who Ronaldo is

  • How much would kimmich be

  • It's actually The john Aldridge penalty style

  • Do we want Declan Rice?! You must e kidding! The question is can we afford him and does he want us or Chelsea!

  • What I don't get is why the English tax don't apply to Man Utd players like Jessie Lindgard, Phil Jones etc? 🤔🧐🤨

  • Didn't United hire a set piece coach? Can't he help Ronaldo improve his freekick taking?

  • why???? Tchouameni is cheaper and better!!

  • Typical Glazers pr hype. In the end I'm absolutely sure he's gonna go to Chelsea or some other team and we will end up with Fred the red

  • No lingard near first xi

  • Halland wouldn’t be going Barca in 3/4 years by that time they won’t be able y afford a Mars bar let alone halland only options for him imo are Bayern City Us Psg Real

  • I have absolutely no faith in the decision Ole and his coaches are making. They don't understand squad structure with the retention of Mata/Lingard etc and the next gen like Donny and Hannibal wilting on the bench.

  • Hannibal should be Pogba's long term replacement. Get Declan Rice and forget Haaland.


  • If handerson and lingard was sold them we could have signed ndidi

  • Imo I think we want haaland because we will lose cavani and martial next summer.

  • Rice is over rated. We shud look at whatshisname from Monaco 😬

  • Our manager is a hoarder🙃🙃he's crying out for help

  • I'd love us to be English based and compete to win the premier league

  • Midfield is the spine of a system for a football team...have you guys seen a human with a deformed spine walk as a normal person? he must be walking with abnormal posture and he will not be able to walk that far since the posture is not the best for walking, to begin with...

  • I want Declan Rice for the right price. Anything over $60 million is almost sabotaging his career. In American sports the kiss of death is for a player to be overvalued. The media first, fans second, teammates third, and then finally the team turns against them. Unfair yes, but true yes as well. Sometimes it doesn't happen, but usually it does.

  • At this rate Manchester united will have squad of england

  • I think he's overrated

  • Is there a womanscaped and does it makes a woman's yard look bigger ?

  • SponsoredBridge

  • Gk now have figured how to stop jorgihno type penalty. Sports experts say you go one way and show other. And the penalty taker like bruno are dependent on it.

  • Ole don’t play Youth.

  • Zaha signed a 5 year deal and now he has underachieved in his career.

  • Isn’t Lingard a Riola client?

  • Sell Lingard and get two midfielders...

  • what we need do is move lingard and mata on then have hannibal as bruno backup

  • im sure ole will want haaland next summer he obsessed with him when we dont need him we have CR7 Mason rashford and martial who can play there striker makes no sense dm a pogba replacement or use donny he can be number 6 this season next number 8

  • i think rice will go to chelsea we should get ndidi or if ole plays donny maybe de jong other thing with rice does he want to go to chelsea where his mate is and not much game time or to man utd where he will get game time

  • Ever thought United want Rice not because of English FC, but because he has good qualities other DMs do not have? Ole always wants his first choice, not a quick fix 2nd choice. And if coincidentally it's an English player, so be it.

  • Well, I got too busy lately ngl. Haven't made it to the live either

  • He is literally OBSESSED with Declan Rice, give him a yard Marky!

    • You just copied and pasted my sentence you BOT

  • We should have got Rice this summer instead of Sancho. Sancho was such a waste of the clubs resources this summer.

  • we should care where a player is from as man utd you get two of the best players in every position

  • That’s why we can’t sell players like Chelsea, Liverpool........also Ole is an average coach...

  • Tchouameni > Rice

  • Hannibal trains with the first team? Every young player trains with the first team (rotation everyone ?) Don't take a clip as gospel mate. The trainers gives most young players training time with the senior squad.

  • Why can't James Garner be the CDM solution next Season, if the likes of Rashford Greenwood and Henderson can all stake a claim in the United Team, then Garner deserves his opportunity.

    • Mate you're spot on..but ole hasn't got the balls to play him!!..Garner is the best of the lot already!!💥👹

  • ManUtd is giving him the pension plan. I think Jesse wants to stay until it's time to retire. He's on the retirement pension plan.

  • Hate these rumours I wish Chelsea had signed him any CDM but this one 😭

  • Who cares about Rice next year We have a whole season to look after now...

  • Ndidi is better

  • If we can...lets go and get him in January transfer window.......before the round of 16 of ucl and the be more strong for the final stretch of epl matches....

  • Mark shud have a place in the board of football director with his decisive dealing of new players and unused players 👍

  • During Ole time at united which youngster was promoted and had played regularly ?? we say Greenwood. But he was playing before him at the time during Mourinho.. So who has been promoted and played alot of matches..

  • Ole is deluded to think this 🤦‍♂️

  • I think Marks point is to build these English players for the sake of England team 🙄🙄🤔🤔

  • We will buy everyone next season. Welcome everyone! 🤭

  • Even with Declan Rice on United's squad, Ole will still go with McFred.

    • McTomminay is better than Rice pathetic rumours

    • @The Celestial because he is amazing

    • I am still wondering how did ole got his job in utd 🤔

  • A cdm unlocks everything

  • Just don’t understand ! Even Lingard should know that he cannot be a starter ahead of better players like Rashford,Martial,Fernandez,Van De Beek,Sancho,Greenwood, !

  • We did the same thing with Sancho…we waited a year! No surprise!!

  • Although Rice is a natural CDM but I would rather have a Reuben Neves or Chiomini instead of Rice

    • Sick of us linked to him was wishing all summer Chelsea would sign him

  • Kessie or Ndidi should be the main targets for the next season.

  • “I’m worried that man United could become England FC” 😐 1 out of man uniteds last 8 signings have been English 😷

    • @Sajjad Mudaser Sancho, Maguire and Shaw are the only British players signed who start for united who weren’t academy graduates 😷 imagine actually using the academy 🥴

    • do your research before commenting mate

  • And the drama continues!!! 1st it was Tielemans now it's Rice.. You know what, I will never emphasize on the significance of a cdm ever again, i won't provide Ole with an excuse to use if we should ever end the season underperforming and failing to acquire some silverware.. These men had a long transfer window to buy a proper cdm, in fact, from last season they must have figured out that we badly needed a cdm as much as a cb...

  • You'd think if we didn't sign Rice we'd never win anything ever again. I hate that guy at this point. The world is full of DMs.

  • It's never gona happen we need to move on....

  • Rice price is too much

  • I like Rice, but I think there were plenty of good players available last summer for less

    • @Suresh Govekar brilliant then

    • @James Pringle lol he is just a midfielder version of Maguire

    • @James Pringle he’s overrated

    • @Khabib cherrypicker he's brilliant

    • Do not rate him at all was wishing all summer Chelsea would sign him

  • Rather buy Ndidi, bassouma, zakaria etc, even pasta before buying Rice.


  • 🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰

  • Glazers do not deserve to own this club as they do not understand what Manchester United means to the fans. Glazers out

  • DVB 4 CDM

  • Apparently a Master Butcher, an Industrial Chemist and a Plastic Surgeon from Manchester have been given the green light to build a hideous unstoppable midfield beast out of the most valuable clumps of Jones, Mata and Bailly, plus Matic’s brain. Fingers crossed.

  • Rice always got bullied by pacey player. on top of that he is slow like varane and maguire and with pogba who also doesn't have pace i think it can be a trouble defending against quick players/team.

  • Hannibal is great but his petulance could hold him back.

  • Hannibal needs to chill and wait for his opportunity, young enough. Time on his side.

  • Jesse and pogba leave next season, matic will be finished. Donny will step up, along side rice. Quality signing, proven player.

  • 👋