Birt 10 sep 2021
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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Press Conference reaction for Manchester United vs Newcastle United in the Premier League. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. NEW Driving With Goldbridge Watch HERE

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  • Ronaldo will be the catalyst for United to win treble this season Welcome back Ron.

  • Donny donny donny he is crap

  • Viva Ronaldo, Viva Ronaldo, Running down the wing, Hear United sing, Viva Ronaldo...

  • Ronaldo is not one of the best players in the world. Is the best player in the world

  • B

  • Guys I did not think of this I saw it from someones else but why don't we put lindelof on cdm?

  • I think CR7 will start from the bench…

  • What was the song again

  • AWB Varane Maguire Shaw Donny Pogba Greenwood Bruno Sancho Ronaldo

  • 16:20 "We've got to plan for it without Fred". FFS anyone would think Ole was talking about prime Rooney going into the World Cup when he broke his metatarsal for England. The majority of United fans are praying the ban actually stays in effect so we can look at some alternative options in that midfield area.

  • I’m expecting to see a lot of dvb and matic in the pivot against teams who sit back where we will see a lot of the ball. McFred will persist against better teams or teams who press as we need the aggression and movement they provide. Dvb and matic should and I expect will be the go-to option vs a low block.

  • Donny might as well be a cleaner at the stadium that Ole walls past each day.

  • italian league slower they still beat us in the euros

  • Mark mentioned MUTV showing the game in it's entirety....can anyone confirm this and what time it's on ?

  • Mark we have a lengend ronaldo hottrick saturday

  • Ole the fool said "there is no place to hide for his players following the return of Cristiano Ronaldo." He should have said there is no place for me to hide following the return of Cristiano Ronaldo.

  • Am I alone in thinking that Ole is no longer the one in charge of this team and of Ronaldo want something he's going to get it. The part that scarier is that it might not be a bad thing.

  • Mark just take the cap off Please, thank u.

  • What’s that Ronaldo song called??

  • After Ronny, Cavani is our best player.

  • Missing the discord call ins

  • Never alone with Goldbridge

  • Pirlo, Matic, Jorginho, Carrick etc all 10’s converted into world class 6’s. We need a conductor like Donny next to an energetic box to box player like McTominay. Donny fits us more than a defensive player like Ndidi. We have a lot of the ball.

  • Ronaldo isn’t so prolific from free kicks anymore - hopefully fernandes takes them

  • 35:29 Ole Impression "Carricky its Ole" :-)

  • We're in for an interesting ride folks??? Can't wait for Ronaldo to stamp his quality, and personality, experience on this squad!!! "The Times They Are a Changing".....For sure.

  • I told you, solkjaer days are short because Ronaldo hates losing ! His garbage game plans could cost us p.league! Like we lose Europa League final !(garbage changes)

  • He won’t start

  • I seriously think Lindelof could be developed into a really good CDM. Might need sum more ball control wich Pogba has an abundance of and sum more technical ability wich VDB has a lot. Ole just need to be creative !!

  • There is loyalty: FRED For me he is more of a liability 😋🥳

  • Remember the worm burner he hit v Newcastle? Ya I'm that old

  • For God sake give Eric Ramsay time to improve style of play and tempo issues... He has worked with the main team for only a month or two... Give it a month's time please people 🙏

  • oles the most frustrating manager i ve seen at the club

    • Maybe but not as boring as Van Gaal though.

  • Mcfred will be the reason Ole is gone by Xmas …if I was DVB I would take ole to court ..for abuse..

    • The club shouldn't be able to treat a player like this,it's so wrong and there should be a kind of regulatory body that governs the conduct of a club,it's shameful.

  • Donny has to be given a chance at no 6 tbf

  • Anyone in UK who has this 3pk kick off thing if u wanna watch man united v Newcastle it's on BBC radio 5 so u can watch it there

    • isn’t that you just listening to the commentary

  • Mark are you as excited for ronaldo's first match back as you were for Bruno's first match with us as you seemed way more ecstatic about that.. I know I am buzzing about it

  • Let me back on your channel Mark bro.

  • Jonathan. Tut tut… 😂

  • Marky has some bots in the comment section lol

  • Jonathon 🤣🤣

  • Just got my fubo tv 7 day trial with a nord vpn trial all set looking forward to watching the goat tomorrow

  • Ronny will be the biggest leader whether he has the band or not. However unless Harry voluntarily offers it up, it should stay with him.

  • Very nice 👏

  • Day in the life

  • Why all this talk about DVB? He hasn't done well when he's been playing!!! You're just trying to turn the fans against Ole! What a crap fanbase!!!!!!

  • Cavani is a top centre forward people should not forget that, what if he scores more goals than Ronaldo 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • "Loads to talk about..." Mark the salesman never disappoints.

  • Ole definitely has some personal vendetta against Donny at this point it’s pathetic

  • Journalists and Ole should watch united stand to have a better view of problems at united.

  • Ole is doing my heading for not using VDB

  • By Christmas time the proof will be in the pudding whether or not Ole is the man for the job, time to deliver Ole

    • I don't think I need to wait until Xmas to form an opinion,he's not a good manager and Ronaldo will carry him.

  • Regarding the Fred situation. It looks like ole has no plan b and blindly believe Fred is the better Mid in this UTD squad.

  • This channels obsession with donnie is annoying asf, Ajax are nothing in a nothing league compared to man utd and the prem, and almost every game I've seen him play in a united shirt has been disastrous, totally lost, not getting near the ball. But somehow ole who sees him train and play week in week out is supposed to suddenly start him and back him? No, he's clearly not good enough and probably not performing well enough in training,which is why he's not getting picked.

    • Ha ha, at last someone agrees with me. I don't think I've seen Donny have a game where he's been worthy of a regular starting spot.

    • Its gotta be something aint it if ole thought he was world class he’d play him for sure

  • That's a real Madrid team casemiro behind kroos an modric

  • Varane left out of PL squad!!!!

  • I have a feeling that Ole will bench Varane and play lindelof since it's Newcastle.

  • Predicted XI v Newcastle (4-2-3-1): De Gea; Shaw, Maguire, Varane, AWB; Matic, VDB; Pogba, Bruno, Greenwood; Ronaldo. Subs: Henderson, Lindelof, Dalot, Telles, Mata, Lingard, Sancho, Martial, Cavani.

  • Why does Goldbridge never say Young Boys? Only the ‘Swiss side’. Few skeletons in his closet👀

  • Ole cant manage telles vdb pogba martial but we should trust him in making decisions for Ronaldo Lmfaooo wat a joke

  • Matty longstaff is out on loan ,but so 🤣

  • The way I see it when he’s done with the work he’s going through the process and then he will have a good day to be reunited with his family in a little while he will have a great time and then we are back in the world to get together and then we can win the title

  • he can be a much bigger threat in attack in a game where we will probably have all of the ball. This is the perfect game for Dalot.

  • play tomorrow. don't know why ole ignores him

  • Nah Goldbrige comedy with the impressions is top class honestly

  • what your fanisy team show us on mark golbrige

  • Does Not Matter If The Jurnos Are Fans,,,,, Most Of Todays Jurnos Are USELESS,,,

  • Goldbridge looking like prime Kevin and Perry

  • Donny as a lone 6? You need your head checking you absolute muppet

  • this squad back from winning the prem or champions league is a cdm and the manager

  • I always said,these jurno's are idiots

  • JournoBridge🤣

  • He's not gonna start donny

  • I will love 2 C Donny at right sided 6 in 4-2-3-1 ....

  • My XI for tomorrow: De Gea, Shaw, Maguire, Varane, Wan-Bissaka, Matic, Van De Beek, Pogba, Bruno, Sancho, Greenwood

  • Freestylebridge

  • Mark realises Green isn't the only colour that works righttt? Blue even works.

  • Man put Donny in DM I'm coughing blood

    • He's done it before. Ole's played an 8 at the 6 position before.

  • if we are serious about title challenge this season Ronaldo has to start

  • The only thing holding this squad back from winning the prem or champions league is a cdm and the manager

    • @Lukey Chadders well they ain’t spend it on the galacticos its half a world class team and half a liability

    • Imagine if United don’t win the league after what was spent building this version of galacticos

    • wdym u think awb will be consistent and also de gea

    • Even without buying a CDM.we have Donny....ole is just trash... Pep, klopp, tuchel, conte, zidane can all do better than this fraud we have as manager

  • Never underestimate Newcastle cos they have capacity to hurt us, in respect to ole’s tactics.

    • A threat on the counter. It would be the case with Pep/Klopp/Tuchel's tactics too.

  • Jorginho started as an 8, as did Carrick, but both became World Class defensive Midfielders who break up and launch play. Ole is stuck in the past. Fred and Mctominay, all arms, legs and rolled up sleeves, but can't pass forward or anticipate play.

    • I'm sorry but jorginho? Word class?!😂😂

    • Problem is Donny can’t defend…no physicality, bad tackling, not good in one on one situations…reaction and pace not good enough to cover space.

    • Fred/Mctominay are also both 8s turned to 6s btw

  • Harry Maguire is not captain material

  • United Stand should get a journalist in there to ask better questions.

  • According to the Presser, it sounds like Ole wants to play McTominay, which is expletive annoying. lol

  • The press conference with ole are a joke ,,, get the media on Donnys case and he would pick him , just like when he picked Henderson what a joke ,,, sad to say just keep losing and this bloke and his gang of no hoppers out Unbelievable how blind is he regarding Fred who is pathetic like him

  • I don't think Mark should complain about why VDB is not starting in games anymore given the position he has put VDB on in the team sheet. Thankfully that's why Ole is the manager so that common sense can prevail


  • Signing Ronaldo from Ole's perspective was a mistake....Ole knows he has to win a trophy with Ronaldo otherwise sacking is imminent....without Ronaldo Ole could have made excuses but with Ronaldo its IMPOSSIBLE !!!

    • He needed to win a trophy before we signed Ronaldo, after we signed varane and sancho, just a bit more pressure now that's all

    • Hes got varane, Ronaldo and sancho he definitely needs to challenge for the title hes got nowhere to hide now .

    • @Rafique Solomon Life is good to you ?

    • Ole out!!!!

    • @Thomas Gundersen Ole. Is that you?

  • To be honest if RONNY ain't playing for 90min than i would rather he plays 2nd half cause i wanna see him finish the game and score!

  • Cavani is a true professional. Someone who is a leader by example.

    • But gets pushed off number 7 shirt to cater for an ego, feel sorry for him.

    • Agreed

  • That boy jonathan is sexually frustrated, naughty boy

  • With Time, press conferences have become a joke !

  • Hat trick tomorrow

  • This is how you look at it: Donny is probably more capable of learning to play the number 6 over a number of games than Fred or McTominay ever will and that is why he must START there for this season!

    • Our midfield next season gonna be Fred Rice

    • @HeWho C who is special playing one game every 6 weeks? Wake up, your talking nonsense

    • Donny hasn’t been given enough time, but he also hasn’t been anything special in the little games he has played.

    • @Jake Frost iggoeeeee A

    • @Wyatt Hunter all those things you said about donny could be true but we haven't seen him get a chance yet, so your just guessing really

  • Lool Jonathan made me chuckle not going to lie. Madbridge 🤣


  • Gotta love goldbridge 😂🔴😂🔴

  • Carrakii… hahahaha Donny! Hahaha Ole impression episode!!

  • Ronaldo should take the penalties he's the main striker his job is to score goals and will help him get confidence if he's struggling for goals in open play.

    • Understand your point. But Bruno scores on 96% of his pens, Ronaldo's stat is 85%,

    • How many has Bruno missed why not leave him on them

    • Lmao, you think Ronaldo needs confidence from pens, have you ever watched him?