United want Tielemans! Van De Beek Speaks Out! Man Utd Transfer News

Birt 6 sep 2021
Man Utd are monitoring Youri Tielemans according to Fabrizio Romano and Donny Van De Beek speaks about his United situation! Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. NEW Last Dance Hoodie HERE united-stand.myshopify.com/products/l...

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  • Buying talented players only to bench them is tragic for that player. His stunted growth as a player stopped him to fulfil that potential. They should be allowed to move if they wish to do so. Otherwise give them a chance!

  • No thank you...

  • Manchester united to play donny bruno and mctominay done midfield

  • Donny’s words were he grew up playing #6 for Ajax. We all know that the Ajax academy is the HARVARD/Oxford university of football academies. But instead we have community college graduates (McFred) playing as cdm’s. Ole is an A$$h@le for not playing him there.

  • Well this was a serious discussion on Donny, but jeez Mark's Ole impressions gets me every time 😂😂😂

  • Release VDB… play him!

  • Get him on the pitch ! Just get him on. Just give him a chance. Why not try him as a holder ?!

  • 🤣🤣 hilarious

  • Oh bloody hell it may not work but just let donny van der beek do what Jorginho does and let Pogba and Bruno inter change from an 8 and a 10. Bruno actually plays better when he’s deeper and Pogbas more effective going forward.

  • Ole out. Free VDB

  • Tielemans waited for united but board didint want him or pay the 30mill

  • Tbf Mark. Scholes played upfront for a few years and in the youth. By 24 he was a full blown CM. He said he can’t play 10 the way Ole plays 10.

  • Donny needs 5 or 6 games on the trot as a proper chance, fred and scott got that opportunity last year, 1 game isnt gonna properly show us, he also needs to play with the other starting 10, not with the bench players

  • Nice T Shirt but shouldn't the image of Ronaldo be red not orange?

  • I think Donny will play some of the game on Saturday

  • Ofcourse Donny says his best position at United would be a number 6 or 8. Those are the only positions he has a reasonable shot at getting into the United lineup, the other positions he would be quite far down the pecking order. The Utd coaches do not feel Donny has enough good defensive qualities needed to be a sitting midfielder, that is the simple reason Ole prefers to start Fred or Mctominay over Donny.

  • I would recommend that everyone watch the video themselves, he said nothing controversial and was quite positive about Ole and his own prospects at Utd.

  • Everyone remember when Mark said Donny is not a number 10 lmao now Donny says hes a 10 but is able to play as an 8 and came up playing as a 6

  • I love the Ole'ee and Carrick'ee impersonations 🤠 top banter Mark 😂👌

  • Allll sit dowwwwwnnnnn all sit downn 🤣🤣

  • Please ole listen to mark and the united guys.. play donny against new castle and if I'd doesnt work then yes we can make alternative plans.. but please just play donny now. Please fred is not on form and scott is not ready

  • So it’s accepted that ole gave in to media pressure by picking Henderson over de gea but he wouldn’t dream of doing it in relation to Donny.. Oles a moron, he’s ruined Donny for a year he’s likely to keep doing the same.. stubborn amateur coaching. Won’t be happy till he’s gone.

  • It actually should be bruno pogba and donny in midfield

  • End of the day ole didn't want de beek that was obvious he sees him everyday in training and if he ain't good enough he ain't good enough ive not seen a game where ive thought he needs to play the wolves game at the end of the season was a nothing game look at the team we put out

  • Uff I missed it

  • Play him at 6, it's worth a try. Lets face it he can't do a worse job than Fred is currently. He can definitely pass better, he can read the game better and I think he could be better at interceptions. As for tackling, I don't get that people think Fred can tackle, he gets knocked over like a toddler, so he can be at least as good.

  • The person. To ask why donny ain't playing is olly.

  • What about playing Fred and vdb together. Fred (although he's been poor and rather have him gone) have him as no.6 and vdb as no.8

  • 😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ur not getting yuri we love him he’s dynamite

  • Team against Newcastle should be de gea. Bassika. Varane maguire Shaw. Donny. Bruno pogba Sancho cavani. Ronaldo

  • If you watch the whole interview he is very respectful and positive throughout, the club would be hard pushed to interpret that as anything else, he doesn’t throw ole ‘under the bus’. He simple talks facts throughout, great interview by Donny.

  • ALSO!!! Ole would just bench Tielemens and play Fred the outstanding red instead

  • 5:40 mark is actually funny🤣🤣🤣🤣… he just clapped and started singing🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • We want Youri so what!?! Leicester win the odd trophies every now and then. Why would Tielemens leave a trophy winning team for a team that hasn't won anything in years and is just trust the process

  • We are with u Donny❤️

  • Donny already started training as a 6 or 8 (a position he started at youth level at Ajax). Good luck for him.

  • Nice

  • Donny van de bench

  • Would love to see Tielemans at United

  • At first I got confused by the thumbnail: UNITED WANT YOUR! Your what....???

  • Donny won't get game time under Ole,the only way he will play for us is if he outlasts Ole under a new manager and let's face it Ole is here at least for a season unless its an absolute disastrous next few months.

  • Really want to see Donny start on Saturday

  • I’d play donny with matic as an 8 until the half and donny w pogba on the middle after the half as a six. Test him out with a real opportunity

    • Why not Donny with Mctominay when Mctominay has been among our best players in his recent games.

  • Wow, mark goldbridge, youtuber, claims Donny van de beek isn’t good enough to play as a no. 10.. the fucking arrogance

  • Donny van de BAKE

  • Would Donny and Tielemans make a good midfield?

  • Is it any worse than matic came out and said?!?! Fair play donny he's forcing oles hand

  • Since we have not bought any holding midfielder, why not give VDB a run in that position from now till January window. If he really cannot make it than let him go and buy a reliable CDM.

  • Do you think LVG has influence on Donny's and his agent recent actions? LVG said he had 40 minutes phone call with Donny and he said he knew how to give advice.

  • I hope the fans start pressuring Ole starting Saturday. Enough with the Ole chants, get Donny on

  • “Luke Shaw might want to play for Barcelona in a years time you don’t know” I know he said this jokingly but that’d be insaneeee to see ngl

  • Mark I completely agree with most things you’ve said, however Leicester are not a counter attacking side any more, it’s not 2016. Vardy isn’t as quick as he used to be, Maddison isn’t that quick and neither is Perez or Albrighton. Leicester focus more on the build up play now

  • The only thing I can think of why he doesn’t play as a 6 is physicality. He’s clearly better than Fred but who knows.

  • Forget about Van De Beek, I won't be surprised if Varane gets benched for Lindelof. In your own words, no one knows what Ole thinks.

  • Dony did say he can play 6 and 8 but he also said he will play any position just to play so that proves noting that he ant number 10 he saying he can play 6 and 8 just to play

  • Raiola threw Ole under the bus and little old Ole was right there playing him. He’s a hypocrite. Favoritism is so ripe with Ole that we might need an ethics investigation.

  • Ole is not just good enough for Man United.

  • Ole is a coward.... he started pogba after raiola opened his trap...

  • Tielemans for what.

  • Donny would be able to play 6 easily compared to McFred.

  • Transfer window is closed

  • AWB Varane Maguire Shaw Donny Pogba Sancho Bruno Greenwood CR7 This should be the line up against New Castle coming Saturday

  • maybe the man utd 3:4 stoke game shows the true Donny

  • If Ole doesn’t play donny as a 6, why can’t we test Lindelof as a 6? Motm against Spain 🇪🇸 with🇸🇪

    • Poor balance, no pace, problems making accurate passes when leading the ball in his high tempo and weak.

  • How about trying & playi Varane as a no.6 ???..🤔🤔🤔

  • Am honestly disappointed in how we've handled Donny, Tielemens is undoubtedly a baller but he's not a Dm either, he plays with Ndidi at Leceister who is he gonna play with at Utd, Fred?

  • Ole is still a genius. He has made Donny say out in the public that he is a 6. If he plays him at six and it doesn't work, everyone blames Donny for being cocky


  • I've never felt so bad for a player. He deserves more respect than this from Ole.

  • I want Donny at 6 and I am a Donny Cultist . Donny needs to play instead of that joke of a Brazilian called Fred .

  • Van De Beek should be our no.6 until we buy one... even I can play better than Fred in that position

  • Fred is a problem .

  • Have we ever seen donny and pogba as the midfield? Odds on it's our best combo

  • This interview highlights how clueless Ole is . No tactics just vibes OLEOUT and never comeback back to my club.

  • Very good point that he's a dutch international, and has played in a CL Final. Why is he being treated like a kid from the youth team?

    • CL semi. Tbf he was a few seconds away from reaching that final.

  • Still Dumb Ole won’t play him.

  • AWB Varane Mag Shaw Bruno VDB Pogba Greenwood CR7 Sancho

  • If the man himself says he can play at 6, then why not play at 6, surely he can't be worse than fred. At this point us as fans are being desperate to see anyone else besides fred or scott to play at 6

  • Ole love Mctom, he won't let anyone show higher level than Mctom

  • Carriky... Love that!

  • Starting XI- ddg, shaw, maguire, varane, wan-bissaka, pogba, DVB, bruno, sancho LW, Greenwood rw, cr7 up top. This lineup would be so dangerous

  • the world he's being an absolute PE teacher playin' Fred over him..

    • Sir Matt Busby was a PE teacher...

  • Not only Donny, there are few other players eg Alex Telles, Amad etc who even though Ole had a hand in their recruitment, they still end up sitting on the bench. Ole only trust Rashford, Martial, Fred etc even if they are off form. If Man Utd can't win any trophies this season, it is down to Ole management.

  • Olé is done, doesn't know his players, branded a liar and has no tactics. Fed up of him

    • @Thomas Gundersen he is too sloppy and untactical

    • @Kalvix Daron Well, what do you know.

    • @Thomas Gundersen its good speaking the truth sometimes,,,at this point i see that ole doesn't know what he is doing the club is too big for him to handle

    • You talk rubbish.

  • I'd be expecting him to bring to bring Bastian Schweisteiger Germany performances to our midfield.

  • I think Donny can adapt very well at that number 6 position, any good manager can mould a player to perform very well in a particular position he was previously good but not great at. But then, I'm not sure Ole is that manager... Just give him a run of games FFS, you can't play him once and expect he's just gonna turn up. If you watched Donny last season when he played he was always anxious and whenever their signal for subs, he's always looking at the touchlines cos he knows it's him. That doesn't give him enough confidence to settle and show what he can do

  • *Just offload players first and then buy For GOD'S sake . So much Deadwood in the squad*

  • Where are the clowns that say dvb is only a 10?

  • ! In his case humbleness isn't working ! Ole is killing the man's career !

  • The fact that Ole plays McFred over Donny should make us question Ole’s manager IQ. Just not good enough.

  • Tables set for the managing squad now. Donnys told then directly what he wants and what he can do its all in their hands now.

  • You guys are bunch of jokers … it was just a nice honest interview without antagonising the club or ole …. You guys are trying your best to sensationalise and corrupt the interview…. Bloody take a walk

  • Ole is scared that Donny might prove him wrong and show the world he's being an absolute PE teacher playin' Fred over him..

    • Exactly! This is why Ole wouldn't sell him because he's scared Donny will go somewhere else and play great

  • We should sign Tyler Adams in January

  • What are the chances of Newcastle smashing your new toy and he spends most of the season broken on the sideline?

  • he played cdm for ajax in the europa league final ajax vs manchester united for 23 minutes.

  • If Jorginho can play as a 6 why can’t Donny ?

  • Ole, doing what he did to VDB is beyond personal. It is absolutely disgusting. Horrible favouritism by Ole. Ronaldo will expose Ole for what he really is.

  • I believe with all my heart that DONNY CAN PLAY SIX AS WELL AS EIGHT: He is more mobile,quick ,tenacious and very intelligent in reading the game : At least play guy in any of the AVAILABLE POSITIONS, TO HAVE A POINT TO PROVE ; otherwise, OLE ,I’m sorry the player have challenge you ;” THE BALL IS IN YOUR COURT OLE “ Give Danny a chance to fall by his own weight :for CHRIST SAKE ::