Birt 13 sep 2021
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Press Conference reaction for Young Boys Manchester United in the Champions League. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. NEW Driving With Goldbridge Watch HERE

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  • Cant listen to this Candyman movie alternative

  • "It doesn't matter"(Cavani) like "we have Ronaldo anywhere"???

  • I like your style man 👍

  • I’m loving this channel everyday . So many improvements in the past few weeks. Keep it up mark.

  • All my homies love leven

  • Has leven ever met mark

  • Have bad feeling ole will start lindelof, lingard, fred,martial

  • You know

  • It's either Christiano United or the Manchester Ronaldos. I want it to be the Manchester Ronaldos because it would make City fans puke uncontrollably.

  • Ole lies about cavni

  • Fact ole says doesn't really matter to the strain injury question on cavani tells me it's a hamstring strain😏

  • Big up Leven. Going from strength to strength ✨

  • It’s funny how Ronaldo has “come back home” when he gave the best of his years to Madrid and then some to Juventus. I love the guy but this coming back home thing is pushing it a bit too far😉

  • anyone else notice it says Saturday 13th Sept lol

    • @Drawty's That's Creative! I think ur joking but if not ur blind

    • Nope…. Your eyes are just wrong 🧐😂

  • Ronaldo is not playing tomorrow oh no

  • I've got a feeling that we will start with the same team as against Newcastle except somebody replaces Matic. I think Donny could be that person as he has more experience on artificial pitches and I think even Ole must be disgusted with Fred at the start of the season. OK, I'm being optimistic... 0-3

  • Well done Leven!

  • Why is this guy on here all the time, ffs, im fed up of hearing him, for god sake lets see and hear someone else,

  • 👹🔰

  • Ole should focus on sorting out the midfield and stop meddling with the GKs. Just leave de Gea between the sticks for the League and CL. Play Henderson in the FA & Carabao Cups for his development, end of story.

  • Levani! What’s your starting eleven...leven? 😃

  • Bloody hell pink boots still there 😂

  • Gees was so looking forward to Mark doing the review but anyway... Leven is legend

  • Lee Grant was on Talksport. He really comes over well each time he’s on there.

  • leven vader !

  • Cavani will be our Chicharito this season

  • I bet you don’t care innit but like I don’t why but troopz is always chatting a lot about mark. Maybe it’s because he knows mark is on a rise 📈

  • Leven the ledge

  • Luke, I am your father

  • Think there's more to this Cavani story. Maybe he's pissed the club stopped him going to play with his love the National team, or his nose is bent out of shape because of CR7 and he won't play many games especially when Rashy is back. Either way Cavani is history in the summer either way.. apparently he's never settled in Manchester and unhappy for ages. Plus he's massively injury prone all throughout his career.. sick note not his fault but it's facts. Cavani could even leave in January if he don't play in any CL games

  • Jeez that voice!

  • Levendowski nice show ... U do real great and my girlfriend loves your voice.. Lol... Sure I know where to be searching if she goes missing 😀

  • Big up leven love from Scotland man hope we see sancho start tomorrow he needs the game time to get up to speed then he will start balling🤙🏻👌🏻

  • CR7 the GOAT 🐐 he's Mr.Champions League

  • Is his surname actually 2K?

  • He should give donny a chance its the perfect game for him

  • Degea is legend he is doing well in every match

  • Donny van de beek is the best midfield 6 in man utd, let gives him chance to prove many people wrong on doubting him

    • @Who is He! That’s my point he’s not a 6

    • @UtdAydee Donny were allowed to go more forward while Alvarez stayed back to do the defensive work. If you looked at his heat map you can see that he loves going forward.

    • @Who is He! when he’s played as a six it was as a two..he played with Alvarez who is an out and out six

    • How many games/times you think Donny has played as a 6 at Ajax, The Dutch national team and ManU? That you called him the best

    • No he’s not he’s only played as a 2 and matic is our only dm

  • This man has the coolest voice ever

    • @GYM freak next show

    • Can you say. ""Mister lover lover,boom boombastic..."

    • @Jan Bergh Heisann

    • Greetings from Norway to Leven

    • Thank you!


  • De Gea>>>>> Henderson

  • Never have more

  • Enjoyed that everyone! Thanks for the love as always

    • I’m going to have a shot for every time you say uno

    • @Sir Nigel Farage everyone knows he's off in the summer.

    • Class as always Leven.

    • Love your work Leven!

    • 🙏🙏🙏