Birt 7 sep 2021
Man Utd have been snubbed by Jesse Lingard as he rejects their offer of a new contract. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. NEW Last Dance Hoodie HERE

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  • I thought jes was already in man u

  • hello

  • When the orchestra play crap they get rid of the conductor,,uniteds next move is obvious

  • Jesse has reinventing himself and one of the hotest players in Europe now. Its very simple, wonder how none of the pundits have seen it yet. He is on his way to Real Madrid next year on very good wages along with PP. And he totally deserves every bit of the glory he desires

  • I do hope they terminate this idiots contract, he should have been told to go to West Ham as he has no future at Man Utd

  • Well get Rid of him …

  • Bruno plays so bad at times. There is need for major rotation.

  • Who offered Lingard a new contract in the first place😲?? I'm surprised we are even talking calmly about this situation, when we should be starting a petition to get Lingard and his fellow deadwood players OUT of this club!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • What a lovely deep voice.

  • The thing with lingard is that he loves united his friends are in manchester he wants to be happy cause if u look at his relationships with pogba and rashford lingard wants to keep that forever and he wants game time so i think lingard cant live the perfect life his role doesnt suit united right now

  • Why Conté? Another defensive manager? I rather have Zidane 🤔

  • Actually he said ‘No No No’ ( in Lingard voice)

  • Lingard and Pogba will both walk. Donny will also exit. Ole's "great" man management doesn't seem to be making players happy other than Phil Jones, the highest paid player (per game played) in the prem.

  • I think the same as Levin regarding Ole....he's not the man.

  • Why are you blaming Ole for promises he was meant to have made. Do we not have a director of football to do that job, He is the man to deal with contracts

    • We don't have a DOF. Woodward is still in charge.

  • Is it not obvious if we did not loan Lingard to West Ham Ole would not have given a new contract to lingard🤪🤪🤪

  • He should have accepted the move to West Ham, this whole thing is beyond shambolic.

  • Lindgard never wanted to go he’s decided to run contract down for a big payday. I don’t think playing time was an issue if it was he would have gone West Ham. Anyway he’s shite and has been for us for as long as I remember bar a few weeks..

  • Didn't ole keep Brandon Williams back as well promising game time. Unfortunately I don't see much playing for donny. Ole is all talk no action

  • Martial should not make the bench.

  • I've always backed Lingard, now there will be a lot of clubs are in for him! Lingard will offer something special.

  • Jesse Lingard need to go elsewhere to get more playing time.

  • Good on Lingard to run his contract.

  • Hey mark. You say Ole has No Place to Hide but to me that’s not True. Ole is Hiding behind the immense talent we have at this Club. Look at Brighton FC with their Manager Potter. I don’t believe Ole could do as well as Potter at Brighton. What is worrying me is the fact you can look at our Mid Field and Clearly see the problems. But Ole doesn’t see it because he keeps playing McFred. Insanity is described as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. When will Our Manager & coaches learn. We are Manchester United we are supposed to have the Best Manager and Coaches. Please don’t get me wrong I Love Ole. But I’m losing patience quickly. In my opinion Ole is Hiding look at the pragmatic football that we play. And Ole plays this way because he is afraid of loosing his Job. Given our riches in Talent we should be playing Balls to Wall Football. And just completely overwhelming other clubs.

  • Am i the only one hearing "invisic"?

  • Pogba played predominantly on the left for Juventus during his best years. If not a midfield of Bruno Pogba and Donny working his socks off learning the number 6 would be the best choice

  • Can someone please explain to me what is wrong with being in United's cup teams? Like I get its not first squad for prem or champions, but it is still a huge honour and still counts towards career growth? Unless I am missing something? Could someone please clarify

  • Why is Levin agreeing with Mark in all the opinions given ? Can he not challenge him? This is getting very boring

    • It’s not like Mark is saying anything controversial, is there something you disagree with?

  • Slow sports news, we’re talking about Ronaldo in training 10 hours ago

  • So if when he plays number ten and scores how isnt he good enough

  • He has every right not to sign,he only has to look at Donny.

  • Den hag

  • DVB 4 CDM

  • Olly will get found out

  • If he was good enough he would play, the problem is.............he ain't!

  • Lingard could have gone to west ham and played every week to many good players at utd in front of him

    • Man U were being their usual greedy selves and trying to get an extra 5mil lol

  • Soon they will offer new contracts to Mata and Lee Grant.


  • Ha ha ha ... Pogba and Lingard leaving as free agents ... when Utd could easily have got nearly £100m for them had it decided to offload them this summer. Good lesson for the Board and OLE.

    • Not a single club has put a bid in the whole time pogba and raiola have been advertising him to the world.

  • Dommy is better then lingard donny should get way more chances

  • So next step is Jesse signs bumper new deal.We gave Matic & Mata deals so y not bump Jesse's with better deal.

  • Lindgard will be sold in January for £5m when we could have got 20 🤣. We totally suck at transfer business.

  • Lingard should have been sold. I think Ole is acting like a compulsive hoarder, who literally collects players and refuses to part with them when he thinks he could possibly use them at some point no matter how low that probability is.

  • Oles lack of rotation is coming home to roost now. Was always going to happen. More and more players coming out against their lack of playing time. This is Ole's and the boards fault for not moving them on. The one thing I would like to know is why did Jesse wait until Transfer window was closed before rejecting contract

  • So Lingard, Matic, Pogba, Mata, all gonna leave for free. Brilliant planning

  • But how can Mctominay who is not good at passing play No. 8

  • It's not a snub if he wanted to stay at United... he didn't have a choice he wants minutes

  • Ole needed to let Jesse Matic Mata One of Fred or mctominay An dvb All go this summer

  • Jesse is not serious with his career. He had the best opportunity during this window to go to West ham and build his form and value. I clearly dont see him playing over Bruno or Sancho. 30m lost for Man u. I feel for Donny too. This is what Pogba did during the Ferguson era he realized that he couldnt get a chance was sold out and became one of the most expensive players to be bought back.

  • Lingard should have been sold for £15m and allow West Ham to bump up his wages with the lower transfer fee. No way Lingard plays more than 15 games this season.

  • Red flags everywhere with the way Ole is running this squad. From the keepers to Telles, Dalot, Donny, Amad and playing McFred. Lingard and Pogba would have been sold by our rivals if they didn't want to sign a new deal. This is all going to end in tears end of this season.

  • Linguard should never of pulled a Manchester United shirt on and the fools at OT now know why ( amongst many others hiding in the shadows) many years will pass with no trophies, all very nice there.

  • Let’s not beat around the bush, either Ole is outright lying to players unintentionally, or he is outright lying intentionally to cover his own ass. Ole doesn’t understand that at United you play and work for the club, he makes his decisions based on his short term interests. Also, Levon is right, he is being very naive. Jesse will start and Ronaldo will be on the bench and Donny in the stands. Ole is that dumb, he would cut off his nose to spite his face. I love Mark wiggling out of his last season stance. I don’t care, it’s totally his right to walk it back, but I just find it funny. Seeing his brain search for something to try and explain it is just hilarious. Good times. QualifierBridge.

  • its a good news tho

  • We are happy with Ronaldo and letting a good player like Lingard to go. What a shame.

    • @Pete Lally lol

    • @The Quiver I'm not even sure he's all that for West ham! Ha

    • Good player for west ham

  • MU should sell went you can.

  • Tfb I don't care about lingard... He is never getting ahead of rashford bruno sancho greemwood martial... So he just want to be free and get a huge amount on signing

  • Ronaldo will make the decisions in the future and lingard will step up for him. Lots of changes coming , it will be great or very bad for united. Depends on who interferes

  • Ole is frightened of doing anything with Donny, but what Ole isn't realizing is that Donny's worst is going to be better than the combined best of McFred. It defies logic. A ship isn't built to be safe in the harbor. If only Ole can think in those lines.

  • Mark next summer vdb and pogba will move and we will replace them with lingard. He will get game time and glazers can save 50-60 million to replace them.

    • That will be a downgrade

  • Thank God he has realised he needs to go... I hope the club doesn't fall for this tactic of snubbing contract extension. Very Paul Pogba like... Such mentality not good for the club..

  • Ole got played at his game… could have got 20 mil £ for Jesse…

  • What a bunch of clowns! How come they haven't sold him if the weren't convinced he gonna sign new contract? Wasted 20M !

  • just work down his contract and get paid during his final payday.

  • Jessie to just work down his contract and get paid during his final payday.

  • Jessie to just work down his contract and get paid during his final payday.

    • Terrible situation. And how is Ole seriously supposed to play all these players and give them all enough chances when a lot of them shouldn't be here?! We've got a squad overloaded with players and yet only one who can play the position we need

  • Management are all sentimental FC. They probably looking tru the books trying to find a job for jobless ex united players to work at the club now. Imagine the likes of luke chadwick trains sancho n greenwood how to play as a winger..LOL

  • Why the hell was he offered a new contract. Its so stupid this dude should have been put in the reserves not even Donny has such an assurance. He needs to move on good lad loves the club but its not worked out for the first team

  • Why are we offering him a new contract???

  • Why aren't we also laying some blame on Lingard? Multiple ex players have said he should move on from Man Utd for his England Career yet he decides not too He knows he won't get ahead of Bruno and can he replicate his form last season for a full season? seems Lingard got full of himself.

  • Sell him off , he will never be good enought

  • Jesse is a joker and thats why he want get play time in the team, GROW UP JESSE AND SOON

  • Why didn’t lingard leave then ffs lol? U r not getting minutes in first eleven

  • Luis Enrique will be the perfect replacement for Ole

  • Ole is not in charge of selling players... that is not his job.

  • Ole lies! And his lies are now catching up with him! Lingard, Mata, Jones, Henderson, and Baily should have all been sold. DVB should have been loaned out.

  • Why is he still here. He will likely get the Carabao Cup games and that is it!! Madness!!! We are turning into the Northern Arsenal as they cannot bin players in the last year of their contracts either!!

  • Sentimental fc at it again. Why offer him a contract

  • On the bench means ur part of the squad, ole was a great bench player

  • Its surprising that these clever business men (Glazers) simply dont know the business of football. Sell when you should buy, buy when you should sell. Theyre in line to lose about 80m just between Pogba and Lingard. Much more outgoin this next summer. It will be called "The Great Exodus" at Man United. Another thing is if Ole thinks he will stay in this current system and not get the best of Pogba where he clearly has failed to resolve, as well as getting the best out of Ronaldo, then he must go as this will be proof that he is indeed tactically incompetent. I love Ole the player but I was never on board with hiring him an interim manager based on the good run of form we got for those 4 months. Mind you he got that run whilst playing the 4-3-3. What happened to that brave coach we all thought we were geting?

  • Lingard is a below average player that can not sit on the bench of Chelsea, Liverpool, City, United, even Spurs, his level starts from Arsenal and Hammers and clubs at the 8-12 range.

  • Thanks Jesse. You saved us the headache of a repeat Phil Jones..

  • Ole is mashing up the yutes them dream him need to go that man is not a manager not a coach

  • Would like to see lingard in Ac Milan would help them a lot

  • ole says the good things in terms of playing football but none shows… what attacking pressing football

  • Want to see donny play more than I want to see Ronaldo

  • Any body know what has happened to James Cooper.? Just curious.

  • Ole loves Riola players why? Players like Pogba, Jessie and Holland at the moment??????? Hmm i think Riaola must have undertable deals for Ole 🤔🤔😁😁🤑🤑

  • Its funny how Ole is touted to have great man management, nevertheless I believe that's a massive myth because just look at the players he has mismanaged ie Romero, Williams Telles Donny Axel Bailey Lingard Amad Matic Lukaku & even the GK's situation. The list goes on 😱

    • @Good Putin your daddy

    • Who is Bailey?

    • @Nuraan N.C if the club ain't working well enough to nail the incomings and outgoings then what is Ole supposed to do? We have far too many outfield players and Ole is trying to juggle them all

    • Exactly, we even accepted how crap he is at coaching, his man managing is what made us accept the lack of identity, style, tactical awareness & game plan. Clearly based off the Donny Interview that's all a myth. Ronaldo, Sancho, Martial, Greenwood, Rashford, Cavani & Lingard. That's 4players who will not be selected every game & how he handles this will b very telling as he may lose the dressing room since there's so much depth. Think OLE is over his head and bout to crack. What is his strengths & y is he managing us since he doesn't have strong point we all assumed.

  • See , anybody smells the similarities in Jess & Pog ??? Same agent 🤔🤔

  • Whats our best line up with CR? Rashford...............CR....................GreenW ...........................Bruno............................. ..............Pogba...............VDB.................... Shaw.............Maguire..Varane............AWB ...............................DDG............................... Subs: Sancho for GreenW Cavani for CR Martial for Rashford Fred for Bruno Henderson for DDG Dalot for AWB If Ole has guts, he would groom this team and they will win everything. First of, the passing off the back will be better. Varane will be the difference if they dont hold a high line. VDB is key to Oles success but Ole cant see it. Thats his first team there. The midfield will be a lot better in possession

  • Motto for the campaign should be ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK!!!

  • Brendan Rodgers maybe

  • Jesse staying is a great thing in my opinion. There have been games last season where players like bruno/pogba/rashford were nowhere to be seen and it was obvious their form was dropping. That is the exact point you put your lingard, donny, your fringe player comes in, does the job, pisses bruno off and forces him to play better because he wants his spot back. Now that we have quality across the pitch we don't need to rely solely on one player.

    • @King Kabi Last season who was he going to rotate the players with. The bench was weak and he didn't trust them to come off and perform. Now he has that quality and you will see him make those rotations and subs in games. This season will be goooood, should hopefully be winning something.

    • My boss rotates his girlfriends more than Ole 😂😂

    • Only problem is Ole doesn’t rotate or use his squad properly. He plays his favourites even when they are very much out of form.

  • It all comes down to Ole’s risk aversion again. He’s risk averse in his team selections and he’s risk averse in his squad and player retention. People talk up Ole’s man management but I’m coming to the conclusion he just bullshits many of the fringe players. I don’t agree with Leven on his assessment that Donny was brought in with the likelihood or understanding that he wasn’t going to play many games. Do we honestly think a player of Donny’s ability and potential would have agreed to come here on those grounds? What kind of story was he actually sold in order to convince him to come?

  • You might see Jesse playing LW against Newcastle 😂😂

  • Good news..🤩🤩

  • Why is he being offered a new contract ffs

  • A fucking new contract again like Jones? Very stupid of Manchester United! Why keep him if he's not a good enough of a player? Let him go to other teams for free because we have better players than him!!

  • This is a case of ole being given the rope to hang himself. Poor decisions made both on and off the pitch.