Birt 12 sep 2021
Cristiano Ronaldo demands more of his Man Utd teammates and Paul Pogba & Jesse Lingard new contracts talks continue Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. Get Involved with United Stand Email us here Last Dance Hoodie HERE

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  • Its si as in yes not siuuu

  • When he was young just a kid Cr7 left the premier league Went to Spain then Italy Now he’s back where his meant to be Wearing red, in the theatre of dreams The theatre of dreams x3 Gets this going lads by yours truly

  • Change the background ... Add cr7 in there 💯💯💯

  • Lingard is on the United retirement/pension plan. The guy doesn't know any other team but United. I believe HE WILL stay on until the end of his career. I believe the Glassers (and Sir Alex) like Lingard PERSONALLY. Maybe he isn't what he use to be but ...Lingard seems to get along with teammates and will celebrate with a tree 🤷🏽‍♀️ if he could. I think Lingard WILL get a new contract and despite Lingard's ultimatum he will take it.

  • We in malaysia also buzzing about ronaldo,2 goals..... Wow..

  • MARK GOLDBRIDGE. The problem people are having with you with regards to the manager is that you have lost a lot of credibility when you say "Ole In" given that you trash talked Jose and and wanted him out the club regardless of Jose being far more successful than Ole - both in his career and at United. Ole has won nothing coming into this club, Jose won multiple trophies. Ole has now been United Manager longer than Jose and still haven't achieved anything. Ole has been stubborn picking rubbish team to spite fans, pundits and others who point out his weaknesses. Ole has has treated Donny very badly, as much as he treated James good, yet having to sell the latter...which speaks volume. Manchester United finishing in the top four and (NOT WORSE) has nothing to do with Ole, but because we have good enough players. However, whichever position we finish...not finishing higher or winning the title has everything to do with Ole. All Ole need to do is to win a game with whichever team he picks, for you to say he got it right...regardless of how bad the team selection is and how bad the team plays...perfect example of "papering the cracks". This is why we will never win major titles under this manager. It's better to lose a few games with the right team selection (as Ferguson dis) than to win a few games with the wrong team selection with the wrong team only the right team will provide that consistency which will take us over the line. I think you have met Ole in person and you two develop a bromance relationship. Ole OUT!

  • Guys listen...what every Government, autocrats, business owner etc hates the most is uprising or riots or protests. The real winners in all these are the Fans. Our action towards the end of last summer guaranteed us the summer we had. Sponsors were no longer comfortable with the brand, the protest drew the attention of the Boris Johnson, we cancelled the Liverpool game and recked some good havoc. I am not surpridef at the summer we had as a matter of fact, i predicted it in May after the protest. The Glazers had to react and react fast. It is not yet over but might be a good starting point. They ( the Glazers) will never take us (the fans) for granted again.

  • does Pogba still want to come back Juventus ???

  • Some Manchester United fans wanted Marcelo BIelsa at Manchester United......what were you smoking? Running around like chicken with the head cut off is not a formation......Leeds United is the most overrated team in EPL!!

  • Mark you are wrong about Lindelof he is far more better than that fridge Maguire

  • Sir Alex to Ole's rescue.

  • Everyone should just start calling him Merk and see if it winds him up

  • Adam in a sharp shirt classic

  • Jese Lingard over martial anyday

  • Mate me and you we Ole out mate .✌🏽.Hold my beer 🍺

  • He still defending ole if we can’t win the PL with this team these type of players..... ole must go no excuse at all he has to deliver

  • It was a danish journalist who spoke to Sir Alex. (Im from Denmark)

  • Mark and Adam give pogba no respect whatsoever. We don't win that game without bruno yesterday?😂😂😂😂 do me a favour

  • Does anyone remember Gary Oldman on MUTV visiting the United team when they were training in USA under Jose and he was saying how he’d been falling United for years.

  • thats what we all want standards to get better no more holding back players that deserve to play over favourites that will be united downfall

  • why donny didnt play against newcastle and if he doesnt play in CL game he will leave and pogba cavani to means next season we down to matic fred and scott perera and that even worse than this season we will need two top cms next season

  • my team for young boys is DDG AWB Shaw magane why we havnt done this already but donny pogba and bruno with sancho mason and CR7

  • First of all he doesn't say "siuuu" he says *simmmm", which means yes in portuguese, was his shout when he won the ball d'or

  • Ronaldo is actually playing as a false 9 for United if you see his heat map and touches he roams around leaving Greenwood and Sancho space to run into. But apparently only tactical genius Pep can do something like that.

    • Yea but that’s not because ole is tactical. That’s because he can do whatever he wants. He did the same at juve. Only pep and Jose can implement the false 9 role perfectly and effectively

  • Only way we win the league is if we signed someone to screen the back 4. Ndidi would have been perfect while Pogba and Bruno stay upfront but we have matic, fred and McTom. Shame Ole!! Now you drop macfred for matic. You look confused when you do that Ole. This January you must sign camavinga or neves or rice or ndidi... these are your 4 options

  • I am not hearing anything about a key ingredient of former success (having got a feelgood factor back) - how about the kids?

  • Viva Ronaldoooooo CR7 the goat 🐐 ❤️

  • Opposite of icing on the cake

  • Better excact than a lot

  • Just let lingard walk out then he ain't that important or good.

  • I think United will win trophies but only if OGS employs Lindelof, McTominay, and van de Beek in the heart of the CDM position!!!!! It won't work with Fred or Matic because they're not good enough!

  • mark who the hell is sueeeeeeee? ronaldo has only ever said siiiiiiiiiihhh

  • SI!

  • Isn’t Ronaldo just saying YES in Spanish when he celebrates ?? come on people work it out

  • Well said mark

  • Sending love from the cayman islands 🇰🇾 🏝

  • Sim,sim,sim is Portuguese for yes,yes,yes.

  • I got a feeling the Pogba and Ronaldo will eventually drive each other crazy!

  • Sancho is 🔥 just want him to interchange with Greenwood during game to activate his cool and confidence. I have a feeling that Rashford will be on the left and Sancho right spare Greenwood on many matches then rotated with Greenwood to start at some. Donny, Lingard and Martial will be rotated and brought in as subs thats how big clubs win trophies have good subs. I would not mind next summer to get Rice, Tielemams, and Haalland if Pogba leaves, Martial, Lingard leaves, Fred sold, Phil sold, Mata, Matic. Then get a new Manager .. Ronaldo

  • Siiiiiiiiii

  • 1:17 funny that robin said it bad too, Ronaldo says "SIM" wich means "yes" in portuguese, but people say it like " SI" because thats how they said it at Madrid because in spanish "SI" means "sim". Its not siu and pronouncing it like "you" is wrong too. Gatekeeping a football comemoration is idiotic, well said mark just say it however it you like it.

  • How much is West Ham (H) vs Manchester United tickets ?

  • Lingard is showing why he became a key Man for West Ham. I think he deserves another chance this season. Him and Donny should definitely get game time

  • Lingard is much better than Martial

  • United stand seeing the Ronaldo effect in subscribers

  • Mark. To pronounce SIUUUUUU just say "Si" but say it while forming an O with your mouth

  • Mark is sick 🤒

  • "Stay young and invincible" ty took this way too seriously

  • Jesse is going to Madrid......

  • We definitely have the tools to win the league but I still don't believe ole is the man to us either tools properly. Ole isn't a winner. We need a winning manager

  • I the reason we didn't do this (like band together, fans, ex players, manager, and SAF to force the move) say before he went to Juve is... At least from my point of view.. We never expected him to want to come back.. Yeah he always said you never know but it always felt like he had put that behind him.. As much as we want cr7 in the club we where never going to force him to come.. But as soon as city was on the table meaning he was willing to go back to the prem the ofc we all get together and make sure he ended up in the right club

  • If you’re a footballer considering a move in the near future and witnessed the scenes at OT yesterday, you’d definitely want to be a part of that. I think Ronnie’s signing will have a huge effect on our pulling power in January and next summer.

    • @lukas wade Camavinga joined madrid. Utd should get bissouma, no need to spend big on rice

    • Yeah I thought someone like camavinga who is young would like to play along ronaldo and maybe tchouameni or rice would join for that reason

  • I just wish Ronaldo had the same energy as Bruno. Ronaldo just walked off after the final whistle and it was kinda weird.

  • What the hell is that "SUUUU". It's spanish "SI", it means "YES". He just say it with a deep voice but it's not SUUU or SIUUU. That's ridicule. It's "SIIIIII".

  • Jesse Lingard joined the academy as a very young boy and is united through and through and will remain part of the squad .....donny sadly hasn't done much even when OLLIE has decided to let him on the pitch .....its sad really but the difference between the two players is jesse seems to take the opportunity...nothing going right for donny

    • Are you mad? VDB movement in and around the box created the space for JLingz to score.

    • Ole needs to prove himself this season especially with the talent we have. I've watched to many games inwhich he plays the game through and make horrible subs, and that's where the inform "championship players" should be given opportunities.

    • We need to play players inform and not who we think should play because their a big name. We've never won anything worth while for the last 10 years because we give players more chances than they deserved. I feel we need to play the best form players even if its not on the first team they should be given chances to keep proving themselves like Ole did this weekend with Lingard.

    • He’s championship level through and through the only good full season he ever had was on loan at Birmingham in the championship

    • Agreed. I said this before Lingard right now makes things happen. He came on in that match and rattled Newcastle even if people would like to disregard that. He made runs in behind and made those Newcastle players work alittle more than they were and that opened up the game abit more for me. People are hating on the guy and he literally took his chances.... and Donny hasn't done enough when on the pitch.

  • you should have a small montage of raw footage. People at the game sending in the videos they recorded on their phones. good way to get the reaction of the crowd, the goals from different angles without worry of copystrike (TUS doesn’t show highlights for obvious reasons) and it’s just original content.

  • I Didn't get a notification for this one ?

  • Get in the bin

    • You're on the wrong forum fella. YNWABD

  • Mark, stop saying AWB is improving, his game is limited like Dan James

  • When Rashford and Cavani are back, Lingard won't even be used as a sub. He should leave for his own interest.

  • There are loads of United fans in the US sitting in Bars getting as hyped for the game as the fans on the grounds. Those fans are buzzing as much as anyone. Your channel is global your content should be global too. We see the games the same way some of your guest see the games. On the tele. Give your fans outside the UK a chance to be on the show too! What the heck.

  • Now the Glazers Have seen how powerful the Ronaldo Signing has been Surely they have to say we need to sign a top class midfielder and complete the hole in our team,

    • Reality of Glazers= well that’s worked well that will keep them shut for a few years gunna be a quiet next few transfer windows

  • Mark, you're sounding hoarse! Guess you shouted n screamed more than you thought you would.

  • Mark looks and sounds exhausted. Love your content Mark. Get well soon😇 SIUUU ⚽️⚽️

  • Even watching from Texas I could still feel the difference in the fans energy with Ronaldo there. Would be a dream just to see the stadium. Even better if I could see Ronaldo playing

    • @Stuart Meade it's what is said can't help it

    • @Eddster id swap cali for 20min away from old Trafford where I live any day!

    • @JM26 shocked they can understand it. Its very complex for them lot across the pond.

    • GGMU from Fort Worth Texas

    • Yes Man United have fans in texas …. From Houston ! & I could feel the atmosphere from here…. I had the chills

  • Facts about ferguson our football father pal, we was brought up in a ferocious aggressive winning mentality and we will never apologise for that. Viva ronaldo!!

  • Anyone else think Wan Bissaka was quite poor yesterday? Any danger was coming from his side

    • Wan bissaka attacking skill is so poor. I prefer dalot to play so he will help greenwood on the right

  • It's actually 'si'. As in Spanish for 'yes'. Yes, I'm being that guy right now 😂

  • Ole did VDB dirty

  • Ronaldo is well on course to win his 2nd balon dor with us. I love that man like he's family. This is the best squad we've had since 08.

  • Rather play lingard than van de beak or Fred he too underrated top midfielder

    • I think VDB and JLingz will be a great pairing.

    • Your welcome to your opinion just as I am

    • Stop smoking crack. Please.

  • Pogba and mbappe to real for free you heard it here first

  • I honestly don’t like how Mark goes after his viewers’ opinions at times. These people made TUS what it is today. So much for “Fans channel” 🙄

  • Get a Strong Holding Midfielder.

  • Lingard doesn't have the talent to do a unique celebration. Give me a boring Shearer anyday if he scores that number of goals

  • Even Adam said apart from Ronaldo the football was crap. Do you understand Mark, the football was CRAP

  • Go for de ligt, palinha or Neves or rice.

  • I don't think United needs a new midfielder, just a better composition in midfield! Bruno's style of effectively playing like a striker is causing the problem. He's creating a hole in midfield and making the job really hard for the other midfielders. He either needs to play deeper or play someone else who's willing to play there! Signing a midfielder will not fill that hole in midfield created by Bruno’s playing style.

    • Problem is both Pogba and bruno. Are risk takers and will lose the ball most of the time so they need a player to dictate the Midfield and allow them to take the risks

    • @Amit Sinya deluded 🤡

    • How dare you say that stat merchant aka Bruno is the problem, he is the special one remember ? If you criticize him you might get lynched by this mob

  • Mark I like the channel but at times you talk a lot of repetitive crap. Ronaldo on his own is not going to win the the premiership, the European cup. Bull,as long as you have Ole and his coaching staff United will win nothing. So at the end of the season I hope you will admit sometimes you don't know what you are talking about

    • Mans admitted that countless times just letting you know

  • Sancho was wonderful. He played with maturity and tactical acuity. I think people who say he didn't play well were looking for flashy step overs and freestyle tricks. Sancho was great!

  • Ronaldo tap in 😆😆😆😆

  • Don't see any difference between Lingard and Sancho

  • 12:55 foden looks bored

  • Even watching from Texas I could still feel the difference in the fans energy with Ronaldo there. Would be a dream just to see the stadium. Even better if I could see Ronaldo playing

  • Ole can fix the midfield problem without buying players. we don't need to spend 80 million we just need to try the player who wants a chance to fix it.

  • Apart from Ronaldo the football was crap. Ole and his coaching staff are crap. Ole like his coaching staff have one thing in common.RELEGATION

    • Errr.... They managed to break the low block enough times.

  • Good morning good win yesterday

  • I'm re watching yesterday's game rn lol 😅😅

  • Ole out. Free VDB

  • There was a change in many players energies yesterday .... especially Sancho !!

  • Lukaku Ronaldo Kane Salah Arsenal Who will win golden boot ?!!!!!!

  • I watch in Germany and the time difference about 32 seconds behind. Any way I can hook up to the live chat during the game.

  • U better move to Norway Mark, They show Manu every weekend’s 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • We’d have never got him 4 years ago, Mourinho would have never had him there. He doesn’t like anyone bigger than him. Ronaldo also probably wouldn’t have signed for him. Or if by some miracle he’d had come he’d have left by now cos we’ve been crap

  • God I fucking love people who get winded up by Mark misprounouncing things.

  • My dream team: 4-3-3 Shaw Maguire Varane AWB Pedri (Rice/Tchouameni) Fernandes Rashford (Cavani/Greenwood/Ronaldo) Sancho

  • Yup

  • He picked the wrong club to win things with. lol.

  • Too right ! stay young forever ! enjoy your life ! goldbridge and smile at the boring haters

  • Whats up with your voice mark it sounds like you've been saying siiiiuuuuuu the whole night😂