POGBA TO STAY!? DONNY Must Start! Paul INCE Man Utd News

Birt 13 sep 2021
Man Utd chances of keeping Paul Pogba increase and Solskjaer hints at Donny Van De Beek starting. Paul Ince joins Goldbridge for the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. Get the Last Dance Hoodie HERE united-stand.myshopify.com/pr...

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  • Not so at young boys tho was it.

  • Paul Ince went to Liverpool time to turn off

  • Big time Charlie himself! Legend!

  • Mark honestly sometimes I do ask myself if you're united support truly?

  • You two should have your own podcast. I love these shows. Well done bro good job ince. Dont stop this show anytime soon. God bless

  • gigsy hits women…not my united legend🥱🥱🥱

  • Love this show+

  • Jonny Van De Jeek and R7 (hold the C)

  • Pogba has honestly been very consistent in his motivations - He wants to be in top teams competing for thigns because he knows he's good enough. That's absolutely standard for players of his ability. It's only now United are putting together a team that's on par with the Juve team he left to join us. Ince was spot on talking about the financial difficulties of Spanish clubs too... As long as United compete this year, I can totally see Pogba committing.

  • Pogba's not the main man anymore let him go ffs His hearts not been in it for ages even more so now Ronaldo has signed Get rid World class on his day undoubtedly but it's over at Man Utd for him Playing well at the moment but why? Wants to stay at Utd or showing his worth to other clubs??? He has a contract offer but hasn't signed Stop pandering to a player who at best has been a 7 throughout his time at Utd Please don't give him 500k a week just to keep him

  • Jones was a better player than given credit for??? Sure, he loved the tough guy image, but had a bit of talent to go with it!!! 25yrd rocket against Man Utd comes to mind....Loved the Wimbledon "Us against the world", spirit, great group of players at that time......

  • Not comfortable watching TUS with Ince involved.

  • VDB cant compete with Pogba and Bruno in 8 and 10 position, if he want to play as a regular he must adapt with 6 CDM position. Matic is slow, Mctom insconsistant, Fred is trash and with VDB ball handling im sure he can adapt to CDM position if he try for it!

  • Do mods also monitor the comments?

  • Mystery

  • love how incey calls him johnny lol 😂

  • You're more fun than a ball pit filled with candy.

  • It's 2021, there is absolutely no way a premier league team isn't totally dialled in on diet and fitness training.

  • Johnny Van De Beek

  • We need to use 433

  • 25:35 incy lets one tip

  • Give incey same background as you mark it will look great on eyes

  • Side

  • I think pogba will sign a 1-2 year contract only because Ronaldo is here

    • And varane

  • Ole chooses this defence, WamBa, Bailly, Varane & Shaw, 4 defenders who can defend, we would have put that defence against any opposition out there and come out on top. We would have been possibly the top team in Europe with Pace, Power & Good Organisation with Ronaldo or Pogba as Captain. Get Pogba to sign his £400k a week contract. The Team as a Whole is more confident & plays better when the 'World Class Defenders & Striker' is in the Team, So Our chance of winning the game is a lot higher. Varane is Maguire's rep!acement + Bring Back Smalling! Plus the present forward Line + Tchouaméni or Soumare, Jovic & Dembele, then Yes we can seriously challenge for the Title & Champion League! Bring in Roy Keane as Assistant Manager, that would encourage to get the players & staff to improve on their focus, performance, consistency and achieve more.

  • on fm S2 my team is DDG AWB Davies Varane ligt rice pogba bruno rashford sancho and CR7 backup team of Romero Williams dalot Baily tuanzebe camavinga donny hannibal martial diallo and mason outs james - Leeds jessie - West Ham and dean - Newcastle lindelof - Barcelona maguire - psg

  • Paul must be popping in the local pubs a bit too much. Keeps calling people the wrong names.

  • Put donny in let pogba walk.

  • When donny first joined Man Utd he played in a double pivot with Fred twice they won both premier league games, I think this should be are midfield to start against young boys

  • Who’s R7.? 👀🤣

  • Yose? It’s Jose you smuck!

  • All we gotta do is win bpl or champions league pogba will stay cause he always wanna play with the best & we have that

  • Paul meant Varane not Maguire

  • Looking good 👍

  • Paul ince referring to United as "we" lol do me a favor.

    • @Trevor Cross I know and tried to stop us winning the league in 99. Now its "we" hahaha

    • I remember Ince played for Liverpool

  • Really curious to see who will start tomorrow. Maguire, Shaw, Paul played all their international games: Shaw&Paul should be rested.

  • Paul Ince legend

  • Pogba is gone bro

  • That's good news on. Pogba he needs, to sign that Contract with United, signing Verane has made the Defence a big difference, having Ronaldo back he will spur the. Team on, ⚽💯

  • Thanks so much Paul Ince for doing this and Mark for all your work with the channel. Absolutely love this show each week, such a great take and brings us closer to the club. Fantastic to hear Paul's take on things and get to know him better

  • Vinnie Jones is the reason I know and love Manchester United from his grade A performance in eurotrip 😂

  • United are closer to being referred to as Galacticos than Madrid now. I think Madrid have as much of a chance in Europe as Utd and their chances domestically are not as good as they once were with the emergence of Atletico. Sign the contract Paul.

  • Does Ince keep calling Donny, Jonny? 🤣🤣

  • Ryan Giggs, Ryan Giggs, Running down the wing, Ryan Giggs, Ryan Giggs, Running down the wing, Feared by the Blues, Loved by the Reds, Ryan Giggs, Ryan Giggs, Ryan Giggs!

  • Quite honestly I think vdb is way better than all of our midfielders bar pogba and Bruno how he is even debating to get into team is wild to me lol

  • Pogba has always been ambitious utd hasn’t looked like this in 7 years. If he leaves this team he’s a fool because it’s a special team and he is shining bright. (Coming for that assist record)🥱

  • Sancho made his name on the right why is he being played on the left

  • Paul Ince is such a fantastic addition to the show. Well done.

  • Mark can you try get some current players to come on united stand that would be well cool

  • Hey said maguire world class dwl lol this man sniffing some thing bcus he didn't mention varane

  • Do the United fans have a Donny song? They should sing his name if Fred starts before him...!

  • I think jonny should start next game

  • We didn’t dispatch Newcastle easily, we made them look alright with our slow predictable bullshit football. 4-1 flattered us massively if you ask me

    • @Valsan 13 but we did break it down so what are you talking about 😂

    • @Magikarp Splashy Newcastle parking the bus is not an excuse for us not to break it down. That's our responsibility now.

    • @Magikarp Splashy Had they had a keeper and striker of any quality it would’ve been VERY different. I saw it, We got lucky

    • They had 9 men behind the ball and time wasted from the first minute. 4-1 in no way flattered us 😂

  • Donny is being treated terrible by ole. His lip service to the player is pathetic and underhanded.

  • We got McGuire, he’s not 🌍 class , it’s the pommy coming out … Raphael is world class

    • I agree. Maguire is very good but not world class. Varane def is.

  • I think Paul wants RM as well as win trophies????

  • Watched this show and then unbelievabley Vinnie Jones was unveiled on the masked singer here in Oz and his character was a Volcano! 😂

  • One for Paul Ince. Donny should never be 3rd behind McFred, and should be playing as a 6 as Matic is also too old. If Donny isn't getting the minutes he should go at Christmas, and Ole will only have himself to blame.

  • Whos Johnny 😂😂😂

  • if Donny plays tommorrow and put's in numbers in assists and goals people will not stop talking and club's will be in pursuit. I hope he does just for his sake

  • 🤞🏻🇨🇵🔰

  • We love midfielders named Paul.

  • Absolutely class! Would love to see him on the show more often 👍

  • Stop getting mad, Donny can’t play with Pogba so either Pogba or the LW gets dropped never gonna happen and rightly so sell him!

  • With Ronaldo back, pogba would be convinced to stay and of course CR7 is a GOAT , Pogba will benefit from playing with CR7. It would be a dream for any player to play along side with a living legend. It would be unwise for Pogba not to sign a new contract now given our signings.

  • Why do manchester United players want to play for Madrid and why do aAsenal players want to go to Barcelona? (Pondering)

  • Who remembers when nearly every comment here was saying get rid of Pogba 😂😂

  • Honestly I was the only one to think Pogba was staying all along… ever since bruno came I knew he ain’t ever leaving

  • Im very confident pogba signs a new contract. A few weeks ago i was certain he was gone but he looks happier than he has ever been.

    • Idk he’s just being professional

  • I think pobga will stay

  • 8:54 Incey is totally spot on here. That's my thoughts exactly.

  • Loved watching Incey back in the day

  • Paul ince is like Micheal Owen, the only two ex man utd players not worth listening to

    • There's a few more than that..Di Maria..Sanchez for starters!🤔👹

  • GOLDBRIDGE could still play semi proffetional football at least part time as he still has incredible touch and decent Arial ability he gets stuck in aswel very similar to Paul schools 💯 puts players tro Everytime

  • Loved the intense discussion about custard and cream😅

  • Giggsy will always be a legend on the pitch. Unfortunately he's done this kind of thing before. Just cos your a great on the pitch, doesn't mean your a great off it. Let's wait for the facts

  • Dunno how Mark don’t Lol when Incey talks about DVB not getting minutes , not looking like fking Maradona 😂😂😂

  • Pogba looked happy on Saturday.. Never know he may be thinking of staying.

  • Here we go again with this Johnny ! Who is he ???lol

  • Disappointed that you guys tried to defend Giggs. Current legal issues aside, he’s proven himself to be a terrible human being.

    • To each his own opinion. Giggs just like u and me.....Very good in some things (his football-qualifies him as a legend in that regard) and very bad in some things (women problems.....raise ur hand if u have never known a straight man with same problem)

    • My favourite United player always,as far as the issues with his brother's wife ? Well it takes two to tango.

    • @Footballequalslife yes but there is limits and lines and Giggs has crossed that line way back .

    • @Footballequalslife fair enough. He’s not my legend though.

    • Football is football though what happens off the pitch don’t matter he’s still a legend

  • OLE knows he has not much choice but to give the others game time even DVB. I'm sure Donny will play tomorrow and it will be the same thing pass to nearest player to him and running... ppl will say he needs more games....but clearly he is not great

    • Donny is better than fred,Fred would not get in the Ajax team

  • Someone who knows football is talking about Donny's best position. It is refreshing to hear people who actually played the game at a high level talk about it. Donny is NOT a CDM. His competition is Bruno and possibly Pogba. No more square pegs in round holes. If you play in the wrong position, he will fail badly. Thanks Ince for reinforcing my point.

    • So many CDMs in the world started out as attacking midfielders and 8s. Take Jorginho, for example. It's not an unnatural transition, it's a very common one.

    • @Ajmal Cosman of course he can play there as a Pogba replacement. He can also play as a 10 as a Bruno replacement. Like I said, he is a squad player in a big club that is improving its depth. There is nothing wrong with that!

    • True but then if we are honest Scott mctominay is not a CDM either… give donny a shot seeing as the others haven’t been as convincing

    • Ole said he can play there with another player. That is he will Mcdonny or Freddebeek 😂

  • Donny hasn't played that much that Incey calls him Johnny

  • Does Ince work for united stand now?

  • Poor old Johnny VdB 😂

  • mbappe and pogba will sign for free for real...bargin

  • I think MUFC dominated the possession and moved the ball ok…that is a step up from what we have seen. I thought Sancho, Varane and Matic made a big difference yesterday. It was refreshing to see the forward ball movement and possession.

  • No one: Incey: Jonny Van D Beek Love you Paul! ❤️

    • If I were Johnny, I would either join Jewventus or go to Roma and play with Mike Smalling.

  • 10.55 Iancy calling Donny Jonny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Ince also saying non stop you know what I mean, and you know, does my head in.😬😬😬😬

    • Ince does my head in the way he talks in general.😬

  • Come on Ole, give Johnny a game!!

  • It's 2021, there is absolutely no way a premier league team isn't totally dialled in on diet and fitness training.

    • go away bot

    • They are but once in a while, they get leeway to indulge in their fav cheat foods. With Ronaldo it's top quality food all the time!

  • Weldone Markey

  • Come on Ole, give Johnny a game!!

  • Utd ready to EXPLODE. (Forwards)

  • have you heard where pogba said that he will sign new contracts,stop all this rumors

  • Paul is a traitor

  • Have a drink every time Ince says ''you know..."

    • Have a drink tomorrow every time Mark says "Sue!!!" 😅

    • I thought I was the only one noticed that he's driving me crazy with YOU KNOW or YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN plus not finishing his words properly😬😬😬

  • Loving an ounce of Ince. :-D

  • If I were Johnny, I would walk - or take legal advice (or both)