RONALDO Debut On Hold?! Man Utd Transfer News

Birt 7 sep 2021
Man Utd Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo may not start against Newcastle according to reports as Solskjaer looks to ease Ronaldo in. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. NEW Last Dance Hoodie HERE

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  • He was good at Juve and was at real and is at Man U

  • lol cr7 will start

  • Gonna take sancho a while to adapt like heavertz did at chelsea

  • C. Ronaldo is too busy polishing his Goods to play football right now , and busy hiding his Millions from the Taxmen ! lol

  • It could be better theatre for us to go 1down and bring on Ronnie to win the game !

  • If Ole doesnt start Ronaldo Ole must leave. Only an idiot will keep the goat on the bench

  • I'm genuinely sick of Ole. His incompetence is off the fucking scale.

  • CR7 will not play because he is presented at OT

  • Didn't Lindelof start off as a midfielder?.

  • Going wrong

  • We’re talking about everything going at Manchester United.except the main issue. Ole

  • Ole couldn’t manage Cardiff. Go figure

  • Holly crap, thank you Mark. We did not to spend all that cash on Sancho. Absolutely not……

  • These people that want Rashford to go are sick in the head. Watch him when he comes back after the rest that he is having. He is amazing. Another thing, I do not rate or trust Ole. His tactics are crap

  • It’s a load of nonsense sorry for the language

  • Thiago signed for Liverpool got on a bus to play 45 min vs Chelsea with no training session

  • I havent seen Sancho play a decent game yet

  • I'm fed up of Ole and his coaching staff.

  • 2+2 is 5 and I don't even know how to read - thanks mark for your brilliant insight!

  • Ole is an average or slightly over average coach, but seems like he has good luck most of the time....

  • Twenty minutes wasted listen to an article by the Sun. Ronaldo trained today. Goldbridge jumps to conclusions on things that might happen but withdraws nothing when he's wrong. So much for isolation.

  • The hilarious thing is he is probably the best 6 we've got. Still not a 6.

  • The rest of the team has had only one training session with ronaldo. It's up to the rest of the team to catch up to Ronaldo if they can.

  • dan saying he played it safe is he talking about united tactics big clubs dont play it safe the quality we have up front no reason to play it safe and varane in def

  • mate people reinvent the wheel every week, they don't like Fred or Mctominay suddenly DVB is the best CDM the team's got. Don't pay attention to this crap.

  • Ronaldo trained today. He is starting on Saturday

  • Ollie is rigid and woefully incompetent. He's like a learner driver at the wheel of a Ferrari -which he inherited

  • Did he not train today?

  • You want to have that moment of subbing him in and having the crowd go nuts.

  • if donny doesnt start against Newcastle he needs go for his career


  • Are Newcastle really much better than ireland?

  • Load of nonsense by the sun as usual as Ronaldo trained today!

  • I have a ticket for the Newcastle game driving down from Aberdeen. Really hope he starts!!

  • You’d rather have donny than mctominay as a 6, clueless

  • Ole out simple as that

  • He trained today

  • Fak man your statements are not ever fixed

  • Good Stone cold impression Mark " what what what " lol

  • Try to play dvb as cdm

  • What wolly said play Jones 🤪🤢

  • ronaldo trains harder than most men in his sleep - this is fergie mind games

  • Well this aged well !!

  • Why not do a segment showing the tactics that would best suit ronaldo with the players around him

  • he trained today with the team Marky

  • We don't have pep, klopp nor tuchel as manager. We don't play a style of football. Why does Ronaldo need more than one training session. Even Grealish played as he signed for city. Lukaku played for Chelsea straight away. These teams have a set style so the players would need to adapt. Ole doesn't have a certain style so what would Ronaldo need to adapt to? Just a clueless manager

  • I dont think he should play against the TOON,,,,pleeeze give us a break for godsake

  • 3:23 lmao 🤣😂

  • Tominy and pogba are good to go in dm

  • If Ole doesn't start CR7 it will showcase the immaturity that he has as a coach...

  • CR7 doesn't need training sessions...

  • Ole just wants to make it look like he’s got a huge plan.

  • why delay 😫😭

  • He’s literally trained today with the team guys do no panic😂

    • Yeah the words that are music to everyone's ears'Ronaldo's back at Carrington!'😊

  • Under Ferguson noone was just a "bench player". Everyone had a role on the squad. Guys like Fletcher, Butt, Phil Neville, Park, Anderson etc... all started big games for United and delivered the performances Fergie expected. Ole is looking for the same thing from the squad.

  • I think he starts on the bench. Ole has to give play time to a lot of people. Unless Ole starts him on the left.

  • I'm going to say it, Ole will always be a club legend but he is not the man to take us to the next level. He has stabled the ship and embedded a culture of playing for the badge but we cannot escape the fact he is tactically inept.

    • Darren R He suits the Glazers though and whilst they are around running the show they adore a 'yes man'.

  • If they would have bought a midfielder and lost Sancho you would have crucified Ole and the board!

  • He's a pro footballer who is one of the best, if he can't just start a match without Training after the campaign he's had is a disgrace football is simple it's up to the players around him to give him chances and his job is to finish we know he's capable of that

  • The united stand the best one 💘 😻 💜 💛

  • I still wonder what is OLE still doing at UNITED. He just doesn't have any idea or plan as to what needs to be done. OLE can't turn around things!

    • @MESBAHUL HODA as if you could do better 🤣🤣🤣

    • @jackc1992 Finishing 10 pts behind the champions is embarassing

    • @jackc1992 what about bottling finals and semi finals 🤣🤣🤣

    • He just did 💀

    • He won't be there after this season if he don't deliver..

  • If Luke didn't break his leg he would have been world class by miles

    • true and then jose didnt help him

    • Marvin Clarke it was one of the most disgraceful tackles I've ever seen, poor Luke.

  • Ole will never develop youth because he have to save his ass/job all the time. The football he plays is Cardiff level can't beat a low block team

  • If anything the team needs to train with Ronaldo more than Ronaldo needs to train with the team. The team need to understand they need to supply him with service and do some work on creating chances. Ronaldo will take care of the rest.

  • Enzo Bearzot wanted to play Franco Baresi as a holding midfielder in the 1982 world cup for Italy because he had a great passing game and strong as a defender. I have an opinion that seeing United dont have a specialist cdm it worth Playing Bailly there cause he is strong on the ball and has a good passing game. Better than Mcfred

  • United

  • Do he really need to play? It's Newcastle after all

  • Tbh out of all the players at the club Lindelof would be my first choice to try in CDM maybe I’m a cup game or sommat (I know it won’t happen)

  • Mark - remember you said, ‘we don’t need Ronaldo! We don’t need Kane, we need Sancho!’. You called others fools for questioning that.

  • If anybody said what Mark is now saying, back in January, that we need CDM like Bissouma instead of Sancho, he would call you names and swear at you. 90% club!

  • So Ronaldo isn’t with the Portugal squad for tonight’s game?

  • Donny can play CDM guys, why hasn't ole played him there. Way better then Fred imo, and he played in the CDM position for Ajax to.

  • Mark we got a Manger who is a mug head he feels he knows everything Mark you can say anything Ole is not interested about any ones view my view is to get rid of him

    • I love when someone who can't put an easy sentence together calls someone else a mug head... Priceless!!

  • Jesus Christ. Not watched the video yet but going by the thumbnail, benching PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL PLAYERS YOU WANT TO PLAY IN THE SEASON MAKES NO SENSE. THEY ARE *PROFESSIONAL* FOOTBALL PLAYERS. THEY ARE NOT CRIPPLES. YOU BUY PLAYERS TO START THEM. Makes me even more frustrated when it's someone of the calibre of fookin Ronaldo. Boggles my mind. He's starting, cannot see him not.

  • I feel like Ronaldo would’ve had strict terms in his contract as to how much he plays. I doubt Ole has much of a say. Ronaldo will play as much as Ronaldo wants to play. And probably has it in his contract to take penalties too. He’s here to build his legacy, not sit on the bench coz ole is trying to prove a point.

  • Our inexperienced coaches will cost us dearly this season just like the 4 semi finals and EL final fiasco

  • Ole out

  • Ole needs deliver the trophy. No excuses again this season.

  • wanna see proof about you being better then Fred?

  • Is there anything in Luis Suarez wanting to play with Ronaldo story or is it just a made up comment?.There seems to be a lot of made up rumours about United's intentions

  • Only because it wont be on tv and thats the only reason

  • This Ole guy is getting annoying now. Bottles the final of the Europa league what is he trying to prove by benching CR7. CR7 trains in his sleep. Probably the fittest player in the team. Just get him on or get out of the club. No use having a gun team and don't lift trophies. Pressure squarely on the mgr now.

  • Bullshit story he will start If he doesn't just another reason Ole has togo

  • Put Donny in at CDM and let him prove it... if he doesn't then sell him in January

  • Does that mean Ole is STILL easing Donny in?

  • man u need Ziden as our coach.

  • It would make sense if we start Donny: first game the was with McFred , second Matic and Fred, third Fred and Pogba. So the 4th could be Donny and Fred , if Pogba plays in the left, or with Pogba , and put Martial or CR7 on the wing 😏

  • If Ole doesn’t like Donny’s agent talking, he cannot treat him any worse 😀. He barely gets game time anyway..

  • Can’t believe the Newcastle game isn’t on tv

  • Ole: Ronny you’re starting on the benchy against Newcastle Ronaldo: No i’m not Ole: okay

    • Ronaldo was taught by Ferguson the authority is on manager hand and he should to play for his manager to win. He was always respect his managers at Madrid, Portugal and Juventus like what Fergie taught to him

  • I do believe will see the best out of sancho when Rashford returns

  • Rumours have it that Fred has been vacationing in Croatia in the international break. Can anyone confirm this? Well, I'd much rather have him on the training grounds with the coaches, practicing his touch on the ball and his passing for hours every day. Ole and Phelan most likely will continue playing him as their first choice holding midfielder - disrespecting Ronnie and our other top quality players - wont they?

  • When though the comments, everyone taking the piss out on Ole, seem right to me🤷‍♂‍️

  • Van de beek is not a CDM. He's competing with pogba and fernandes for a place that's the problem

  • Greenwood is better then sancho!

  • This is tough. There will never be a legitimate reason to bench CR7. After his first start, anytime he is asked to take a day off, controversy will ensue. Now may be the only time there is a narrative, albeit a weak one, to have him sit. Ollie may feel he needs to set a precedent that he will continue to be in charge of the squad, especially when it comes to giving CR7 time off later on in the season. I mean, this is just a psychological play, at best... Just trying to throw out a possible justification (not because I agree with it lol).

    • Ollie will create an all momentum an atmosphere around him will fade he won’t use him right

  • If he doesn’t start it’s a joke of a decision.🤧👺🤯🙈


  • freedonny

  • If Utd can't win the league this time Ole should be fired and banned from management .

    • @B Bijoy Vlogs Well actually City have G. Jesus and he is a nr. 9. Has Pep made him look worldclass you think?

    • @B Bijoy Vlogs I would say Lukaku and Ronaldo is about the same. You are right, City doesn't have a nr. 9, but the way they play they use a false nine and of that they got plenty. We got players in some positions that are better than City/Chelsea and they got some in other positions that are better than us. More important both City and Chelsea have much better squad depth than us, and that is what makes them better.

    • @Stephen Holmen-Jensen Okay let's compare Is lukaku better than Ronaldo City don't hav striker Is Mount Havartz better than Bruno Is any CM better than Pogba Is any CD better than Varane Is any LB better than Shaw Any one better than Greenwood Wyne biss Is any winger better than Sancho . No those teams better because of respective managers tactics and approach to the game . Ole don't have a tactical brain but only gambling on individual performances. Do you think Mahrez a better player than any winger . No but their manager make them look like worldclass

    • Are you seriously thinking we got a better squad than City and Chelsea?