POGBA, RICE & TIELEMANS! Fabrizio ROMANO Man Utd Transfer News

Birt 13 sep 2021
Man Utd transfer news with Fabrizio Romano as he talks about a Paul Pogba new contract, Declan Rice, Tielemans and lots more transfer news! Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. INSTAGRAM LIVE Link theunitedstandtv

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  • Man u

  • I've never seen Pogba this happy at Utd

  • Paul Pogba making his dream come true. Soon talk

  • Nominee

  • I don't remember when a transfer reporter was this popular!!

  • United definitely aren't in for any of the cdms mentioned in the channel and fans besides Rice. If they can't get Rice they will go for Kamara. Even though Rice will run to Chelsea as soon as they bid for him. But here's the catch.. Lampard wanted him Chelsea transfer woman Marina something outright refused cause he was a product of their youth system which they let go.

  • People don’t realise how alike Donny can be to Carrick. Does the simple unnoticed things and is intelligent and physical now aswell. He plays now like carrick at Spurs was more going forward at times and he can change like Carrick did to be a specialist CDM. Donny is arguably better at using the ball being from Ajax.


  • Right or wrong but Utd hold out out now for no.1 targets. Example= Sancho. That's why maybe we arecwaiting for Rice next summer? Sure, lot of CM available but in the past LVG wanted Hummels, Muller and Lewandowski and club sign M.Rojo, Schweinsteiger and Falcao.

  • I wholeheartedly believe that our performances would sky rocket even further if Donny was given consistent game time.

    • Same mate but only if Matic plays with him, no way he is playing to his best ability with Fred in that pivot

  • Kessie is a must have for any club

  • Rice is the player we need

  • Why would Chelsea want Rice? They've got, Jorginiho, Kante, Kovacic and Niguez, isn't that enough???

  • Frank Kessie to Man Utd for cdm

  • What are the chances vdb goes on loan on in January?

  • Who still thinks Pogba is leaving? No one wants to leave now that Ronaldo is here and we are title contenders

    • Have you noticed his on and off the pitch chemistry with Bruno? They are great friends now

    • He will surely see the play team is a title contender just now it depend on ole how he will manage it

    • @MrHumor especially if we win nothing

    • I think he will tbh

  • What if Chelsea buy Rice what would happen with Kante and Kante is a free agent soon

    • If Chelsea sign rice then United can sign curry.

  • His 89

  • Pogba is fantastic as long as he's having fun and isn't the talisman holding all the pressure. CR7 loves being the talisman and eats pressure for lunch so it's going to be a great season 😁

    • At least without that pressure he's not a scapegoat, the English media now have nothing against him. With the pressure off now he's performing really well coz he's not overburdened to be the sole creator for the team With CR7 at UTD the pressure is off him now

  • Pogba can go if he wants as long as we replace him with a cm or a cdm.

  • Donny van de beek could be the CDM United has been looking for many years now , the earlier the start using him the better. He is a very talented player.

    • It could work out. If he’s giving the time and patience. Donny is naturally a player who loves going forward and defending is not one of his strong quality. I’m not sure Ole gonna use him there. Now the competition is even higher now Ronaldo has returned

  • Marky x Faby

  • Tbh we get Youri Tielemans, Donny look at other options (although I believe Donnys better imo)

  • We better not sign declan rice he's overrated and overpriced we are man united we can get so much better

  • Crikey Mark you murdered Chewie's name

  • wij benzema phillips de jong barnes banega adama

  • lukaku chilwell torres chancalay orsic alderweild

  • Let's be honest. Pogba will join RM together with Mbappe. He's just using United to perhaps get a higher salary and signing bonus in the summer from RM.

    • modric is past his peak, there is no project at rm. i think at least a year extension for pogba.

    • I’m not sure he will leave for RM. Zizou wanted Pogba badly at Madrid. But now he’s gone so I’m not really that sure if he still wants to leave

  • Get Neves and that's it.

  • It's best not to get Rice, find alternatives better

  • If we can’t get Declan, we should look at Ruben Neves, Ndidi or Tielemans. They all have proven that they are good in their position in the prem.

  • Who still thinks Pogba is leaving? No one wants to leave now that Ronaldo is here and we are title contenders

  • The 🐐 of transfers

  • Glazers out

  • He is one good journalist.

  • I have a feeling that Pogba is staying. There is nothing at Madrid especially that Zidane is gone.

    • @Patrick A Best club in Spain and world. There problem with some people is that they think that Europe is the world.

    • @Trapsix nope riola and him will sit down and pick the best project for them Florentino the don perez will convince him because it’s Real Madrid and will have a grand 2022 summer watch out it’s not Roman Abramovic or the glazers it’s Florentino Perez the man who does the impossible

    • Next season Madrid gets Mbappe and Haaland,

    • @Patrick A haaland is going to a PL team not laliga

    • @Huss Hussein still is. Bigger than United for sure. Only Madrid can bully OilSG and Sign Mbappe from them. Even your idol Ronaldo at first wanted to join Real Madrid this summer but Madrid said NO. He had to settle for United at last. Watch Real Madrid sign both Haaland and Mbappe next summer. Then you would keep shut.

  • Mark looks different when he is simply listening to someone else.

  • Saturday was the first time in years Old Trafford was genuinely rocking, really postive atmosphere. Players cant not enjoy playing in front of that but businesswise he would be served best to wait and see all offers.

    • It was like that for Leeds A lot of stadiums have been alive since the new season Fresh start

  • The only option for me is Bissouma. Brighton will do ok this season and they Caicedo the "prodigy" growing for them in the academy. Approach them in Jan, fail, sign end of season

  • We should go all in for kessie if he doesn't sign a contract perfect cdm

    • @Shawn Mccarthy no

    • @Jo Dareshyou sure or you just dont want it to be true

    • @Shawn Mccarthy no

    • @Shawn Mccarthy 😂😂😂 what

    • Kessie going liverpool a swap deal with Thiago...

  • If pogba signs a contract at United it will happen in January so that United won’t buy another player

  • Next summer we should go all for in to Erling Haaland

    • Lol we have bunch of strikers and he is kinda overrated I am sure his price will be the highest ever. We need a good cdm

    • @SAli Another day He won't leave Dortmund in January.

    • Release cause kick in January.

    • Why? We've got Ronaldo and we need a DM more than anything

  • Rice is overrated, has no technique. I’d rather go for Tchouameni

    • Rice is Mctominay 2.0. Without the legs of Soucek and Phillips he would be an English Fred

    • Check him out doing some teckers. There is video

    • Rice also lacks integrity. He did the dirt on the Republic of Ireland for the glory of England

    • He is overrated/overpriced in my opinion as well, but he has tech lol

    • Agree

  • Thumbnail sounds like a meal for one...

  • Bayern Barça is the Top Game that’s why

  • Phil jones and dean hemderson just got schooled by arsenal wonderkid charlie pitano 😆😆😆😆

  • บอยส์ 0- 4 แมนฯ

  • The 🐐 of transfers


  • "The Project" to Raiola translates as how much 💰💰💰💰 he can get

  • Hello im from Brasil

  • We are only good on counter attacks. Liverpool city Chelsea still way better than us on the Ball

    • @Adrian Maulana never ever compare United to Liverpool again lol

    • True to a large extent

    • @Valsan 13 more like have you watched them this season they’ve had one decent game against Leeds lol they was shakey against Burnley and should have beat 10 men chelsea but never

    • You spitting facts

    • @Valsan 13 the scouse defender has entered the chat 😂

  • Why not play with vdb and pogba as CM and just trust the defence

    • Ain’t gonna happen. Both players are not well disciplined to play that positions. If you want the best out of Pogba then let him go forward instead of sitting back there. Football has changed most big clubs now a days always play with a DM or a natural CDM. RM had a great defensive with Ramos and Varane but still played with Casimero.

    • We were lucky against smaller clubs but it won't work with big teams

    • Are you dumb? Against big teams we'd be hammered

    • Did you not see the amount of chances we’ve conceded this season. There is a a reason every title winning team in the last few years has had a WC CDM

    • They both aren't cdms. The opposition bypasses that midfield easily in the premier league. Both need a solid backup to fulfil their full potential. For them, it's like a heavy burden when they're given duties to defend. You may argue donny can play that role but sadly he isn't the answer.

  • Chelsea priority will be Silva, Alonso, Azpilicueta & Rudiger replacement next window. Kounde & Lacroix will cost atleast €80-90m. Jorginho also wants to go to Italy, if he stays Rice is available. Also backup RB for Reece. But, also they could sell Hudson Odia, Ziyech, Werner anytime for raise funds

    • @Mainly Everything Like to like Thago Silva replacement

    • Lacrioix Another French talent If Chelsea get him, another big signing

    • Why would Chelsea replace Rüdiger or even azpi next season?? Ur talking nonsense

    • @999 😂😂

    • Your talking nonsense

  • The most trustworthy and reliable person on planet

    • @H C was gonna say😉

    • Tyson Fury

    • @H C 😂😂😂

    • i present mark goldbridge

  • Liverpool city Chelsea still way better than us

    • @Alex Price Chelsea held liverpool at Anfield with 10 men and look at United

    • @Alex Price I wasn't wrong after all

    • @Alex Price you're the deluded one if you think united has a better attack midfield or defence, and we will prove that this year with another league title

    • United have more world-class players than any of them.

    • @Pete Lally nah I think you're still thinking of that 17-19 squad, this squad can win the league again, but they're not the only strong team in the league and this city squad I'm not confident can do what that 17-19 squad with Aguero, Sane and David Silva in that team did

  • Hey Mark

  • Ole is trash

    • @Sarabjeet Kaley ayo what up??

    • @Sarabjeet Kaley what up sarabjeet😂

    • @Indra Zulfakar agree

    • Cricket also trash

    • @Idzwan Ramli Made you think that his team bailed him out in those specific fixtures? Because the larger picture does not look good for Ole. 70-ish points, which is pathetic, and no trophies. Worse of all, bottled the UCL group stage qualification and EL final last season.

  • we should stay the hell a way from rice then, no point going for players who's dream is to play for chelsea and not wanna join us

    • @ravi pahal acting like he’s not good. No player at that age who’s not good gets selected for France. Pogba doesn’t praise players very often either

    • @Jo Daresh totally

    • @david cox lies

    • Grealish dreams of United and went to City, that's how it is.

    • @ravi pahal I've Been Watching TCHOUAMENI For A Couple Of Years Now This Will Be My 3rd & He's Improving All The Time Class Act⚽️

  • Hey Mark

  • Get rid of the cancer

    • Yeah and get stuck with fucking fred

    • Yes. Get rid of yourself

  • Get in marky