VAN DE BEEK It's NOW OR NEVER! Man Utd News test

Birt 13 sep 2021
Cristiano Ronaldo fires Man Utd to victory and Mark Goldbridge looks at the tactical impact Ronaldo is already having on Solskjaer's United Side. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. Last Dance Hoodie HERE

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  • It seems like never now

  • Ole out ooooooooo


  • He will start vs young boys

  • dan james has got more minutes than donny and he dont even play for us anymore 🤣

  • A proper coach or manager would have a balance squad and would have gotten raid of the deadwood with favoritism. Mata Matic Lingard and James was to go this season freeing up space for new seasoning

  • Having Varane in the team show me the Maguire is the real problem not Lindelof cause his first two games of the season he was soild and he look like class. But everyone one feels he knows everything and they're not

  • Shaw played bad because mentally he wasn't doing too good in my opinion. He had a manager who kept shitting on him publicly in mourinho

  • Mark that is not true. Lindelof is the better defender than Maguire the three goals Manchester United conceded so far is Maguire two Fred one

  • Young boys against young boys ! :)

  • Henderson is a better choice anyway as a Cup keeper. De Gea is terrible at saving penalties, Henderson is better so I'd rather have him in the Cups

  • Have 5 subs. Start strongest team, Matic aside. Bring on players hopefully 2-0 ahead after 60minutes.

  • He just chose it

  • Guys were just kidding ourselves he was gonna start the Newcastle game and now this game . He ain’t gonna start ,fed up with ole and mcfred .

  • It is ole and his lack of tactical knowledge are the main problem in United

  • Martial always looks lucky when he gets the ball past a player, like he doesn't have any control

  • AWB is one of the the best RB's in the world *fact*

  • The world doesn't revolve around Donny. Statements like "he's got to start" are so self indulgent. The manager picks a team based on what he wants to see on the pitch. If Ole isn't picking him, it's simply because he doesn't offer certain qualities for the team. United should have either Bruno or Pogba on the bench for a few months instead of Donny to make the Player-FC fans happy. We can make the same case for Mata.

    • @Nadir Munoo ...More defensive solidity. Of course Donny beats them hands down going forward, he's a better passer, dribbler and reader of the game. In some respects he's the best United have got when it comes to one-touch interplay in the offensive half. That being said, the issue at United isn't in their attack but rather in their defense. This is where Scot and Fred beat him, they simply close down opposition attacks better. Donny may have played well as a holding midfielder in the final game of last season, but that was because the opposition were more expansive and played with a high line in that game. That won't be the case in the majority of United's games.

    • Fred and Mctominay start week in week out but what can they offer that Donny can't? Also if he doesn't offer the qualities that the team need then why did they block his exit? He needs game time to make the world cup squad and he may as well have gotten that elsewhere.

  • Poor Christmas chocolate log. He needs to be used. That's what I'm going to use as a reference to Van De Beek going forward. Thanks to Mark Goldie.

  • I'm not surprised if maguire and varane partnership is not good because ole will rotate centerbacks. Ole always think that he's smart by rotating a position that need to form a partnership

  • I swear you say pudding in every video 😂

  • Getting fed up hearing DVB's name now!! Ole doesn't rate him, Ole isn't going to play him, its time you got over it now!!

  • Why is Pogba’s position up for grabs but Bruno’s isn’t? Donny is never going to be our starting number 8. Let it go Mark!

    • Because pogba plays left wing sometimes. Donnys best chance is playing 6 or 8

  • Never realised Dalot was English 😆 🤣

  • DVB wont start

  • AWB spiderman for a reason respect 💯

  • He will get his ten minutes at the end

  • Anytime I buy chocolate I’ll have Donny on my mind thanks mark

  • Mark you should be OLE OUT if he mistreats Donny tomorrow. Don’t be a hypocrite.

  • A chocolate log ? Can this man hear himself. Mark no offence but you are getting worse. I normally put you on and then after 5 mins I realise you just repeat the normal nonsense.

  • This seems to be going on forever.I am bored with it and wish him the best in January when he goes.

  • how can u put fred in that team. we are better of playing with 10 men

  • Carrick got criticised cause he was keanes replacement and wasn't as good all round us fans wasn't ready to appreciate specialist midfielders who didn't do it all like keane and scholes but we moved from the traditional 442 and a new brand of football was developing

  • I completely disagree with Ole & Mark stating about assists being not important enough to acknowledge, they are very important, if I was someone who did great assists for a particular striker and he said that to the media, my answer to him would be stuff you, go and find your own ball to score I'll pass it to someone else in future! 😠

  • Ole has his favorites. Seems like he hates Donny. Why was he not sold then???

  • It’s still crazy to look at that No. 7 knowing it’s Ronaldo and not Cavani 🤯

  • Wan Bissaka defensively is solid. Attacking wise output not satisfactory

  • If Donny does not play he should just run down his contract and refuse to be transferred. It will hard to do but he should and then walk away, and the club will get nothing and will all be on Ole

  • Why doesn’t ole start donny at dm? Donny has said he can play there and he has a great relationship with pogba, idk he doesn’t at least try it, I hope to god he does tomorrow, but I don’t know why it hasn’t come sooner

  • We need to stop conceding sudden goals after half time

  • chances created should be a midfielder aim you need someone else for the assist

  • At the next home game, at the 34th minute, we should all chant Donny lol

  • The chocolate log analogy went on a bit long for me.

  • I believe Ole suffers of Donny phobia and this silly decision will cost him his post. He should be able to design a new role for Donny.

  • Dalot should be preferred over awb I think dalot suits better to man utd than awb but I am open to the fact that awb can prove me wrong.

  • Mum died 😩

  • Right back needs to improve, he’s not terrible though is he

  • 5-0 Sancho in the scoresheet. Let's go. But don't want to see lingard, Martial on the left.

  • Man people criticize Bissaka going forward but he actually puts a lot of crosses. He is definitely not the technical talent but he actually contributes a lot to attacking. We need to get behind our players an manager right now.l

  • We all know that vdb isn't going to start. He might come on after the game is killed for rotation

  • Yeah but he was talking about a midfielder not a striker so makes no sense lol

  • I won't be surprised if Ronaldo's Suuiii is sponsored by adidas or some other multinational

  • All this AWB bad talk but didn't he save the ball from going in the back of the net against wolves? Oh hor, it's like you guys are very forgetful

    • Totally dissing Wan Bissaka is just stupid. His defensive attributes are good only attacking wiae doesn't offer much but that's about it.

  • I think Donny's playing time heavily depends on the strategy that Ole [or other coaching staff] put in. For games against teams that sit deep, Donny would be perfect alongside Sancho, given their one touch-quick pass-give n go style of play. For games against those sides, we will however play a highline and necessarily without a traditional CDM. and in case of counters, either Pogba or Donny would be able to catch up when Harry or Varane deals with the initial threat. However I believe we should not be rotating the squad just so that we shall give chances to everyone in the team. The squad should be rotated based on the strategy and opponents.!

    • I agree with you. Only problem is that because we don’t have a playing style or system, the coaching stuff don’t know how to rotate against different teams.

  • So according to mark if the players he like are getting criticism they are scapegoat but the one thing is in every goals we concede he always scape goats mctominnay and lindelof if they are playing. Hypocrisy at its best😂

  • When you give JL game time, you will understand that is nothing special with this manager. He let emotion influence his decision! JL will go next season.

  • Why do people seriously care about Lindelof's playing time when we have Maguire and Varane. It's a joke.

    • @Mainly Everything totally agree but he doesn’t need to play tonight

    • Lindelof is very good depth Not as good as them two but he will be very useful when rotating

    • I know you don’t rate him but lindelof is solid. If I was him I would leave. You don’t believe in depth

  • I bet Ole will never ever give playing time to Donny..if he s Lucky he might play lat 5 mts 😭

  • ShitOle has almost destroyed Donny's career..poor lad😢😢😢

  • I bet Ole will never ever give playing time to Donny..if he s Lucky he might play lat 5 mts 😭

  • it's going to be never, ole' will be made to look silly by this lad , if he is given a proper chance to play out his wares, there is something personal in this thing, not good for United

  • Rest Bruno n Pogba. Put Martial left n right Sancho right. Maybe can put VDB or Lingard in the middle.. Num 10 or holdin mid right behind.

  • Did united need Sancho? I don't think so. Lingard deserves playing time A CDM was more needed than any other position

    • @Patrick Arthur I don't agree that Lingard is good enough for utd and will never be better than Sancho, but I do agree that CDM is what we need right now.

    • @Chumlanthung Shitiri there's a phrase for a know all but I won't be rude. Lingard went through a bad patch due to family reasons. He is scoring. They paid over 70 mil for Sancho when last season one could see a CDM was urgently needed.

    • @Patrick Arthur teams don't park the bus against Westham so the game opens up and it suits Jessi style of play i.e running into the space behind the defense with his good pace and scores. But most team park the bus against utd and it requires technical skills to break teams down and not just pace to run behind the opponent defence, and Jessi lacks creativity and technical skill to break low blocks team. Judging by your reasoning, I bet you only watches football for a big finals and world cups. Clueless

    • @Chumlanthung Shitiri in his position you play against top defenders in every team. Does Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool have bad defenders? It was more difficult at West Ham as have less supply of ball.

    • @Patrick Arthur playing for Low block West Ham is not the same as Playing for man utd.

  • Can you please learn the correct pronounciation of "Carabao"? My ears are bleeding.

  • Problem with bissaka is that he doesnt cross courageously he should start have expectations from his team mates and he should demand thT im going to cross back me up !!!

  • Bruno is definitely playing. Mata will play that is my prediction!!!

  • Dalot 🤣 England

  • Assists are a largely useless Stat brought over from the USA. Just to give more things to bet on. The big problem at United is the manager. He says all the right things, puts his arm around the players, smiles and is nice to everyone in public. But if you look at the players who've left and who are being sidelined, then you might get a different picture. With the exception of Dan James, the others left under a cloud. Smalling, Romero, Lukaku, Herrera come to mind immediately. As for the GK situation, de Gea has been poor for years. Being a good GK isn't just about stopping shots. It's about commanding your area, intimidating forwards, reading crosses, being comfortable with the ball at your feet. De Gea does none of that. Pairing a GK who is rooted to his line with a slow CB like Maguire creates a hole in the danger area. That's why we look especially vulnerable against players like Mane.

  • We need to sign Ten hag at United...

  • If Ole does not play Donnie then he should Free Vandebeek or play him in the next games..

  • Why are people crying out for Donny? Liverpool acquired Kaita way before Donny and he is always on the bench. I don't know what the fuss all about..

    • @Manchester United MUN I don’t think so.. Keita is far better player.

    • Mate...Donny is far far better than Keita...plz don't compare iPhone and Nokia 🤣😂

  • Tired of hearing about Danny van de Beek 😪 😒 😤 🙄 😔


  • Should play Martial instead of Lingard.

  • So if you always have Man U best interest at heart, how can you ever give possibly line up and have Fred in the team?

    • @TheNappyboy40 yeah. Sorry if I commented it under your post.

    • Do you mean Mark? The lineup on the screen is what he thinks Ole will put up for the game.

  • tesco finest chocolate logs are leng tbf

  • When you give JL game time, you will understand that is nothing special with this manager. He let emotion influence his decision! JL will go next season.


  • Absolutely waffling about assists. Had to stop the video

  • Maguire isn't any better than lindelof

  • The guy who said siii is right it’s a Real Madrid thing but everyone started saying siiuuu and now it’s his own thing

    • Underrated comment, this description is FACT about Siiuuu

  • Ronaldo is not going to start because of the astro pitch

  • You eat the chocolate log give poor Donny a chance. If Utd sell Donny and he goes to another team, he will come back and bite us in the arse!!

  • Vaguire

  • Love your podcasts. All the way from California USA! KEEP IT UP!

  • Start the best team try wrap it up quick get the subs on

  • I think ole made it clear davids his no.1 bringing him to his press conference. Also u do a medical for loan hense amad.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 poor donny the chocolate log 😂😂 I'm smoked 🤣

  • Would lile to see donny at cdm, martial at lw,sancho rw and dalot rb

  • Beckhem set goals up

  • If donny doesnt start as a 6 or 8 with pogba and bruno in the team hes never going to make the xi.

  • Xmas chocolate log 🤣😂🤣 ole out

  • DVB is a Xmas log and Jones is a skid 😂

  • mark awb is not good enough idk how u cant see it

  • Just as ronaldo guarantees goals we can guarantee Donny won’t start tomorrow.

  • Fred is the worst player we have ever had.... BEBE is better

  • The last time I checked, he’s a coach, not a fucking striker mate🤷🏻‍♂️

  • I'm from the states bro, WTH is a choclate log LOL

  • I think never. Ole doesnt like him, or I dont know.

  • Oh god. Was looking forward to this review but all Marks done is wax lyrical about Donny, who again on Saturday showed he is not good enough. His pace is appalling and just wants to get rid of the ball to however is near him. Deadwood.