VAN DE BEEK Solskjaer DEMAND! Man Utd Transfer News

Birt 6 sep 2021
Man Utd manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been given a final demand by Donny Van De Beek as he looks to save his United career. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. NEW Last Dance Hoodie HERE

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  • The truth is that Ole doesnt Trust DvB he hates him also but ole doesnt want to show that, clearly we can see that Ole doesnt this Netherland player Ole hates him the same treatment that jose gave to Shaw Ole is just blind all he can see is that Martial Lingard Mata ..... but not DvB talent i had previously said that on Mark show & now we are seeing this again & facing it

  • I'll just say this: I don't want to see Ole benching VDB like he's not good enough (when you know that with top Ajax players you're getting a well-trained technician) only to get freaking Rice from West Ham. He literally turns around when he realizes he's gone too far past the center circle.

  • Watch Donny’s interview on Rio’s channel. Top class guy, rooting for him 100%.

  • AND SOLSKJAER HAS WON IT!! Remember that before u slate him

  • Sorry but Ole is a fool, can’t see the worth

  • Still you don't buy ronaldo's tshirt bro

  • 5 with Vibe! Donny interview class !

  • Donny was MOTM against Real Madrid in CL knockout. Except Pogba no player in our midfield has such pedigree.Even Bruno hasn't had that level of performance in big games yet in his career. Ole needs to give DVB 15-20 games at a stretch. His our most intelligent player.

  • Why doesn't Domny just leave! He isn't the type of player who should waste his career licking Oles dirty ass.

  • Ole wouldn’t get hire anywhere else .. that is a fact . He continue to puzzled everyone with his decisions and is stubborn as hell

  • You’re already starting to reason like Ole

  • Not sure exactly if you know what you’re saying Mark, so what exactly will make you Ole out? Maybe if he pulls down VDB pants on the pitch and makes everyone laugh…would that do it for you maybe?

  • Its beyond ridiculous to realise our Manager plays a midfielder whose weakest asset is passing, over a midfielder who moves the ball quick,controls the tempo of the game and has excellent passing accuracy...

  • Re the Donny situation - Ole's diaper is showing

  • It seems to me that Ole plays the players that he has good relationship with, and will not get rid of.them even if they are not good enough

  • Imagine if Andre Herrera had stayed . Varane and maguire behind him with Ronaldo , sancho , rashford in front of him. Herrera wasn’t the best but our midfield looked better with him in it instead of Mcfred.. but I believe Donny can play as our 6 and be an upgrade to Herrera

  • Donny is far better than Fred

  • Listen to what Donny himself said about his game time and then decide on that.

  • Your Bruno FC that why you never want him to be subbed off or benched even when he plays crap, donny didn’t get game time because of Bruno

  • Donny can play as a CDM that was his position before frank de boer wanted him to play as an 8 and 10. He should be given a chance to play that role a few games in a row if it works problem solved if not well atleast its been tried.

  • Ole out

  • He has every right to be angry. In any other job if you weren't being used for what you were emoloyed for, you would be looking else where. Olly obviously lied to him so he should be allowed to leave. It's BS when clubs hold players against their will in these types of circumstances.

  • We need to try him next to Fred in the next match. At least whist McTomminay is out , its worth a shot , even for 45 mins. Im not saying he is the answer to our midfield problem, but why not find out?

  • Donny would hold the DM position better than MCFRED

  • Would love him at spurs

  • Ole is clueless end of wont win nothing again

  • I will be really happy for Donny if he leaves

  • Ole cant see that Donny could take this team to the next level but hes too stubborn to realise what hes got.

  • Thank you for speaking out for Donny Mark!!!! 👏👏👏

  • Ole doesn't know anything about football. I loved him as a player but he does not cut it as a manager. We still have time to get Conte before Arsenal does.

  • The fans should protest in the stadium...the fans have the power to change this nonsense going on in the club because what Ole is doing to vdb is abysmal. Destroying such a player.

  • If Donny leaving while our midfield is abysmal doesn’t make you ole out, you’re delusional

  • donny pogba and matic will leave or retire leaves us with fred scott perera in the mid we will need two midfielders in next summer ole goes for haaland no mid

  • Ole won’t play Donny. Donny is wasting his career under a Happy Shopper manager. He needs to move on and not be conned into believing Ole wants him when it is quite apparent that he does not want him.

  • Just watched Rios interview with DVB. I watched him before at Ajax. He is class . He is the missing puzzle to out complete team now. I hate how Ole can't or won't see it. Imagine Pogba DVB Sancho Bruno greenwood Ronaldo When he gets 2 3 games in a row ole will see his potential

  • the fact when donny came in he much better talent than scott and fred and even lingard and mata yet they above him in pecking order ole doesnt know talent when it in front of him empty promises from ole same as baily and cavani signs a contract to get more game time then varane and ronaldo comes in bad from top to bottom donnys agent has every right to speak out and 100% right ole wasted a talent

  • Ole should just let him go, I don't like the way he is been treated at all. He is a good footballer and level headed as well

  • The way Ole and coaching staffs r doing can discourage future players who r thinking about joining United. Mark u are not mad at Ole is beyond me. You and we all know that Donny is better than MacFred and can’t play. If they let him go I think United r going to miss a very talented young player. Ole should know that by now that he is destroying Donny’s career.

  • When Ole met Fred. Its a love story.

  • I will be the happiest man when Ole is ask to leave.

  • Donny’s interview on Rio’s channel today is a must-watch.

  • Donny will be going in January through the same door Ole is leaving

  • The rich become richer by spending like the poor and investing None stop, While the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not making any investment Recently, I invested in both stock and Crypto but currently I believe crypto is doing more better !!

  • Like van basten said he’s not that good

  • Be interested to know how many VDB shirts have been sold? Could be as simple as that knowing the Glazers.

  • I think Donny will leave unfortunately. Ole is not good enough of a manager to use him properly. It is a shame however. As a dutchman, I am gutted.

  • VdB is better than McFred

  • Don't be a cupcake, Ole. Play Donny.. He's a step up. On Fred the Nerd...

  • I hope the fans show Donny support against Newcastle. Sing his song, cheer his name, hold the free Donny banners. Get the message into Ole's skull that Fred need to be dropped and show Donny at least the fans know he should be playing.

  • It's an absolute disgrace that this has happened to DVDB. It was clear he was signed with promises to play from the beginning or he simply wouldn't have signed for us. He's absolutely right to come out and talk like this and make these demands. It's unfair to sign somebody to do a job and then change their job description, and that's exactly what's happened with Donny. That Ole plays the absolute dogshit Fred at DM instead of Donny is unfathomable. No Donny isn't a DM but neither is Fred and neither is McTominay so you may as well get your best players on the pitch if you're going to play people out of position anyway, especially when they're about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

  • Got to complement Ole for building the team he has, now for UTD to move forward its time for a proper manager, a winner who knows how to win Silverware. Would love to see Zidane come in, if he did Pogba would sign and he has worked with Varane and Ronaldo before. I'm sure he would love a player like Donny and a McFred would most probably be sold off.

  • the bias towards ole from mark is crazy

  • Just me who has been massively underwhelmed by Donny when he’s played?

  • Ole will not play Donny because he will expose the incompetence of Ole and his worthless coaching staff. We will games inspite of the coaching staff.

  • Is Eric Bailly still at the club?

  • Bench warmer lol

  • Solksjaer is another lampard.. he's got the players but don't know how to use them then hopefully someone else comes in and we win something.. I don't understand why he bought DVB yet he don't know how to use him...??

  • Donny’s issue at united is that he’s competing with Bruno and Pogba. They are world class and he’s not. He won’t do will as 6. He has the quality but not the legs.

  • This is not about oli out but it's bloody frustrating that you see mc Fred are matic when you have lingard and donny who are better players. Fav players been played by managers is just getting boring though

  • who is stubborn and one man and has something like riquo pigue

  • our manger reminds me of barca manager

  • I'm loving it.....🤣🤣🤣 Don't free Donny. 👍

  • The one thing that has dampened my excitement for Ronaldo's return is Ole being the manager. I feel like with all the exciting players we have, Ole isn't smart enough to use them properly. Also, he's a prat who gets his feelings hurt easily. Stopping Donny's transfer to Everton was just done out of spite: Ole didn't like the idea of a player wanting to leave because of him, and I agree with Mark that they will get rid of him next year (probably to a team outside of the Premier league smh).

  • Don't you think this could potentially put others off coming to United how VDB has been's not a good look lets face it.

  • It's so sad that van de beek is going to go. Manchester United think!!!!!!!! Pogba is going in the summer; van de beek is going to go in the January transfer window, OH MY F'ING GOD! I have no more words to say, just think Ole, just think Manchester United

  • Donny Van de Beek is just like Rafael van der Vaart if we're being honest.

  • Signing Mata for another year killed the whole vibe for me

  • Dalot would be instrumental to Ronaldo & Sancho's play style.

  • I still can't get a proper explanation why Donny can't get 10-15 mins in games that Bruno went missing. Bruno plays 90 mins regardless of form.

  • He can prob can play a number 10 with a better manager …

  • We dont know how to use him because POGBA is always elevated to a world class player he is not offload POGBA before he walks out for free AGAIN !!!!!

  • DVDEB is an intelligent footballer why not try him at cdm or change the system to 433 as a #8

  • I've gone off ole for the hole donny thing ,what can you do

  • So your not ole out your not angry for ole..... then your loving the way he is treating .....or your angry for glazers not playing with Donny

  • What formation?

  • I’m Ole out because of his treatment of Donny. Boneheaded scared move to protect his own neck. Ronaldo will expose Ole as a risk adverse Manager. Not Man Utd quality.

  • This channel loves Bruno and loves DVDB, me too. The problem is Donny is a good 10 and a good 8, brilliant at Ajax. I believe and most people believe that Donny was bought to replace Pogba and we know Ole wanted Grealish. I do believe this was board buy. Why, before this signing, when last was a deal done in this amount of time by Ed and his mates? The reason why we're so on using Donny as DM because all know and Goldbridge has said it so many times, he won't get much time in Bruno position, not even much time in Pogba's position that's why everyone wants him in the DM role. Guys, we will never get anywhere if we want to play all our favorite players. So we gonna play two 8's and a 10. We can but then Pogba and DVDB must try to get faster up and down. We know both of them likes to play a bit forward.

  • When he leaves next season and joins Chelsea or Liverpool and scores againt us then only the blindfold on some people will come out

  • Ole is a useless manager that cannot improve any player.

  • Mr Greenwoods we are Cristiano Ronaldo's shirt

  • Mister United stand it why you do not wear Cristiano Ronaldo shirt for your own respect it is a reason do you agree Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United

  • One reason I like Zidane is that, he would start who deserves to play; based on performance. He will not start a player because of his fame. That is why Real Madrid was still competing even with a team that everyone knows Mourinho/Guardiola wouldnt even accept to inherit. That is how Madrid developed players like Casemiro, Asensio, Valverde, vazquez..... Ole should allow DVB to play even if he has the intensity and high quality performance on training grounds than Pogba. The reason Man Utd is not growing is because, Ole does not select and give chances to players based on performance. Last season Rashford should have been on the bench in many games for Greenwood to play; but Ole still sticked to rashford which costed Man Utd a lot of points

  • Ai, always the Donny show! Getting bored!

  • Nothing is great. No CDM

  • What a damn shame with Donny. As I said before . Let him go, waste of talent

  • Love Donny, what a bold move 👏

  • Nothing but respect for Donny's agent and Donny. Ole has become a liar because he's too scared to take chances with other players. He wants robots like Fred , McTominay or Dan James (before he was sold) that just follow instructions for the most basic tactics.

  • Sock analogy was stella!

  • Ole is the cuz of this ,last season donny could of play alot more but ole is a coward include is staff scared to try things..

  • Also Manu, bought him without taking into consideration that he's an attacking midfielder, Bruno is actually occupying the position he played at Ajax. Doesn't make any sense that they bought Bruno in January and then turned around and bought Donny in August. They really should sell him, they have Pogba and Bruno as there attacking midfielders.

  • Ole can’t deal with players who need tactics to be their best selves. That’s why players like Sancho, VBD, Martial won’t be able to find form. Ole only uses players who have individual brilliance like Rashford, Fernandes, Greenwood, and Ronaldo. They’re all able to create their own goals and magic but others need tactics to flourish and I don’t see that happening with Ole

  • Donny is an attacking midfielder, assisting and scoring goals.

  • Also, Donny was always Pogba replacement which is why we refuse to let him go.

  • Donny to Everton?? He is tto good for them, he deserves champions league

  • Ole seriously needs to Go

  • Wonder if a VDB for Neves swap would have been possible.

  • Pogba is gonna leave for free so I would play him at the 6 and Donny at the 8 with Bruno at the 10.

  • Donny can play in the CDM role as the stats show that when he was at Ajax he had the highest rating in that CDM position compared to the other positions which he plays in, so that shows ole is clueless manager as he has never given him opportunity in that CDM role

  • Controversial but Donny is my preferred number 10 and Bruno my preferred number 8. Anyone else??

  • How much more of this crap do we have to suffer Fred has had more than enough chances never going to be good enough for United Mctominay isn’t much better poor Donny hasn’t been given the chance he should get a run out with our strongest side then judge him ! Mcfred couldn’t lace his boots that’s for sure.