Solskjaer To Rest Ronaldo? Young Boys vs Manchester United

Birt 12 sep 2021
Man Utd face Young Boys in the Champions League but will Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno start? Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. NEW Driving With Goldbridge Watch HERE

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  • True what the United fans said the real United are back 😂😂😂youngboys! Love ole

  • It's harry maguire

  • Its a little arrogant to be talking about playing anything but your strongest side in the first group game away in the Champions League. A quick look at Google will show United has been beaten by the likes of Basel, Midtjyyland, Gothenberg in the past. You are talking about rich countries with good teams that are near the top or at the top of their respective leagues. Get the first points on the table first before even thinking about resting players.

  • Should totally play Sancho again, he looks like he needs the most time to gel and get to his full potential with the team, and he's too young to need a rest at this point. Would also start VDK in the number 6 position and see how it goes - Finding solutions for CDM is the most obvious pressing issue for team, which otherwise looks sorted all over the park.

  • I know we have done well in top 6 matches with Ole, but we were less of a threat. I think Tuchel, Klopp and Guardiola might do some mental overtime to find a way to tactically out do Ole and the team. We might find we do better against the rest and drop more points against the top. We need to be on our game in those matches.

  • De gea Dalot,Lindelof,Verane,Shaw Matic Van de beek,Pogba B.fernandes Cavani,Ronaldo Sub:Henderson Telles Baily Mctominay Mata Sancho Martial

  • agreed we should not be rotating to much but certain players deserve some game time, ie dalot, lingard and VDB and lets be honest these players will still be good enough to demolish Young boys

  • We aren't good enough to "rest" players, though please "rest" Fred, Matic and McTominay. Please!

  • Ole's happy with Martial but yes he needs to be more clinical & demand the ball more & mould himself more into a central striker. Martial is potentially 'World Class' and contribute highly for the Club, Greenwood is our 'Haaland' but bring in Cavani's replacement Luka Jovic or Andre Silva. Cristaino Ronaldo is the key but bring in Roy Keane as Assistant Manager, that would encourage to get the players & staff to improve on their focus, performance, consistency and achieve more.

  • Team we should play vs young boys : De gea AWB Varane Maguire Shaw Donny Pogba Sancho Lingard Martial Ronaldo, rest Bruno Greenwood matic, keep the back 4 and keeper as chemistry is important, sanvbo deserves a full 90 on the right continitental football will suit him against a team sitting back Greenwood and bruno deserve a week off for West ham, martial donny and lingard deserve a chance

  • Ole chooses this defence, WamBa, Bailly, Varane & Shaw, 4 defenders who can defend, we would have put that defence against any opposition out there and come out on top. We would have been possibly the top team in Europe with Pace, Power & Good Organisation with Ronaldo or Pogba as Captain. The Team as a Whole is more confident & plays better when the 'World Class Defenders & Striker' is in the Team, So Our chance of winning the game is a lot higher. Varane is Maguire's rep!acement + Bring Back Smalling!

  • Rest greenwood and use sancho on right martial on the left donny in the pivot rest I'd keep the same maybe a cavani

  • Omg its haber

  • Bench Sancho for who? Martial?! GTFOH

  • haber is deluded

  • nah shaw and maguire should have done better stop excusing them

  • 4 guys having a go at Fred. Had to leave. Like to see genuine debate entertainment. Fred I love but he's let us all down. He's a trier though. Ole done a great job getting us back to our culture. But he must leave for us to fulfil potential. Ole Out.

  • Champions league you always have to win your early game, seen so many clubs mess up an easy games then it's down to the wire to try get out of the group stageb

  • Hoarau (the guy on the picture) doesn’t play for Young Boys anymore ;)

  • Fred is not a CDM, Mctominay is not a CDM yet Ole persists with them when neither are good defensively or attacking. Donny would be better than both. I don't get Levens argument. Fred has no attribute that is better than Donny.

  • Give Sancho a rest? He’s hardly played. Ronaldo definitely plays in the CL games.

  • Donny’ original position was literally as a defensive midfielder. He deserves a chance

    • @Sank 2103 Donny has been bulking up and is 6ft

    • @Sank 2103 We can all say that Donny would fail but he has never been given a chance to, and that in itself is an injustice. Have you seen situations where Donny struggled with physicality even before he bulked up?

    • Ajax dominate that league and are attacking most of the time it's way to easy to play as CDM but it's very difficult to play that position at united and in he pl which is way too physical.

  • Good to see haber on the channel. Much deserved congratulations mate

  • Fred does not have the level of quality required to play for the Manchester United first team.

  • It’s champions league, Ronaldo plays Sub him later if you must but he starts.

  • Fred would injure so many players in 5-a-side lol

  • Martial is not a centre forward period.

  • To win trophies esp multiple it does take numbers not only quality ; so keep on to players inc Lingard.

  • Massive props to mark for keeping the channel fresh and treating the new lad with the same respect as he has for anyone, top guy and I don’t think it’s said enough!

  • We have zero points in the UCL and there are points to get. Some rotation is okay because we didn't get a CDM so Matic shouldn't play. Donny should definitely play with Fred or Pogba

  • Henderson - Shaw - Maguire - Varane - Dalot - VDB - Pogba - Lingard - Martial - Greenwood - Sancho

  • When he was young just a kid Cr7 left the premier league Went to Spain then Italy Now he’s back where his meant to be Wearing red, in the theatre of dreams The theatre of dreams x3

  • DDG, AWB, Lindelof Varane, Shaw Fred Donny Bruno Sancho Ronaldo Martial I’d give Mason a slight rest as he played 90 sat, Maguire too as he gets through a lot of football… Donny for Matic, Fred back in for some minutes giving the big man PP a rest for the weekend. 3-0 win

  • De gea Bissaka Pogba Sancho Ronaldo

  • Martial was brilliant in jumping over Pogba's pass to let it through to Jessie Lingard....that move was even better than Pogba's pass, which I think was meant for Martial

    • No ones taking about Donnys run, he passed to pogba and ran into clear unmarked space, Jesse had clear pass opportunity to pass and give Donny a tap in. Donnys IQ is great.

  • De Gea Dalot Lindelof Maguire Shaw Fred DVB Martial Lingard Sancho Greenwood

  • Ricky's 5 a-side team ____Martial_____ _____Mata______ _Matic-Maguire_ ____Me Mea____

  • Adam had the best 5 a-side team

  • You guys are so wrong if u think u can put in a B team in a UCL game. This reminds me of baseksahir.. Ole need to play his main team and continue to build their chemistry. Until we are qualified only then we can play B team. Atalanta n Villareal is a potential banana skin game too. Its UCL, never underestimate them.

    • Its very early in the season to be chopping and changing..we need to build chemistry..start the same team minus matic and play donny or fred

  • Adam 👍👍👍

  • We have seen Fred for a number of years now at what point do we admit his "good" form is the exception and his poor form is the normal standard he gives. Even though hes not a cdm.

  • Ole don't even play sancho on the right anyways so wan Bissaka still ain't got a normal partner I don't no why we bought the lad tbf dident we need a right winger ole makes no sense

  • Great to see Ryan on 👍🏻

  • Donny can’t walk in a midfield of matic pogba and Bruno, simple as that. Stop crying over it jeez

  • Sancho needs to start,he needs to score and boost his confidence,I'd rest Bruno play lingard,Donny for Matic,Dalot for AWB,Cavani gotta be on the bench,Martial can stay back at Carrington...

  • Ole out because he is clueless as a manager and makes us play counter attacking football.

  • Ole has to rotate, this was the problem last year, every game is a big game and a must win. The problem with ole in the past is that he made 8-9 changes when he did and disrupted the whole team. He should make 3-4 changes max and keep the core of the team the same. He should play, De Gea, Shaw, McGuire, Varane, Bissaka, Fred, Pogba, v d Beek, Martial, Greenwood, Cavani/Lingard. Rest Ronaldo, Bruno, Sancho for Sunday but they can still come off the bench if required or give them 20 minutes anyway.

  • Ole has to rotate, this was the problem last year, every game is a big game and a must win. The problem with ole in the past is that he made 8-9 changes when he did and disrupted the whole team. He should make 3-4 changes max and keep the core of the team the same. He should play, De Gea, Shaw, McGuire, Varane, Bissaka, Fred, Pogba, v d Beek, Martial, Greenwood, Cavani/Lingard. Rest Ronaldo, Bruno, Sancho for Sunday but they can still come off the bench if required or give them 20 minutes anyway.

  • 352 De gea Varane. Maguire. Shaw Dalot. Telles Donny. Pogba Bruno Cavani. Ronaldo

  • Hey Leven2k

  • Hey Adam

  • Hey Mark

  • Need subtitles for Levin.

  • It's Haber go on lad I watch Ur ISprofile bro

  • Don't be complacent. If the games against YB should be bankers you have to make sure there ARE!

  • Keep Ronaldo on the bench and give him the whole second half if needed. DONNY MUST START! Let him show what he can do. Martial obviously up front.

    • What r u speaking bro it's UCL . Ronaldo will play every match .

  • The guy at top right looks like Matthijs de ligt with beard

  • The manager don't know about the quality of van de beek and most of player in the squad. last night even James plays better for Leeds not running away from the defender but towards them, that how much the manager change a player but ole failed to do it.

  • They have a good team, it’s too much, good ending…

  • Think Ole will play a strong team. I'll be shocked if he plays dean after that performance for the U-23 yesterday

    • @Biggolo Bombo the original comment now became the copied one so deal with it fffs

    • Lol why does this copied comment have 91 likes when the original comment has 8 likes

    • 😁

    • @abhay rawat no football watches bots

    • Bots watch football??

  • Stress

  • De gea varane bruno pogba ronaldo/sancho bc sancho street football different gravy

  • My five a side De gea Henderson Shaw Varane Sancho Donny VS. Bruno Pogba Greenwood Ronaldo Like for the left, comment for the right

  • I want Cavani and DVB to play atleast 70+ minutes against Young Boys.

  • De Gea Wan Bissaka, Lindelof, Varane, Shaw Donny, Pogba, Bruno Sancho, Ronaldo, Martial

  • My question is why Cr7 has not post a single tweet about Man Utd? Is he really happy to be here?

  • I will start dalot because in a game like this the team will park the bus and we need quality balls in the box for ronaldo.

  • We need to make changes because every player must think that he is a part of this squad. If they do not start it might create problems in dressing room.

    • @INVINCIBLE BOY I am not saying for wholesale changes just get donny and dalot into the team for this game and get subs ont at 65 or 70.

    • I think it would be worse as we need some good chemistry change Midfield but we can play others in FA or Carabou cup so that they have a better time their tbh in CL we cannot risk already we were suffering from drought in CL so we should go with our full strength and play our best we can change FRED Dalot and DONNY for Matic AWB and POGBA but won't change much cause i wanna go for Ronaldo Sancho and Greenwood up later as Sub add player in for them but don't mess up if we get a draw or loss with a Loose playing X1 huh?? We need 6/6 from YOUNG BOYS games

  • I'd like to see Donny work with Ronny... But seriously...

  • de gei, daloti, varani, maguiri, shawi,donni,pogbi,martiali,ronaldi,sanchi

  • No way in a million years, Greenwood is benching Sancho...he had a bad start to the season and suddenly even in our fanbase turning to say he's not perfect.. Greenwood is brilliant but Sancho is different, he is the only winger can offer something different from doubters will be sit down big time

  • Im 100% sure DvB will start alongside Pogba againts Young Boys and Martial will start as well replacing Greenwood the rest will be same againts Newcastle.

  • De Gea Dalot Varane Maguire Shaw Van de Beek Fred Sancho Lingard Martial Ronaldo

  • These guyz are underestimating Ronaldo .Ronaldo can assist and play one to one with the likes of martial,Rashford and sancho and Greenwood.Wait and see

  • Rest the greatest ever CL goalscorer. Yeah theres a plan ffs ??

  • C'mon guys. As United fans what we want is win trophies. Let's stop being sentimental about Van De Beek. Yes, would be nice for him to play more, but the truth is he is competing with Bruno and Pogba. In their form he isn't getting ahead of any of them. Young Boys is the FIRST game. We have to win it. It's not a game to start experimenting. Besides, United can make 5 subs. Start with a strong team and try and win the game in the first half or first hour. Then you can make the changes in the second half. We shouldn't start playing Van De Beek because we feel sorry for him. It has to make sense to play him. And yes, maybe he should get a chance as CDM over Fred.

  • My team: de gea; Shaw, Maguire, Bailey, Dalot; DVB Fred; martial Bruno greenwood; cavani

  • Awb is beyond terrible going forward, I've not see any improvement so far but his defensive side is good

  • 5-a-side... never Luke Shaw as he is completely one-footed and can't dribble.

  • Awb is not it with Greenwood playing there its very unbalanced get sancho on the rw that team will be better on that side Greenwood rarely plays wan bissaka down the wing its frustrating on the right hand side you just know mason will cut inside doesn't bring in wan bissaka more in the game Or just give dalot a chance

  • A better attacking right back would balance the team

  • Leven you keep saying you don't think Donny was brought in to be a starter. Firstly who spends the best part of 40 million on a player with no intention of him being a starter when at the time there were glaring transfer priorities required elsewhere in the squad? Secondly do you honestly think a player of Donny's ability and potential was sold the story of coming to United as a player who is not going to be a starter when he had plenty of other transfer options? I'm sorry mate but that's nonsense.

    • A starter in front of who? Depth is important and he probably was probably was sold an important squad role but it would be nonsense for him to expect he was ever gonna get right in over Pogba or Bruno.

  • My 5 a side, David, Varan, Pogba Bruno and CR7

  • Why play a weak side in the first champions league match why ??it doesn't make sense people getting ahead over themselves already

  • End of the day our squad is good enough to win trophies this season. It’s all on ole.

    • Yall just lost lol

  • Every single player dreams of playing in the champions league ... how are u going to explain to Ronaldo that its only young boys so u not in the lineup .... all our best players should play this game the only change i see ole doing is bringing Fred back in for matic the rest will be same as sunday

  • my team vs YB Dalot. varane Maguire. Shaw Fred. vdb Sancho. Bruno. lingard Ronaldo

  • The pressure on ronaldo coming back to the club with the world watching is just crazy. He stood up and delivered. The greatest player to ever grace a football pitch. When the dust and nerves settle ronaldo will only get better this season. Believe.

  • Think Ole will play a strong team. I'll be shocked if he plays dean after that performance for the U-23 yesterday

  • Spot on Leven, Donny can definitely be a good six

  • I love this set up, all four of yous

  • Bloody hell. I think we are used to having a moan that we can’t just appreciate the game. City come up against low block teams, and they aren’t winning those games 10-0 These teams are good at defending; however, once you score, they tend to fall, which happened.

  • Haber!!!!!

  • Sancho has to start, his not been great at all to be fair I think very poor this is a game he could possibly score and build some confidence

  • Ronaldo will definitely wanna start all cl games because he want to boost his cl stats

  • If we are being honest here we will be the first team to drop put the title race. The other managers are winners. They will know what to do in these situations, ole as proven last season freezes when he's in that situation

  • My 5 a side : da gea. Varane. VDB. Mata. Sancho.

  • To win titles races like this season will be it will come down to the level manager you have and Liverpool, City and Chelsea all have better managers than us and that's why we won't win the league. If we get a world class manager in we would actually have a chance

    • @James Pringle no we have brilliant players with an average manager

    • We have a brilliant manager

  • The Newcastle performance was no different to the wolves games, no tactics, pragmatic, slow tempo and lack of chances only difference was Newcastle allowed us to have the ball, wolves pressed us. It was just individual brilliance saving ole again. It's not sustainable

    • @Nwaoha Joel Ndubuisi Ole will be here for years

    • It was amazing tactics thanks

    • @Nwaoha Joel Ndubuisi I expect that. Ole ain't good enough

    • that's what you will see for the rest of the season until ole is gone

  • Yo, great job as always on the Sunday night. Ryan did a great job, hope to see more of the guy,