SANCHO Injury Blow! Ronaldo Transfer Boost For United! Man Utd Transfer News

Birt 5 sep 2021
Man Utd face a fitness concern over Jadon Sancho and Cristiano Ronaldo's agent Jorge Mendes provides a transfer boost to United future signings. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. NEW Last Dance Hoodie HERE

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  • Sancho will end up as a biggest flop ever

  • United

  • Do u realised that players turn out to be injury prone coming out of Germans club???🙄🙄

  • I don't believe Jorge Mendes is interested in helping United. Cr7 was interested in returning the board and jorge did nothing faster than usual

  • Scamcho another 77 mil down the drain 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • Seems to me Sancho often has knocks or injuries.

  • Don't worry, you ain't no influencer

  • We could be soo much better with a better manager like Zidane. Not saying Ole is a PE teacher, but he's not good enough yet to manage big clubs like Man Utd. The performance against Southampton and Wolves are nowhere near a title contending team. De Gea and Greenwood had to save us

  • Abba comeback song don’t bring me down turn the lyrics into a song for ronaldos comeback. Get onto it reds

  • Greenwood is better than Sancho, nobody expected it....we bought a very expensive backup for Greenwood

  • Mark always talks about Greenwood as a generational talent yet Patrick Bamford is in the England squad but Manson is not let that sink in guys and girls so no he's nowhere near a generational talent Saka on the other hand is a generational talent

    • @Johnson keep hating but we both know it's true

    • Saka nice joke

  • We should sign Tyler Adams in January

  • Ole OUT!

  • Imagine Newcastle win 😂😂

  • It’s like the mafia they mainly keep it on the family

  • Who the hell is mcdaddy i bet he is a 8 year old who wsnt to be important go to the start kid

  • These coaches and manager are clueless, how can you be happy with that midfield

  • Have you heard Mark talking about Sancho? Premier league is different beast from bundasliga. I wish him nothing but the best though, after all he’s a Manchester United player

  • Lingard will start I think

  • Tchouameni was really good yesterday🔥

  • Now that Ronaldo is here, I hope our entire team is able to improve.

  • 6:08 - Keeping an eye on the competition ey Mark? 😉

  • George Mendez who involved in the Bruno deal

  • weve got well...sadly

  • I’m gonna got out on limb Sancho ain’t gonna cut it.

  • Lingard for rashford and martial

  • We do not need any tripper in United period

  • Martial was sent off at the start of last season. the other guy should have been sent off too. unfair. AND he's ashamed of how he reacted cos he likes to project transcendental class. it sent his confidence into a tailspin. many people intuit that could happen again

  • Olive do a fergie promote a defender to DM Paul McGrath eg maybe temporary it could work

  • Don't think it's a blow He was worst player on the pitch against Wolves even worse than Fred that took some doing, for z guy 70mil plus and taking home 250k a wk its laughable.

    • i agree with you if sancho playing bad but its all about adaptation it means the difference between premier league and Bundesliga , so keep calm and let's see what he can do to this team

  • Sancho has not played a good game since he came to united and england.

  • Haha yes

  • Ole will be confused as to who his best team is,Ronaldo will blow a gasket with Mcfred.Zidane incoming...

  • Sancho will be a flop. Doing Well only in farmers league

  • Sancho and Ronaldo will make little or no difference to Manchester United because they have not fixed what is wrong

  • Guys i was playing career mode and suddenly got this crazy idea. What if, next season Cavani goes and Mbappe comes in to play with his idol 🤩🤤 and then we can play 442 with Rashy, Pogba, Bruno(Bruno need to learn to play CM as De Bruyne did), Sancho in the middle.. Mbappe and Ronaldo up front it would be insane 🤯😩 i just got a feeling that the next transfer window might be even more crazy..

    • That’s not happening

  • Only reason Ole is still our coach is cos he’s a cheaper option 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Good players don’t need time to adjust. Football is football. Eden Hazard and many more came to PL and took the league by storm. So,stop with excuses for THE FLOP !!!

  • If anyone watched Sancho in Bundesliga he always had slow starts. The more games he gets in the more he comes into form. Wait till December.

    • @Hitter you mentioned about age saying fernandes is older you absolute 🤡👋

    • @Mark Gabriel lol you say age means nothing but mention Zlatan? No need to contradict yourself in the same sentence

    • @Mark Gabriel Being older and settled is extremely relevant. Thing called experience.

    • @Hitter age is irrelevant.. Bruno came from the Portuguese league.. Zlatan as played in various league's..

    • @Mark Gabriel And I’m not making a feeble excuse for Sancho. I expect him to produce, but there is also an entire season ahead. Yes he had a shitty 1st start but that’s not the end product or even close to his capabilities

  • Sancho flop

  • How can Bissouma, Koopmeiners, Zakaria, Neves, Tchouameni, Camavinga, Rice and Soumare all be available, whilst Solskjaer is telling Carricky he's happy with Mcfredy

  • Ronaldo can’t play in cdm and forward positions. Let’s get real. CDM has to be sorted out. No excuses

  • Sancwho ?

  • Have mixed feelings about Sancho, the problem is we over hipped him

    • He started one game give the guy a chance

    • @Andrew Shearer haven't you ever thought it maybe down to the manager who's style of play (defensive counter attacking) ain't suited to them..🤷‍♂️ Mourhino played the exact same way as ole does..

    • There’s a precedent technical attacking players looking great at Dortmund and not working at United. Kagawa, Mhkitaryan. I’ve been saying since before we signed him he may not live up to the hype - hopefully I’m wrong.

    • How do you know we overhyped him? He’s hardly kicked a ball for us yet, give him a chance first

    • You obviously have no patience..

  • I want to see Martial - Ronaldo - Greenwood up top this weekend! 😱😱😱

  • Sancho still hasn't convince me he will have a impact on man utd well zaha would av done a better than him maybe he needs to adapt to premier league but German league was very competitive i dont think he needs to adapt but the way mark was so obsessed to get him., he hasn't convince me he is that good his skillful yes but he so overrated

  • Arteta won the fa cup 😂😂😂

  • buy naingolan

  • Mark you said Chelsea gets the best from outside. MARINA GRANOVSKAIA runs the hiring and main dealings of Chelsea. She moved from Moscow to London in 2003. So please don’t make sweeping statements that only Management has to be fans of the club.

  • No shipment is done to South Africa - wanted the opportunity to purchase the United Stand merchandise

  • Its not really an injury blow since Sancho really isn't making a difference to the team....yet....

  • man utd must sign paulihno or renato sachezs from portugal if cdm paulinhno or attacking cdm sachezs

  • Goldbridge for Soccer Aid! 🔥

  • Sancho is like havertz and werner he will need time so Chelsea fans can’t be talking 😂

  • Sancho is gonna a long time before he get use to the epl...

  • 😂

  • Tony martial is quick acceleration and dribbling is top quality ppl have forgotten how good he was for us he is brilliant

    • He is class! I have not forgotten! With the right people to lear from he will accell greatly I believe!

  • Newcastle Ronaldo Cavani Greenwood

  • We need sancho he is miles better than mason g martial rashford and also pogba in terms of right wing

  • why would it have been a problem to sign Ronaldo before he went to juventus? Doesn't he have the same agent as Mourinho?

  • The problem is that if sancho takes a long time to warm up, but look what happened to vdb

  • Pogba might sign for Man City.

    • No I think he will go to real madrid.

  • Should advertise for a new CEO instead of Appointing from with in & get some one who knows about Football, & not your MERCHANT BANKERS WHO KNOW SOD ALL.

  • Ted Lasso could win us the league with this team but Ole cant

  • Mark’s talk on sancho is idiotic. Sancho’s injury is no big deal and that tells y we don’t need him. But united owners and PE-Ole bought sancho instead of a cdm

  • greenwood will be lot better than mbappe and neymar, watch this space

  • Banging on about ronaldo as if he’s actually gonna go and watch him 🤣

  • Trippier is a dead cert signing in January in regards to what will happen to Bissaka with his court case at that time

  • Sancho seems injury prone

  • Sancho was poor in his first three games. Hope he comes back with some form

  • guys i just edited Mark singing Stone Roses, would love you guys to check it out..

  • still need to sort out CDM - BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sign whoever you want without a good manager we will win nothing

    • Nah, Zidane was the example

    • Juz pray hard the players perform on the pitch & win games with little coaching

    • Agree

    • We will

    • Agree

  • There is no spot for Sancho on the team. This makes the selection easier for Ole.

  • guys i just edited Mark singing Stone Roses, would love you guys to check it out..

  • Martial looked good when he came on against wolves

  • Guys were you in the flick united stand chat

  • Yes

  • Whats wrong with sancho

  • I have a feeling that part of the reason why we waited with a midfielder can be found in Ole's comment that Matic was our best player in preseason. If Ole felt that Matic could still do the job based on preseason then that would explain the lack of urgency about midfield.

  • It's not sancho taking time to settle, it's the tactics, they all are struggling older ole's incompetent tactics. A spade is just a spade.

    • @Joswasi You need a new manager 1st and foremost. That Portuguese fraud ain't it. He's the main culprit for why the midfield is so bad. He keeps leaving his position all the time to play as a second striker. No DM is fixing this issue. Until you get a new manager nothing will ever change regardless of how many players you throw at the Norwegian Mr Bean. Chelsea's players were looking suspect under Lampard, too, even Kante. Look at them now. It's not the usual scapegoats cowardly United fans are using to deflect criticism away from the real issues. The Norwegian Mr Bean and his beloved Portuguese fraud

    • @Lightning Ash The main consensus about the team is the midfield, we need a good DM. McTominay and Fred unfortunately are not that.

    • @Joswasi It's really Ole's fault for real. Man relies too much on individual brilliance. This is why Sancho is still ultimately gonna struggle as long as Ole remains in charge of United. He's not that guy to burst two or three players on his own. He needs players to combine with. AWB doesn't help him like Hakimi. AWB's horrendous and can barely string two passes together much less play one-twos It's not even Fred or Mctominay's fault. When they're literally being isolated by the Portuguese fraud's greed, selfishly vacating his position to play as a second striker, it leaves a huge hole in the midfield Their only option is either try and play it long or sideways. I promise you no number 6 is fixing this issue. You can have Carrick in his prime and he would look terrible with no one to pass to in the midfield and a sea of bodies from the opposition in front of him

    • @Lightning Ash Well what do you expect when he barely gets any game time? You expect him to play in prime full form if Ole doesn't even play him? What a joke. He barely played any games last season, it'd be a miracle for him to be playing very well consistently. Do you even know how many times McFred or their individual selves were picked over Van de Beek in the PL? Or you dont?

    • @Joswasi Bullshit, man, and you know it. The few games VDB has got he's looked underwhelming due to the nonexistent chemistry within the team. And have you seen how lazy your beloved Portuguese fraud is? Man literally stands on the halfway waiting for service. Just because he's white doesn't mean he should get a pass

  • He just about has a double chin mark lol

  • Mark he is going to flop in not bitching I'm telling you he isn't all that good he is nowhere near Greenwood and if he takes Greenwoods spot it's a crime

  • Hope Greenwood scores again don't want sancho walking into the team ahead of him. I have no faith in Sancho looks mediocre to me

  • There was no need to play sancho out of position for James


  • Sancho is getting stick? That's strange, united players very rarely get criticism 🤫

  • When we see the goods with Sancho then I will be happy, till then he is a very costly Dan James.

  • Jorge mendes clients Id take : Neves, Pedro Neto, Ricardo Periera, Trincao.

    • Hold my wolves

  • Again giving Assenal show time when they fighting relegation...

  • Sancho is from south london! Kennington sides, heard of Loski? Of course Mark hasn't. But if you know you know

  • Imagine albino mark in white 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣

  • Staff not supporting Manu bad, training staff Suport Manu bad? What do u wont?

  • shame dan james wasn't given much time

    • He isn’t good enough

  • Sancho is a surplus to requirement both in the England squad and united squad..he is flop

  • Mason takes corners now. That because of eric ramsay

  • How can Ole possibly be happy with Mctominay Fred and ageing Matic I can understand being happy with DVB but he never gets used 🤦‍♂️

  • What is wrong with sancho, dude is more sour than a mechanics armpit, you just came god damn! We dont need him honestly!

  • Hes only 21 guys hes not a fully finished player so he will take time hes still developing.

  • We need to sell: Martial, Henderson, Bailley, Lingard, Dalot, Matic, Mata and P.Jones. That’s around 160-170 million pounds. We can sell Fred too to make it closer to 200mill£.

    • @walata11 Even if we sell Martial for 35, Henderson for 30, Lingard for 20, Bailley for 15, Dalot for 10, Matic for 5, Mata and Phil for 5 combined, we Get 120, and that’s without Fred. So 130-140m is no joke the bare minimum.

    • @walata11 bruh

    • They are not worth more than 80m

    • @Valsan 13 probably

    • @W8 The imaginary teams in his imagination.