"I BELONG HERE" Says RONALDO! Goldbridge Man Utd Tactical Breakdown

Birt 11 sep 2021
Cristiano Ronaldo fires Man Utd to victory and Mark Goldbridge looks at the tactical impact Ronaldo is already having on Solskjaer's United Side. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. Last Dance Hoodie HERE united-stand.myshopify.com/pr...

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  • I think in some matches cavani and ronaldo would do good if they were on the pitch together as cavani can stay slightly behind ronaldo

  • Are you giving Ronaldo % from those hoodie sales

  • I feel sancho is playing a "Pogba Left Wing" role, where he becomes more an Advance Playmaker than a Wide Forward or a Winger. Agree with Mark, I think he played good, just needs more time to build the chamistry.

  • Regarding the hoodie... girl: Last Dance!! cat: Dlaanscte

  • MG an opinion is built over Time and not on single mistakes and my opinion is that harry McGuire has been substandard for a long time and in time varan will expose him more and more. Harry's performances have been hidden behind linderloffs calamities

  • No Mark, AWB is not good enough for this club

  • What's a hyper bowl?

  • Ronaldo finally is playing for a club that appreciates him.

  • Hi Mark , love the channel and content you all provide . Sancho look sharper today and is getting better I feel . Ronaldo sits down all haters 🛑

  • Cr7 amazing signing. My goat. However our most important signing. Varane. I just feel so comfortable with him at the back. Last season when ball was in our box, I was nervous, now I'm not stressed at all

  • What will happen when Rashford comes back on form, wow we have very many options in attack

  • I think the problem with the defense now is that our full-backs are too high up the pitch when we get counter-attacked. It’s great that they are attacking more but one of them should stay back a bit more.

  • Is there are hangover from this game coming up in the midweek game? We often follow a good game with a lack lustre performance.

  • The only reason de gea is playing this well is because of Henderson.

  • Buy Arthur from juve next season

  • When we meet a team who can take their chances we will be beaten that defence and defensive midfield is poor please take note

  • Mark no, with this squad Ole needs to rotate. Greenwood Ronaldo Sancho, Rashford Cavani Martial, even Lingard. We have too many quality players only to risk wearing off a few. Our midfield is a problem, Matic Fred are too weak, Pogba is a tactical problem, we need the energy of McTominay

  • Mark u and the rest of the fans keep cheering Maguire like he’s a top defender. He’s not. With him at the back we will keep conceding cheap goals. We have a lot of quality players, but we also have too bad players at crucial positions. Fred at DM with Maguire at the back combined is bad news for us

  • With such a young team we needed Ronaldo, now he has returned,he will be the new Cantona for these young players, the belief that they can win any game will push them on to better things.

  • Ole played our strongest team. Credit where its due. I think Martial, Donny and Lingard will start next game. 🤔

  • I don't think Lingard scoring makes Ole right with his substitution.

  • it's only newcastle at the end of the day, let's see how this team performs against real opposition like city, chelsea and liverpool and can they do it over a full season? I doubt it

  • Everyone has jerseys on

  • The points before the good teams, are very important now, cause we know which quality they have

  • It was like watching united of old. Totally different feel. I thought Sancho played well, looked to take his man on and drive the team forward. More games, the fans need to be patient. Matic was top draw but as we know, he will lose his legs in a game and it led to a shot on target in the box for De Gea to save. We need a CDM badly and McTominay just isn't that player.

  • I am just happy that our Man United is back

  • Still a wonderful fantasy and dream , watched Match of the day x3 times now .YES our Ronnie is back

  • It's like he's never been away

  • Imagine being Greenwood or AWB, playing in the youth system and for crystal palace then ending up playing in a team with CR7......

    • you literally stole someone’s comment word for word

  • Only Manchester United could win 4-1 with a hero returning yet still have hundreds of tw@s moaning about our manager and players.

  • I thought sancho looked a l brighter today, he obviously needs time but you can clearly see the talent. Glory glory man united

  • Us United fans never lost love for him

  • One of the best thing that could have happened for sancho was Ronaldo signing for us. Now he can take his time to adapt, as all the focus will be on Ronaldo. Also, m super excited about seeing Varane in the backline. Give him 2-3 more games and he will be fantastic for us. What a signing. Super athletic, great in air, good at passing. Got speed as well to recover. Haven't been this excited for a season for years. We gotta win meaningful trophies now.

  • Sancho was definitely so good today.

  • I feel so bad for Donny, he is such an amazing Lad and a v technical player

  • This match showed the need for a young cdm. Matic ia good for his age but holds on to the ball too long. Rice, Kamara, Bissouma whoever United get a transfer MUST be made! Sancho looked goodish could have crossed the ball but didn't. Where were the crosses though. Shaw and Wan Bissaka must must be putting in crosses. Until a cdm is bought i can understand Wan Bissaka not going forward. But Shaw must be putting in crosses!

  • Those who criticised Sancho negatively today are very much those who never played football before, and relate the game to only goals and assists... full stop.

  • Where can i buy that jacket

  • Why would you support Newcastle

  • WTF....did these naysayers see the close control Jadon has!? it was mental and fucking refreshing

  • imagine u wake up and realised the reality is our forwards are young, martial and valencia

  • I am not fool to be pleased with yesterday's result. The team lack balancing the attack and defense. Why not Ole failed to use Doony? Still I do not trust Ole and his tactic. As advice Ole resign and give your post to someone like Conte. It is not shame to accept reality and allow the team more stronger.

  • I don't believe awb is the right person for out right flank....he is so inconsistent that when he doesn't mis pass a ball he starts getting praised...

  • Spot on about Sancho Mark. Well said. What I really liked about what Ronaldo said in an interview after the game he said he knew that today "was all about me" referring to the understandable hype and circus of him coming home but he said thats done now and now it's all about the team from that point on. That's the mentally of someone wanting to help take this team to the top level.

  • If you want energy & tackle for no.6 only McTom can do that.

    • Energy is not enough, Mctominey isn't good enough

  • CR7 debut goals, Bruno with a screamer, Pogba assist maestreo, Sancho looking sharp, Shawberto Carlos with the assist....We as United fans deserve this, we've been through some shitty times. ENJOY EVERY SECOND OF IT.

  • I think we are better when Bruno shoots a couple of times from distance. Even when he misses, it seems to open things up.

  • Mark has called it a risk to keep players such as David on their toes with quality backups. You have seen it with Shaw and David it has brought out the best in them

  • When Ole took the role, he brought back all the UNITED style and aura…. Moyes, Van Gaal and Mourinho styles just not UNITED that we experienced. through SAF era…. Even ex players and legends are helping this team….

    • We are still playing slow football ,not won anything, not much has changed, its just vibes.

    • What style though?we are still playing slow tempo football...

  • Ronaldo coming in has taken some pressure off Sancho. The £73M price tag brings pressure like it or not but the papers will focus on Ronaldo for a while now giving Sancho more time to settle in. Better passing football also suits him more.

    • Why are these Bots getting more likes than the original comments they copy and pasted?

  • I thought Sancho looked lively, let’s not forget he’s not the finished article, had a few good dribbles, not much end product but that will come.

    • @walata11 it’s been a couple of games no one calls you a flop if ur not playing properly at the start of the season plus it’s a new club and last season was the same

    • He would have been labelled a flop if he is a foreign player but he is wrapped in a wool cause he is english typical.

    • Bot

  • Should be known as Donaldo now

  • As much as I want Donny to play, I understood the Lingard sub. We were up 2-1 and Sancho was showing some signs of fatigue. We know what kind of work rate Jesse will always put in. So putting Pogba to the left, when’s he’s already been playing for an hour, might not have been the best option.

  • Can I ask you , how come you got those numbers 7 shirts, but you don't have the greatest number 7 ever? IM SO PROUD TO BE PORTUGUESE.

  • If you look at the the mood of the club that Jose M left Ole to what Ole has & is still creating is is night & day, amazing. We may not agree with some of his decision but i also never agreed with a lot of Ferguson's decision. Ole knows the bigger picture is far more important & I finally see that. The feel-good factor at the club is priceless. Win or lose a trophy the season is going to be so enjoyable, which is all we all really want at the end of the day. We have attributed joy with trophies but Ole is proving us wrong time & time again. The journey to wining a trophy i now understand is more important. & imagine when we win a trophy with an atmosphere & team like we have now 🔥🔥🔥🔥.. in Ole we must Trust & give him time to learn on the job

  • Lindelof need a partner than Maguire

  • United need to play at a much faster pace. Newcastle got to our box much quicker. We tend to hold the ball before passing. There were many times our fullbacks were unmarked and the ball never got to them or took to long. Move the ball faster. If we lose it we have quality to win it back quickly.

  • When you said through past Matic , my question is why isn't Donny playing the Midfield is where we conceded .

  • Mark crys so much. Cool dude and all but the crying needs to stop

  • Free Donny. Ole is wasting a brilliant talent at this point

  • I loved the match mostly , Ronaldo scoring , Bruno scoring , but why wasn't Donny playing until the last few minutes .

  • De gae distribution this season has been great, that's 2 goals this season he has played a massive part in 👐🔥

  • Really appreciate what you do. Legend! 🔴🙌🏻

  • Bullshit about Sancho, not even close to his potential, lost the ball so many times I was shocked.

    • @James Pringle if he was good, I dont think you had seen him playing for Dortmund.

    • He was good

  • I'm going to be real here since Maguire came to the club everyone said that Lindelof is the weak one and they don't march up well with each other. Since the start of the season Lindelof looks far more better than Maguire and he hardly put a foot wrong. So Lindelof for me is the perfect player to play long side Varane cause he is better on the left side of defense. Is if he could combine well with Shaw, but overall good win need to improve on the tempo and speed of the game Viva Ronaldo GGMU

  • Mcfred is missed at all....

  • i think wan bissaka needs to hug the touchline . people were having a go at him cuz he wasnt able to cross. and from the position he was in he couldnt cross anyway . greenwood comes inside and wan bissaka needs to hold the width as it looks like a one dimensional attack from left. or even better if sancho could play on the right cuz shaw can give the width from left (he has better positional sense than wan bissaka).

  • Mark I just want to say one thing those who are saying that Manchester United were not convincing after yesterday's win but we all have to understand that Manchester City won the premier league probably not in convincing manner even most of Their game I saw they won 1 - 0 2 - 1 so its all about getting the job done the one thing we want to improve is having clean sheets like Chelsea and city doing

  • That back heel flick from Ronaldo to Shaw (I think) 😍 I’ve missed that sort of class and MAGIC for around 10 years. LONG MAY IT CONTINUE

  • Glory glory Man United!❤

  • Clearly Ronaldo is quick and strong enough to go out wide in rotation during a game...he still has the crossing ability and everything else that goes with it.... put him on wing

  • Problem with Ole is back in the old days we didn't just beat teams we outplayed them Ole's teams and tactics now, we do not outplay teams, with a better manager i think we would

    • Yes i agreed. Sir alex team played possession based football and attacking football and dominated other teams but that team is no more. Now we have better players but same formation and tactics. I hope united will trophies this season. No more excuses.

    • Ole is brilliant

    • Do you think Ronaldo was as stupid as like that leaved Allegri and 900k per weeks, to join not good enough manager at Man United?

  • Play the team today for 60 minutes against the Swiss side. Then sub in Donny, Cavani, Martial etc when the game is won

  • U are spot on on ur comments 2day Mark. Weldone

  • Hilarious thing, before Ronaldo was leaving Juve, everyone was saying we don't need a striker

  • Man actually said fans know more than UEFA licensed managers with decades of experiences 😭😭😭

  • I Think were skipping over the fact that Cavani already is missing games do to injuries, how lucky were we to get Ronnie back. Mark this season is like seasons of old, drop points and fall behind.

  • DDG should have saved that shot. It was from a tight angle

    • No keeper can save that dont hate on him.

    • Have a day off pal 😂

  • Ronny has the pace when he needs it, he takes players away so others players have space. His movement is one of the best I've ever seen.. needs its own analyst He's also great at holding the ball up

  • When Ole took the role, he brought back all the UNITED style and aura…. Moyes, Van Gaal and Mourinho styles just not UNITED that we experienced. through SAF era…. Even ex players and legends are helping this team….

    • Everybody is behind the team, even Ronaldo is a former player who has come to help the team 😅

  • Sancho was fine, held the ball up and passed it off.

  • Deluded Mark...Sancho was making bad decisions all over the shop, not crossing when he should have, playing the wrong pass, running down blind alleys....lost possession on numerous occasions. Proof is no-sub Ole taking him off

    • Mark has a lot of bias towards Donny as well... none of us have seen much of him so can't keep singing his praises

    • If he was a foreign player, he would have been slaughtered on the strength of that performance.

  • I think we are better when Bruno shoots a couple of times from distance. Even when he misses, it seems to open things up.

  • Sancho is wasted on the left!! To get the best out of him he needs to play on the right.

    • Greenwood is playing so well on the right. He will keep Sancho out of that position.

  • Awb is trash lol he stands out like a sore thumb in this team dead baller

    • He does not have a good game. If Tripper joined, we will see less of AWB playing in PL.

  • Get the squad numbers right, it's been weeks

  • WOW! Ronaldo amazing, Varane class, Sancho certainly good and I think will be a star. It's all up to Ole now.

  • But we played well against leeds then terrible against southampton and wolves. Today we played well. Until i see us playing well consistently not getting carried away.

  • cr7 was created at utd, without scholes giggs ferdinand fergie etc he would never have developed into the monster he is. lisbon gave us a seed. madrid got a plant all they had to do was water it.

  • I don't understand why so many people are bashing on Sancho.? The way he plays reminds me of young Ronaldo.

    • He will learn from the Master 🔥🍺

  • You should be worried about it because it almost happend 3-4 times the team dont work as an unit. We won because we have better players not better tactics. Without the mistakes of Their goalkeeper we would been in danger. Good result on a bad day. But they need to figur out the low Block when we have players 10 times better then the opponent.

    • @Ken didnt say he said that, it was my take on it.

    • When did Mark say we won because of better tactics? He is very aware that we’ve been winning games because of individual brilliances.

    • And its funny that you say dont moan about players but you do it constantly about current players and former players DJ, Fred, McT, Lindeløf, Lukaku.

  • Never seen a player loved as much anywhere the return incredible. Always wanted Beckham back For Cr7 to come back is amazing.

  • Everyone played well today Sancho made great runs

  • I'm a guy who doesn't show my emotions much, but this is so different. I feel proud, full of energy, ready to take on the world, I can't hold the tears back. My dreams have come true he is back home. My emotions are so up and down. I never thought he would wear our shirt again. It still doesn't feel real

  • Ronaldo brings the fear factor and standards back to the club 🐐👑😈🔥👍👍

  • The GOAT 🐐 CR7

  • Luke Shaw was world class today. My man of the match.

  • Maguire so lucky he has a good enough team around him to carry him honestly he’s so 💀

  • I don't want to get ahead of myself but this feels like the old United. I hope Ole can deliver. If the team had a specialist CDM then it could really be the season where United will get close. What a special day for this club. Don't let the buzz go away keep it going

  • Good