FRED BANNED! VAN DE BEEK Must Start! Man Utd News

Birt 8 sep 2021
Man Utd midfielder Fred has been banned for 2 games by FIFA so Van De Beek must start against Newcastle. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. NEW Last Dance Hoodie HERE

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  • The Uruguayin FA can't do anything because Cavani wasn't called up because their coach has abit of sense.

  • Yessssssssss

  • Ole will still pick someone from the fans to take the position of Fred and leave Donny out 💯😭🙈🙊😂 Ridiculous

  • These agendas against our own players , are an embarrassment to our club.

  • If only it was for 42 games , then we might win something

  • Yay Fred is banned ole has to play someone better now hurrah

  • Wasn't this just for the clubs that didn't want their players to go on international duty for Brazil? So it doesn't necessarily mean all Brazilian players in the Premier League, right?

  • Let's be honest. Fred was bought because of Fred the Red.

  • Never heard of this rule. You been living under a rock

  • Freee fred

  • I think bailey would be a good cdm, judging by his speed, tackling ability and tenacious. He can be a destroyer in the midfield

  • Oh poor my fred

  • Good news because Fred is a SHITTY player who deserves to be sold for not being press resistant, giving balls away, and making too many dumb mistakes!!!

  • We all know matic will be played instead of van de beek..ole’s superstition

  • Forget about Fred. Be good to see Mark getting his final uses out of his Martial top. As he should have been gone ages ago.

  • At this rate, Scholesy will start over him.

  • Can Telles not play as a CDM?

  • Lindelof is good on the ball. I don't know if it would work but I think it's worth trying him at CDM

  • Get him banned so that Donny can get a change!

  • More than most players It seems to me that Fred has always needed a decent run of games to hit any kind of form and then he can be good for a long run of games. I don’t think he will ever work as a squad player coming in and out of the team.

  • Should have got rid of Fred when United had the chance in the transfer window but again ole hasn't a clue how to manage United

  • Fred should be banned from football altogether. He is a fraud stealing a living from United. the

  • Fact is that the club pays the wages of their players. Will the national team cover the wages of the players if they have to miss games due to quarantine after the international games? Doubt it. They want their cake and eat it too.

  • Very good news for united fans fred is bann d v b can replace by comfortably

  • Fred is a prat!

  • Fred should get a life time ban fron united

  • Fred is our most consistent player, consistently shite for years

  • And yes, Indonesia never had that rule. We do watch football at 2am though, last season was hell I watch those lads passing sideways and getting my sleep-deprived state because of having PTSD after watching many crap playstyles, also lack of sleep

  • If ole doesn't start VDB...he needs the sacking...

  • Feel sorry for Fred. He is still a good player but he should be dropped for Donny

  • If Ole get sack, it because he doesn't know how to use Donny on the pitch.

  • Ole Won't Pick VDB I Know Matic And Pogba Sure

  • Donny will still not play ole will play Jones over donny at cdm

  • Please Ban fred for life..idc

  • What will we do?? Win?

  • What a joke richarlson can play for Everton

  • everybody wants VDB starts but ole: remember matic?

  • He should, but I doubt he would. Ole's the chairman of Anyone-But-VDB club.

  • So greenwood is now a starter over sancho

  • It is the 10 day quarantine, isolated from the team, not getting specialized diet, NOT BEEN ABLE TO WORK OUT, just cooked up in a hotel room, what makes the UK rulings on these players coming from the declared “red zones” totally unfair and unrealistic.. these players, have remained in safety bubbles and should be allowed to resume their training with the club just as fast as the guys coming from Moldavia or Gibraltar..

  • Ole is a Wally worse coach I’ve seen

  • Fred play really good last seoson but this seoson he had a very bad season. People righting him of in harsh ways are the o es who wer hyping him last seoson. I agree he shouldn't be picked before VDB but disrespecting him like that is awful for manunited fans.

  • Lol. Brazilian FA has no merit. Not going to happen.

  • tbh, i struggle to understand how fred is a professional footballer and im not

  • Any other in the team playing Fred position can perform better. He can't pass, he have no speed and he is not tall enough. So why use him.

  • Donny simply HAS to start. Glad you’re using your platform for this message. If only Ole could get the message!

  • He's gonna start matic


  • He never went to International duty though?

  • Sit down Fred u finished son 🤣

  • I've been saying this for ages VDB 4 CDM

  • Ole rushes Jones back to play in midfield

  • Tit for tat. Red countries.

  • Happiest day of Manchester United fans all over the world.

  • Anyone got a decent app that you can watch it on ?

  • Saturday afternoon: "Carricky, No Feddy but no van Der Beeky either" 😂

  • Lingard shouldn't even be at the club

  • Martial is smarter and better technically than rashford

  • We want Sancho to get acclimated to the Prem, but you don’t want to start him already? Are you having a laugh?

  • This is good news party time

  • So much for the new 433.. you’re still a double pivot against Newcastle?

  • mark i respect you and admire you , all the toxicity in the chat ur dealing with .... respect man!!

  • Yessssssssssss

  • You know it gonna be pogba and Matic in middle, greenwood right, Sancho left, Bruno cam and Ronaldo CF.

  • If he don’t then he needs to go because e can’t play for this fraud manager!

  • The Fred hate is far too harsh. A couple of decades ago it would have been Carrick they were talking about on this show.

  • crazy how fast football fans turn on their players during their bad times

  • mark why wouldn't u start Sancho?

  • I swear if sancho becomes the next van de beek, I will personally fire OLE!

  • Free Fred

  • Ole will start Matic if Fred is banned.

  • If Ollie does not play Donny now he must let him go.

  • Fred shouldn't need banning, he should have been dropped long ago, as should his fellow ineffective mate McTominay. Fred banned....Matic will start... 😠... it's Ole we're talking about. He's not the smartest bloke in town.

  • Thank Christ no fred

  • Best news I've had All Season

  • Can’t wait for Michael Carrick to come out of retirement so ole doesn’t have to play Van De Beek

  • Lol it pogba and Matic sorry Donny but I think he will play young boys

  • Ronaldo debut Fred banned. Life looking up

  • i got happy, ole forced to try something new

  • If lindelof plays as a CDM, we can have Pogba playing more attackingly and create more chances💯

  • Ngl im proper confused, there getting punished for following the rules😅😅

  • With Varane in at centre back, i would certainly try Donny at cdm, can't get any worse in that area??? Regardless of Goldbridge, i still think McTominay can do the job, at a push, but, by all means, give Donny a chance!!!

  • Fred should be banned from football forever....Muppet


  • Richarleson however has been let off apparently. Don’t know how true this is

  • This ban is a massive blessing. Let's be honest. Ole CANT not start The Dutch Don now 🙏

  • Covid is rife in S.A.....anyone would have to isolate for 10 days.....Liverpool players never went to S.A,so why should they be banned?

  • Dude we bought 73m for jadon Sancho how come you easily bench him he's got to get his chances

  • It will be on Bein dazn, and every other country that the prem gets televised

  • Donny has to take his chance now

  • I don't think donny will play ole might play 10 mens insisted donny

  • Good point , ban or no ban, Fred shouldn't play .

  • Phil Jones will come out of nowhere and play instead Donny

  • yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Mark rating Fred’s performance vs Wolves: “Fred is a 4, he was crap! can’t run, can’t tackle, can’t pass!” Also Mark: “Let’s not celebrate let’s have some sympathy for the situation 😢, i’ve always said there’s a player in Fred” 😂😂😂👐

  • Hes been poor recently but the hysterical nonsense I read on social media about a member of a team that's just broken a record for away games without a loss, reminds me of the days mutv did phone ins during fergies era and all anyone did was call for fergies head and moan about the team.

  • Fred banned 🚫 that's some lovely news. Ole was not going to drop him

  • Tit for tat? Cant workout which one fred is?

  • Chelsea Thiago Silva in the same situation.

  • Mark complains about Ole like he is Ole out but then says he is Ole in 🤣🤣🤣😂😂