Birt 10 sep 2021
Man Utd vs Newcastle is Donny Van De Beek's best chance to start a game in a long while. Will Solskjaer do it and where could he use him? Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. NEW Driving With Goldbridge Watch HERE

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  • You need to stop over hyping donny . He is bang average

  • Give Donny a run at number 6 because we are the first division side. We do not try square peg in round holes. We need a quality number 6 and until then, Fred et al are our best option. Donny does not have the profile to play as a 6, our defence will be exposed. Thankfully Ole is the manager and not the fans!

  • So Donny says he can play at a 6, well I'm sure Fred thought he can play as a 10 at some point. Perhaps we should play Fred there. Sorry but Donny plays on the bench for now until he can demonstrate that he is better than his counterparts in his preferred position.

  • Same Donny discussion, the same result. Perhaps the fans need to go watch him train so they can see his FORM level.

  • Nope DVB is not starting 😤

  • Donny on the bench yet again

  • Donny isnt starting wth

  • Not seen enough of him but looks more like an 8. He needs a chance.

  • Actually it’s out of 99 not 100

  • Donny has to be given more than one match. Fred and McTominay have had almost 3-6 years each, and are still stinking the place up!

  • It won't happen, but Ole needs sacking. An utterly incompetent manager who knows nothing about tactics if he can't play on the break against open teams. Jorginho started as an 8, but is now the world's best 6. Donny can make the same change.

  • For context, ask yourself what Fred is position wise. Whatever Donnie is, he’s more of whatever the hell you chose than Fred is. He is terrible everywhere.

  • Fred is now able to play 😐

  • joe pillock gone smash mans u

  • Louie Saha wat a legend plus park and evar

  • It’s Donny time eh eh eh eh it’s Donny time !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just start Donny, he has waited a long time for consistent playing

  • Why the feck does he always shout at the start!!

  • Donny started as a 6 and got coached to be more attacking

  • If It’s Pogba and Matic I can live with that, but there’s no way Fred should be starting today

  • I’m fucking pumped for the Ronaldo return today

  • Not a chance, United celebrating Fred being cleared like we've won the league

  • Lol these guys be milking dafuq out of the VDB situation, going on about he's a 6, no he's an 8. Ffs. With all due respect none of us are privy to the training sessions.

  • Lewandowski deserves to get better rating than Ronaldo. Are you running out of topic to make content or something?

  • if we want to play both pogba and donny, ole should try a 4-4-2 diamond with ronaldo and greenwood/martial/rashford up front and fred holding

  • Ollie will play Ronaldo mostly from the bench

  • Matic and Fred need to go for packet of chips ..

  • Hannibal is brilliant , watched him make rings round Fred , what a cheek Ollie will send him out on loan or sell him now

  • Brilliants news for Ollie , it’s been overturned Fred can now play , Ollie was so down that Fred was banned , he phoned up the Samaritans

  • Donny don't need to be a classic holding 6. We have Varane now. Our midfield should transform into a controller-of-the-game kind with Donny,Pogba and Bruno. With a quality defense, Donny can hold that midfield perfectly with Pogba

  • Leven is right donny is number 8 brillant show guys all the best viva Ronaldo let go MUFC

  • Fred is now Available 🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕

  • If ferran torres can play no 9 in a city team then donny can defintely play cdm

  • I like watching you guys but sometimes yourll talk this thing about vdb is crap,the guy needed time to adjust and thats it .lavet with "this guy will never start " is honestly laugherble

    • He can't be worse than Mcfred both crap yet they are picked.

  • if they are not going to play than why sign them and destroy their character

  • Great spot Mark (I suppose you are alright too…😂)

  • having Ven De Beek play we won't require anyone the most brainy footballer in Man Utd

  • 6 or 8....0 1 2 1 OLE still says 'do one'

  • 4-1-3-2 Dea Gea, AWB, Varane, Maguire, Shaw, Matic , Pogba , Bruno, Donny, Ronaldo and Mason up top. No brainer

    • We will only improve down the right when AWB learns how to attack or Dalot gets a chance.

  • Donny was signed by Ole .. if he doesn't fancy him as a player , why on earth did he give the green light to sign him at the first place ?? He should have let him join Everton.. I m sure he won't get a playing time under Ole .. Come December and he should force the move .... it seems Ole is hell bent on destroying his career

  • Ole now has too many players in attacking areas and he has to get it right - if he continues to win, he will survive else chopping on the cards

  • No one gonna mention levens background

  • Lewandowski is better than ronaldo in the current day. The last two seasons lewa has performed higher than ronaldo. No question who’s a better overall player and Ronaldo is the second best OAT but he’s not the second best player itw atm.

  • Donny should be given the chance as a 6 with pogba. Let's not forget through the academy in Ajax he did play as a 6 and even though that doesn't mean much mctominay played as a striker then a cm and Fred played as a advanced 8 in shaktar. so realistically Donny should have the intelligence hand over them two.

  • How can Missi be top rated 😂😂 he’s done nothing in 6 years

  • if fred or mc tominay can play along side pogba in a midfield why cant you see donny play there?

  • I rather play Lindelof as CDM instead of Fred.

  • Mark spitting Bars and .....failed 😅

  • Van der beek will start vs young boys nt sure bout newcastle, lots of time for donny to show is true quality, players will get injuries r a lil knock the he should stamp is class & secure is starting position.

  • All I can say if donny doesn't start it's a crime!!!!!

  • what has fred done?? that puts him ahead of Donny

  • When did this concept of naming positions with numbers came into existence? People were talking about no 10 and other positions were called by its names. Number 6 and number 8 is very confusing for me

    • It can get pretty confusing at times but if it's easier you can think of it like this. 6= Deep midfielder 8= Normal midfielder 10= Advanced midfielder

    • 8 is box to box and 6 is cdm

  • What happened to the Fifty plus One movement 🤷‍♂️

  • The OLE I know will start Mctominay alongside pogba

    • ole doesnt trust pogba in a 2, he loses the ball to much and bring no defensive output

  • Donny can play 6 but ultimately what it means is Pogba and Bruno need to be playing deep in the midfield then one of the forwards becomes more like a 10. This allows us to keep the ball better

  • Donny should leave

  • Why do. We need to protect the back 4 if we got two of the best cb in the world and a 6 doesn't realy have to drop in have u ever seen xavi or buskets how the play xavi was a 6 and they roted because there defence was good we can do the same

  • I don’t see donny can subs Bruno, by the way he play he’s not a playmaker, even he has the potential to do so. He can’t be the centre of everything yet, only juan mata and Pogba can do. I’m not talking about Bruno’s position but his role

  • comparing lewan to ronaldo like comparing roy keane = CR7 to Lewan = matic

  • i bet donny not playing cause ole thinks he will make mcfred look bad

  • Van Basten best striker of all time End of

  • I thought Filippo Inzaghi was the best at the time But I'm a yank so I didn't see the premiere league until 92

  • a player who can play 6 and 8 is more or less a B2B

  • donny has to start at dm donny can play 6 but to get best from him he needs play as 8

  • Drinking game: One shot everytime Levan says"And What Not" haha

  • Love the show guys can’t wait for the football ⚽️ tomorrow

  • The reason everyone is worked up with Donny not starting is because the other midfield options have not been that good.

    • That’s not the reason..the reason is Donny is that good enough to be in the starting eleven 90 or 80 percent of matches..he just got what it takes 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Batistuta should have been a red!

  • 5 minutes with Fred and Ronaldo will scream at Ole to get Donny on the pitch! 😁

  • Can Dalot not play 6?

  • ole will field 10men over playing DVB

  • dont quit ur day job for comedy.

  • Leven (Levan? Sorry not sure how you spell it) said he doesn't know where people want Donny to start. I want him in the pivot with Matic and Pogba on the left. Greenwood or Sancho on the right.

    • @jaishu123 sorry didn't realize Rashford would be playing tomorrow? And one of Sancho or Greenwood can start on the right like I said and the other can come on as a sub in the second half for Matic probably. Once Matic is subbed then you just have Donny and Pogba in the pivot, Sancho on the left, Greenwood on the right. I don't know why you're talking about wasting Rashford when he's out for another few weeks atleast.

    • That wastes two of Sancho/Greenwood/Rashford.

  • This season's team is different to last year and you guys are not adapting. Last year the CB pairing was weak and it required the two DM's... but this year we have Varane so we don't need both pivots to be defensive. So if Newcastle hits us on the break, let the defence do their job and we concentrate on transition, tempo and attack.

  • VAN DE BEEK the one that got away quality over quantity aka mcfred!

  • At the end of the day, it's all down to Ole. We can talk all we want about Donny, but ultimately it's pointless if Ole's narrow mindedness will only ever see him as a one dimensional player. And the only way Donny can ever change Oles mind, is if he gets REAL game time... and I don't mean cup ties with a 2nd string team, I mean a decent run of games in the 1st team. What drives the majority of us mad, is that if a guy like Fred can keep his place after shocking performances... why can't Donny get a go???

  • No!

  • Ronaldo lower rating than lewamdowski is a fking joke

  • Give donny the 6 next to pogba

  • Let Donny go then, poor bloke he is a great player!!

  • We are making to much of this number 6 position. We haven’t got a specialist so they all need to chip in!

  • I genuinely think he would be a brilliant number 10. And should be given time

  • Ole would rather start Mike Phelan than Donny! If we dont win anything this season and leak silly goals, bring in Wazza as our manager! Ronnie and Wazza - WOOOO!

    • Dnt forget legendary pink boot jones.

  • Donny will tear it up at any other club. We need a new manager to get the best out of donny

  • All this talk of a 6 or an 8...I remember a time when they were classed just as central midfielders

    • @Roger Benjamin well said. All this talk of a pivot annoys me as well. I miss the olden days of a good old traditional 4-4-2 🤣

    • it's the games... too much football manager and not enough football. Everyone's a top class coach /manager /analyst, some without having ever kicked a ball. Someone commented on a previous TUS video that "the game has changed a lot in 20 years, it's become more technical." So the likes of Zidane, Beckham, were less "technical" than current players in the opinion of the poster. There are only so many things you can do with a football during a game, and they've all been done. My personal opinion is that Donny is a natural 25. Numbers are meaningless. People forget that Paul Scholes was actually a striker. He was forced to play deeper because united had better strikers than him. Everyone wants to buttonhole players these days. Again, too much FM.

  • Didn't anyone actually heard donny say he started out playing as a 6 sitting and his coach converted him to move further forward Or maybe I was hearing wrong

    • You were not hearing wrong

    • @T100MILLZ * Not sure about that. If our back pair is fine with them noth going forward, then sure. But the thing is, he works in the Everton game because Matic stayed back. So I'd prefer Donny with Matic, but if Pogba were to be willing to play deep and switch around with VDB on who's playing deep, maybe it could work

    • @Bre Kumara Yes with Pogba 🙂

    • yea, ten hag made him a 10. he started as a 6 with de jong. the thing is donny didn't say he can play a 6 *by himself* , he said he can play a 6 *with the way we play* which mean he can play a 6 in the pivot. just like ole said, 6 in a 2.

    • @Alan Koh true😂

  • Feel sorry for Newcastle. They are like sacrificial lamb 😂🤣

    • They are not “like”. They are.

  • Donny at 8, pogba left, sancho right. Forget Rashford for a while, just give donny a run of games

  • Agree Ronaldo hasn't dropped off. But I have a feeling Ole is going to make it look he has this season.

  • Donny ain't getting any game!

  • Martial won't get game time so he will leave. Jlingz will leave cos he ain't signing a new contract. Cavani goes. Pogba will leave, Matic and mata retire probably. Donny if he doesn't get game time might leave too

    • Time to get Hannibal game time once mata n JLingz are gone ! No need to replace martial with elanga waiting to tear it up :) hopefully we get a ready Garner next summer to replace Matic. Club will have to cough of the funds for another attack minded midfielder to replace Pogba , Donny will stay when he seems Pogba n mAtic go.

  • Mc tominay, VDB and bruno in midfield with pogba at right wing would be best midfield option

  • Ole out for treatment of dvb

  • Donny deserves a better chance

  • “The night before CRIStiano” 🧀 never change Mark

  • scary thing was ole was talking about possibility of mctominay involving soon,,the guy just had surgery,,,give him a break,, he totally ignore donny as a player as a person

    • Yeah Mctominay and Rashford should not play until fully healed in a number of weeks from now.

  • Id love to see a midfield of bruno pogba and bruno. All that attacking ability, might as well win by just outscoring the other team, although i do feel our defence can definitely hold its own now

  • Let me back on Mark, I do anything.

  • pogba is obviously better than donny, i hope we're all on the same page here

  • We need Jorginho type of player. Who is closer to him Donny or Fred. Donny as a no. 6