VIVA RONALDO! SIIUUU Man United 4-1 Newcastle | LIVE Fan Forum

Birt 11 sep 2021
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  • How Donny gets used this season will be interesting, but i agree he either needs to adjust his position to or be resigned to only starting certain games (or in case of an injury to Bruno/Pogba). Not sure whats gonna happen to Martial and Lindelof though, dont see them getting much time either..

  • Jay on Lingard is so funny

  • Panel on form 🙏

  • Alex I’ll say this till I’m blue in the face Alex is the smartest and has the best ball knowledge of anyone on United stand (not to say others are bad jays is good aswell and leven)

  • Bigger picture lads. We need Donny when Pogba leaves us. We all thought it would be this summer!!

  • I really think VDB and all the other buys are to eventually replace Pogba. He's going either January or next summer

  • Its actually SIUUU......meaning yessss

  • Your right Levin move on,because as far as I'm concern ole does not rate dvb best he moves on

  • Alex logic “he hasnt had enough chance but you have to take your chance” about donny how do you do that if you dont get gametime to find a rhythm especially in the prem its a whole different level you need time to adapt

  • Alex is so annoying man

  • So are turning down on sancho?

  • How can Donny take a chance when he gets 5 mins at the end of a game. Lingard has his whole career to show managers he should be a first team player and yet hes still at the club inspite of what hes shown.

  • Ever since then, you make fans 🤭

  • Sancho is a rw not a lw

  • Sancho will live on the bench like olly did

  • You numpty it's zuuuuui

  • Woke up this morning with a big smile - first thought: Wow! He's back home. Am 66 years old and feel like a teenager again. Thank you Ronnie !

  • A good win.. Meanwhile the midfield looked unbalanced.. Matic/pogba & fernandes to slow IMO.. Needs to get that right ASAP.. Greenwood & sancho both had off days..

  • My god how I've missed watching Ronaldo drive forward with the ball in a United shirt! It truly is a thing of beauty.

  • Everyone blames Mason when the right side is lacking, AWB is the problem on the right


  • suuuuuuuuuiiii

  • I have seen Man United win champions🏆🏆🏆 league under Sir Alex... I feel this team needed a leader like Ronaldo... Just give my man the captains band and vice captain to Bruno

  • Siiiuuuuuu

  • Love this show. It still feels like dream seeing CR7 in a red shirt. This is the happiest time since Fergie left.

  • Alex and Leven talking about Donny like he plays every game and analyzing his positioning, the guy has not been given a chance, don't analyze something that can't be. I personally got irritated with both these guys. Mark I hope you can see that bad reaction in the comments with what these guys are talking.

    • Don’t try and grass to the boss man that’s 💩. I actually strongly agree with you about Donny but like it or not, there are fans out there who aren’t behind him

  • Alex says Donny never get a chance but at the same time he has to take his chance. Gime some of that stuff you smoking Alex

    • Exactly. How is getting on for the last 5-10 minutes getting a chance. Donny played with Matic pre-season and it worked and would work in most games in the league

  • I swear united must go for another sporting player PALHINHA. Thats what we need and problems will be solved. Simple as that! Nice show guys.

  • Alex definitely a 🤡

  • What is sabitizer doing there in your show? I thought he joined bayern

  • SIIII-FECKING-UUUUU indeed lads! How can anyone doubt him is beyond me.

  • For me it was the Best 5 mins that I saw Donny play. He had some sense of urgency on him that I didn’t see before. He will play more this season. I can really see him play more minutes.

  • Who is this prat in the bottom right? He is always here and always saying the most absurd nonsense. I’m convinced he has never watched a game. The man is still going on about Donny being only a replacement for an attacking mid position. These anti-Donny at 6/8 people will never go away. He’s also sitting there claiming Donny has had chances and hasn’t grabbed them! I also don’t understand why Levan judges Donny about his positioning when Ole is literally having him do that! You’d be asking him to not follow directions if you wanted him to sit when Ole has not told him to sit, and then he’d never play again.

  • I see Donny playing a lot more this season, as long as Ole gives him chances; be that against the Norwichs and the Brentfords of the Premier League, or against the Boys of the Champions League, or even in the cup matches; remembering that he can start any of them, so that Bruno rests, or he can come on as a substitute for any of the three midfield positions he can play in, or even the wing (in the case its needed). Will Ole do this? I think so; we just have to sit and see - this is going to be a long and exciting season, lads.. Glory Glory, Man United!

  • Relax people, we beat a poor Newcastle side. Many more tougher tests coming up. We struggled for long periods in the game to break em down, but managed to get a convincing win in the end

    • Last season our problem was the poor team, not big team

  • Does everyone see Jay trying to product place elverys on his jeresy??? Lol Jay trying to get a few quid advertising 🤣

  • Alex is right, donny can only play where bruno or pogba are, he isn't a holding midfielder. Ole watches him everyday in training and obviously ain't cutting it

    • gareth coney that’s my point though. It took a while for Greenwood to get a starting place in the team. Even though Dan James was terrible

    • @JoshStaines169 no that's not right, Mason is known to be the upcoming superstar through the club for a long time . Dan James just runs more.

    • Ole also didn’t think Greenwood was a better option than Dan James till mason kept scoring in the lockdown period. Ole don’t always know best

  • Its lit🔥

  • There is absolutely no justification for what ole does to donny, Alex saying donny has to take chance, whenever he played he has played well and for "prime zidane" Talk, our players doesn't play that consistently...

  • People trying to justify ole for not picking donny, don't want to talk about not allowing to leave... This thing about further up the pitch, he was asked to play there after coming for bruno, if that's the argument, the way he played in that everyone game, wolves game that he can play in 8,pogba was brought to midfield just to not play van de been...

  • Really like goin on tangents don’t ya Leven. You talk too much mate, reel it in ay

  • Mason is our starboy the best not only young 19 year old but the best two footed player in the world

  • I think lindelof need a partner than Maguire

  • Very good win today, CR7 is the 🐐❤️, N,castle’s low block had Utd struggling to break down at time but Superstar CR7 had other ideas😜❤️ Bruno scores a worldie screamer & Jlingz scores too, a effective CDM like Bissouma, Neves or Ndidi wins Man Utd the premier league title > great atmosphere @ The theatre of Dreams ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • The legend Jay should be in charge of the show brah, experience and all. We are top of the league. ❤️ we are not yet the finished article, imagine when we are. Scary I say. 💪🏆❤️

  • Sancho was good today. Best on pitch 1st half.

  • Put some respect on lingards name he a bad boy watch when he gets his confidence up everyone will change their tone

  • Hard for Donny to take a chance when he doesn't get them...

  • I understand Alex point about rashford and sancho maybe rashford is better am not to sure but I don't greenwood and rashford could play I because both wants to score goals more than creating and ronaldo will suffer from that

  • Alex just had to spoil the fking mood by that lingard debate. Stop being deluded about lingard

  • Why is Alex waffling. Talk about todays game not comparing sancho and rashford, its irrelevant. We are one team.

  • I am gonna laugh so hard when Sancho proves the doubters wrong. Only his 2nd start and I can already see massive improvement. Wait and see

  • We still can't breakdown low block teams like newcastle tdy down. Utd kept passing from side to side and it's clear that we're screaming for donny in this kind of match. Ole is still clueless for bringing lingard on instead of donny and 5mins of playtime for donny is a fking disgraced

  • Karma strikes their keeper for wasting time

  • Karma strikes for their keeper

  • Lingard still have to go and matic was so poor, he got turn by saint and almiron and have no chance of recovering back. Basically they left matic dead

    • Agreed.. He's way to slow to recover the ball.. Be glad to see mactominay back.. Also AWB is absolutely awful on times.. Hope they get trippier in or play Dalot..

  • Is Cristiano from another planet? Ghooosh.... Am will be waiting for one moment to give my conclusion that CR7 is a football Alien.

  • Newcastle keeper backed Ronaldo to score

  • Wow its Newcastle at home 🤭🏆

  • Viva Ronaldo!!!!!

  • Siiiiiuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Vanderbeek came on as a number 10 that's why he's further forward the

  • I'm 30 secs in the show and already can see the guy on steroids think he is smart. Where have I seen adrenaline being confused for confidence? May have to take the pencil and paper out to look smart.

  • Good win midfield needs to move the ball more quicker

  • How is leven looking at Vdb position in this game while he literally came as a ten and btw Donny literally said his first position was as a defensive midfielder. Then he was moved in Ajax. He can easily do the defensive job. He doesn’t need to evolve into it. He knows the job!

    • And yes he said those exact words, not “ only a six going forward”

  • This is awesome

  • I saw the LEGEND himself score at the Stretford End today on his debut....welcome back Jessie.

    • That was a well written misdirect. But, it does ring with a bit of truth. Viva Ronaldo, Big up Lingardino, Glory Glory Man United!!

    • 🤣YOU LEGEND! 🤣

    • 😂

    • Ye,thats y he wouldn t leave and gain the club 25 mil,so next year he leaves for nothing and gains a huge wage due to no transfer fee,club legend alright

    • 😂

  • Disagree with the majority on bringing in Lingard over Donny to win a game. We have top high quality goalscorers in the team with the likes of Ronaldo, Cavani, Rashford, Martial and Greenwood. However, if you cant finish a team within 90mins, in Man Utd case, most of the time it was due to our inability to break the opposition defence down. Bringing in Lingard wont change anything because he's not the kind of player to play in tight spaces and create chances for our goalscorers. But Donny can create more chances for our goalscorers to score goals.

    • Man you couldn't be more right. He just gave the winning assist to the opposition team, get rid of him...!!!

    • This game though, Ole made the right decision!

    • i agree

  • Thank you bro for defending Lingard for once. It's okay, the transfer season is over... he is our player so let's just back him to do well for the team

  • No, fans want to see what VDB can do. He may be crap, but he can't be worse than McFred. Nobody thinks zidane is sitting on the bench.

  • A few seasons ago, Graeme Souness and Jamie Carragher said Man Utd can no longer attract Big Names! Viva Ronaldo! Varane! Sancho! Bruno! Pogba! Cavani!

    • @The Batman Channel 🤣🤣

    • @Jack Frost keep laughing but he be spitting and you know this already 🤷‍♂️

    • @JA Adji 🤣🤣

    • Ole has made Man United attractive again for big names

    • To be fair they were right at the time. There was a time when United went in for a player and it was a given that the player would jump at the chance of coming more often than not. Two, three, four seasons ago that definitely was no longer the case and was exasperated by our dismal transfer department ie Woodward and Judge. Our team was slowly diluted of big names and so obviously didn't look like an exciting team to join. However slowly but surely Ole has rebuilt that and now we really do have a formidable squad. We will attract many more players now without a doubt.

  • This team should win the league even if you think Ole is the worst coach in the world it doesn't matter, people don't realize how great this squad is

  • This Jay guy has serious issues, so needlessly aggressive, sexist, talking about testicles all the time, I bet he has a small package and he can't live it down

  • I felt like saying well done to ogs for not picking fred but then i remembered he couldn't

    • He could have picked Fred, suspension for the Brazilian players was rescinded, he was on the bench!

  • Can they replace Alex with Adam please

  • Drop Bruno for pogba lol

  • Sancho will be better than rashford

  • Believe me or not donny is the key to unlocking are season a highly intelligent player one caveat does are manager sea it I hope he does

    • VDB's losing percentage was highest around all Man United midfielder last season, what's logic he can be a key this season?

  • Jesus Christ Levins voice is unbearable

    • He sounds like Chef from South Park

  • pogba was playing the regista role and was creating from deep and controlling tempo of game that’s why he had 93 percent passing accuracy

  • Ole is not a manager

  • Lingard is at his best as a center attacking midfielder. Dont get lingard play as a winger.

  • Donny needs to leave. Ole has no plans to play him.

    • VDB's losing percentage was highest around all Man United midfielder last season, that's why Ole so carefully to play him

    • Sad but true.

  • Levin dvb came on as a 10 today.. U want him to be deep in mdf? Matic was further fwd then Pogba today but do you criticise him for being fwd? If Donny play in a 6 with instruction to stay back I'm sure he will do that.

  • Bruno will suffer a bit, because Ronaldo will be in the attacking areas to pick up rebounds, that Bruno might have got??? Without Cr7, there wasn't a real goalscorer, so Bruno pushed up, and did the strikers job. Now, we've got a real striker.....

  • Sancho is going to flop. Hes offered nothing the last few games

  • From what I saw of Sancho in Germany he was running into a lot of empty space. Teams in England tend to sit deep, defenders are a lot stronger in the PL too.

    • Sancho is a baller. He will be fine.

    • i think he was creative and scared newcastle

    • He also didn’t play inverted there. At Utd he calmly cut and shoot cuz that’s what ole likes. He can’t beat a defender if he’s playing on the wrong flank and wrong footed.

    • I think james had the sane problem

  • If United sign bissouma in January, they could win the league.

    • @James Pringle a one legged cow is better than Fred

    • @Lee Mcdermott better than fred

    • @James Pringle Matic ain’t good enough

    • I feel like we won’t mate :/

    • neves

  • Why does Jay keep tensing up 🤣🤣🤣

  • I dont think its controversial that Rashford is better than Sancho on the left. Rashford is quicker and stronger than Sancho.

    • @Don Tynan Yes, but Ole doesnt want to drop Greenwood now that CR7 is here. I suspect this will continue till Rashford is back and Martial will be sold.

    • Wasn't Sancho bought to play on the right?

  • He wasn’t inform plus substituted

  • 20:05 Sancho needs time to settle in and quite frankly CR7's arrival should lift the pressure on him...Greenwood is a generational talent and in good form but he's not better than Sancho on the right...he won't create as much as Sancho is capable of at his best and I also don't think he can take on defenders like Sancho can...we need players than can breakdown defenses and as good as Greenwood is he doesn't do that...long term Greenwood needs to be up top.

    • Absolutely right. Sancho is better on the right

    • Don't assume sancho will be able to express himself in the prem like he did in Germany, just look and see how slow he looks compared to at Dortmund,Greenwood is way ahead of him right now.

  • Thank you Manchester United to have turned Ronaldo into the best player of all time. From Portugal! 💚🇵🇹

  • Good combo

  • cavani with his movement and ability to creat pace would be lethal next ronaldo tbh.

    • work*

    • @joka619 ronaldo likes to get deep too as he likes to demand to get a ball.mybe two striker can wok.idk it's up to ole

    • @shahril misri Cavani does a lot of runs if you notice whilst ronaldo likes to come short, so could be a deadly pair. Centre backs can keep both out. Would like to see ole try this out a few times. We only need two midfielders what with varane covering now. Plus if we kee pressure up top we have less to worry back going backward.

    • @joka619 i think cavani and ronaldo would attack the same tbh if someone deliver a cross in

    • @Jay Yh but our current wingers are inverted and only shoot e.g. rashford, sancho, Greenwood and martial. Other than sancho they are all wannabe strikers. And sancho is playing on the left so he has to cut in. He can’t cross on left. He should be playing right but ole prefers Greenwood on right so he can cut and shoot. Atm the only players who cross are shaw, sometimes awb and pogba if he plays wing. And Bruno only shoots.

  • Do People think we played good today?

    • @Lee Mcdermott it was brilliant

    • @James Pringle first half was shite overall our play wasn’t brilliant

    • 70 percent possession and score line 4-1 playing a low block team is a good result

    • Yes

  • September 11th has a whole new positive meaning now 💯😂

  • Manchester United = Box Office


    • Np

  • So gutted. Arsenal won

    • It's good tho cause the longer they have arteta the more likely they will be relegated