ADAM! THE RONALDO SHOW! Man United 4-1 Newcastle | FAN VLOG

Birt 11 sep 2021
Man United 4-1 Newcastle


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  • Agree 100% can you imagine if Fred had been playing instead of matic, would have been different result.

  • A great honest review Adam and i totally agree with everything you mentioned.

  • There is a feel good factor around Manchester United now for the first time in many years.


  • Adam's bodyguard looks mean 💪

  • What’s Phil Foden doing there on the right? 😂

  • 64% possesion and double the shots = not controlling the game? Say what?


  • Spot on Adam. Honest & sincere...hard to argue against your Ricky's are head & shoulders above your peers at the United Stand. Adam Matich returning to the United Stand is like Ronaldo coming home...Goldbridge best (re)signing this summer 👏

  • He's spot on with everything he says here. United still aren't controlling games. It was a slight improvement on the Southampton and Wolves games with Matic providing a bit more cover in midfield and driving the team forward but still it was a 50/50 game for large parts. United really do need to sort out the DM and Pogba isn't great playing deep no matter how many times it's tried. And on Wan Bassaka, I agree. It was extremely frustrating watching him. He had so many opportunities to cross the ball, so much space, no one was even closing him down and times and every time instead of getting to the by line and putting a cross in he just turns around of passes inside. It's not bloody difficult to just whip a cross into the box but he seems incapable of it. It's concerning. Sort RB and DM and United have the best team in Europe.

  • Longjepardy? Sounds about right in Ronaldos case. A new form of longevity.

  • 64 to 36 percent possession, 21 shots to 12 shots but not in control of the game?

  • Ole needs you on his side

  • You literally spot on with that

  • we won 4 - 1 Jheez. You might as well be the manager then

  • End of the day we got the win not like in the past more to come from Manchester United we should be excited with the potential of team I say next year for the League with CDM ASAP coming in make or break for Ole 10 years in the making

  • Adam said there was no speed in passing? Pogba had 112 passes wtf

  • United fans don’t understand Football. This is the EPL. There are no easy game.

  • People just don't understand what we are up against. City and Chelsea will win almost every game. They will blow past teams like this with ease, controlling the game and not breaking a sweat. We have an excellent squad but in today's football, the winner of the PL will have to win most of their matches and get close to 100 points. We are nowhere near that.

  • Ronny won the game Bruno sealed the deal! Our Two Portuguese Magnifico! Batman and Robin

  • Totally agree with everything you said adam 👏

  • Great summary - talked a lot of sense

  • I dont agree with not controlling the game, we were not bright in first half but we had the ball and we were patient with an opposing team parking the bus. AWB needs to step up,and Ole deserves a little respect, what kind of football do u expect this is not a farmers league.

  • Adam is whining too much. Liverpool and City don’t bulldoze every opponent either.

    • As memory fades everyone seem to remember all SAF games as exciting with full tempo and goals or chances every 5 minute. When the opponents parked the bus they were just bombarded with chances.


  • Agree on all this Adam, especially the AWB point.

  • I'd liked to have seen Dalot get a chance in this game.

  • Struggling against a low block when we won 4-1. Alright

  • SOOO frustrating watchin AWB! Get DALOT ON!

  • Hey Adam

  • Well said Adam fair assessment of United at the moment

  • We badly need an elite manager and elite coaching staff

  • Couldnt have said it better myself adam, u spot on.

  • I agree with dalot for Awb, but luke shaw all day over telles.

  • Wasn't the best game we've played but have to remember that this team is new and will only get better from here

  • Remember fergies last title, we just outscored teams, we keep doing that the title is ours.

  • So much gurning. About 75% is nonsense. Ole's tactics weren't the issue. The issue is the exact thing everyone knows, the midfield balance is crap due to personnel available.

  • People forget sancho grew up playing left wing with city and played there with Dortmund he got put right wing with Dortmund and thrived but he can also play left wing very well

  • Jezz us christ we played Newcastle at home only broke them down the last 25 minutes because they were 2-1 down October November fixtures will sort the men from the boys maby we will get a real manager off santa claus

  • I disagree with the points about not controlling the game and being lethargic. You saw attack vs defense today, we were trying to open them up while not forcing the issue.. Every counter attack we conceded today was because of us trying in their half, in their box and turned over the ball. Today we outplayed them in every aspect. Of course it won't be comfortable because we are committing numbers forward in attack which means that we're exposed in defense with a long pass. The game could not have been entertaining free flowing football if one team sits in their box.. Patient Possession ball game was the only way around today and we executed perfectly. It's never the amount of chances created because we tried, it was about the one's taken.. We won 4-1 controlling the game..

    • Exactly with low blocks patience is key not being on the front foot as if it's a training game

    • 100% correct. We need to get sober with our expectations.

  • Good

  • with or without Ronaldo we still win

  • Eventually they will realise a low block doesn't work anymore, the lines will come higher. Our ariel threat has tripled with Ronaldo and varane matching maguires "salmon esque" headers. The future looks bright. Siiiuuuuuuuu!!!

    • @Douglas Walters Sanchos a flop already? Get a grip ffs

    • @marakus 1991 Sancho is another bundesliga flop. Does nothing. No end product. Shaw is the only hope for decent crossing tbh. AWB is laughable.

    • @Douglas Walters luke Shaw, Jadon Sancho??? Give it half a season brother

    • The aerial threat is rendered impotent by the skill and frequency of Man Utd’s crossing.

    • Your right mate would live to see more crosses going in too

  • Why people hating on Ole still. I really don't understand it anymore. He is a great manager

    • @walata11 to me ole didn't make subs because in this mind there wasn't any. Now we have starters on our bench like City and Chelsea. Now is the time to back the manager

    • He isn't actually great manager .

    • @Daniel Yoo I see your point. In my opinion we should back the players and the manager 100%. No room for negativity

    • I won’t technically call him a great manager, but he is working hard to bring back belief to this club.

  • Spot on for AWB, I think Dalot needs to play these type of low block games and AWB against more willing teams

    • @Al Parillon it's called favouritism mate, just like some certain Brazilian 🤣

    • @Ideozu Blake you're right, I really don't know how he can't see that.

    • Not happening under Olé bar an injury I’m afraid. If Olé recognized his deficiencies like most, that would be the case.

  • Sorry I seen united under Ferguson playing crap against the low block but sorry did we win Adam cheer up we won

    • The PL nowadays is far more competitive than when SAF was around. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES

  • Good times had by all!

  • Watched it live Adam.. great result didn't see this till I woke 6am here in Aus... really enjoy everything u say .... I still.think Cavani took the 21 shirt for a reason ... No 21 coming up ... cheers and thank you ..

  • Except Man City everyone struggles against low block. What’s wrong with winning with a individual brilliance?

    • @Douglas Walters say what you want about ole, but I remember Phil Jones, Chris smalling, Ashley Young, fellaini, Alexis sanches were all in our starting lineup. Now we have maguire, varane, awb, bruno, sancho, and ronaldo. Mourinho didn't bring those players, ole did.

    • Because individual brilliance is not a consistently viable strategy of winning a league, especially one as competitive as the PL. Ole is a fraud.

  • Glazers out mob have all gone quiet.

  • Whys Phil Foden there 😭😭

    • Manchester is Red 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴

  • That strip is so much better than all the ones we have now

  • 💯 sense by Adam

  • Mistakes aren’t good in football but criticizing

  • Watching Matic imperceptibly moving to his left over 10 mins. Good video, thanks for the summary


  • Of course Ronaldo would last 90 min. How could anyone belive anything else?

    • They treat him like a geriatric old man. He played the 2nd most amount of minutes for Juve last season and played for Portugal at the Euros. He is fully capable of playing 40+ games per season.

  • Spot on again Adam

  • pogba was playing the regista role and was creating from deep and controlling tempo of game that’s why he had 93 percent passing accuracy

  • Still waiting for it to click , Matic to slow still a CDM needed..!!!

  • spot on adam

  • Adams a legend

  • Adam imagine if we had a manager and coaches who knew what they were doing ,my my the sky would be the limit I will say it again and again Ole is not up to scratch ..massive improvements are need in training …and in tactics .

    • @walata11 meh, should have won the title by now then.

    • @Daniel Yoo ole isn't a factor its just vibes and individual brilliance.

    • @Daniel Yoo Ole is just vibes bro. Nothing else. No tactics at all.. what happened to the 4-3-3 he got the job with? Hahaha

    • Nope, we don’t have this squad nor this culture and DNA without Ole. You can have all the plays on the board but no belief. Ole is a factor

  • Finally someone speaking some sense, we move the ball in snail like speed. There is no one-touch football and after a player have passed the ball he doesn't follow it up with movement. Im worried for the future under Ole as we cant win the biggest trophies just relying on individuals making the difference all the time. Sure our forward line will give us a lot of points because of individual brilliance but over a whole season it wont be enough to finish as champions

  • Sancho will play on the right when Rashford comes back on the left. Even if Ole doesn’t do it now due to whatever reason.. he will do it then as he won’t bench Rashford … AWB needs to take less touches or we need Dalot in depending on the game

  • Good to see some realism, was at the game and the tempo is still too way too slow, we just have a ridiculous forward line that can put any team away

    • We look better with Matic in field though, gives us a better balance

    • You move the ball quicker , doesn’t mean you have to play slow because they sit back, you have to wear them down

    • They were defending deep what do you expect?

  • Love Adam, but come on man we aren’t gonna change our style in one game. It’s gonna come. This actually gave me a massive downer. 😑

    • @Adam Matic TV I understand some of us are just too hyped for Ronies return. And yea we did play like crap, but today all about Ronaldo.

    • U have to listen mate, it's not all about the the goals we have to break the game down. I expect more from this quality team we have mate

  • Ffs what is it with the United Stand. Stop moaning. I get it you’re Ole out but give it a rest. We won 4:1!

  • We are in trouble without a decent Midfield set up.

  • Bloody ell you'd think we'd lost listening to this???

  • I don't agree that without Ronaldo we wouldn't win this game, u need patience built up when a team plays soooo deep, but it's my opinion of course thumbs up on the content

    • Agree... In this Newcastle game, they defended so deep. The deepest i have ever seen from a team. Almost their whole back line were in the box majority of the time. That is hard to have players to run behind the defenders. And when our wingers got by the box, there was no space at all for them to run to or make a pass.

  • Spot on.

  • 100% agreed AWB was poor but i dont hear anybody say anything, he breaks our play so much with his terrible passing

  • Awb need to put more crossing on the box. Since he joins United he looks scared to cross. How a former winger can't even cross regularly

    • AWB does not know how to whip in a cross with pace like Shaw or Ronaldo. All of his crosses are slow and floated or low driven ones.

    • Probably that's why he got converted into a RB as he couldn't cross which is a fundamental requirement to be a winger.

  • So Adam prefers Martial for Sancho 🙆🙆🤦🤦 you don't have a clue about football.

  • I think we lost the match listening to Adam...

    • @Adam Matic TV you were Adam. We barely created any clear chances.

    • Sorry mate thought it was clear and honest

  • Great to see Ronaldo back...unbelievable!!!

  • David de gea world class pass 🔥🔥🔥

  • You talk so much sense , I enjoy watching you along with a few other ie Kev , Beth and a few others 💪🏻

  • Exactly But It's Ole So Sancho Will Struggle To The Middle Of The Season Then He May Play Sancho Back On The Right When Ronaldo Figures He Can Get The Best Out Of Him Where His Strengths Are

  • Expected, you have to want to win & the win, criticizing, w water, till that it’s ok , multiple,

  • Good stuff fella.. Totally agree..👍

  • Whats phil foden doing on the right side of the camera

  • Boys did well!

  • Pogba my man of the match, world player of the year 2021, my Paul.

  • Is matic even better than Fred atm. Fred gets so much stick for misplacing passes and getting past matic was probably worse against worse players than wolves imo

    • Matic is worse than Fred

  • Put Sancho on the right where he plays well and you will get the best out of him. Greenwood can come on as a sub. It's harsh but needs to be done

  • I don't know how you want to win games it's very difficult to play against teams that play with a low block no matter how good a team is they will always struggle to break down such teams. Who said it's easy?patience is key in such games you rush you are punished on the counter. That's the reason we sign such players to come to the party when needed I don't care much about playing patterns those are for fifa2021 and fantasy games

    • @Giorgio B how do you teach players how to break up a low block when everyone is playing behind the ball and very limited or no space to work the ball how we played is how we broke the low block patient build up causing them to make mistakes and exploding in the final third even the best teams struggle to do so

    • Ole's had two full seasons to teach how to break down a low block, which are quick passing, switching the ball and making effective runs. A good manager would have us playing better in two weeks.

    • @Thai Psycho yeah mate if them bloggers don't like the way we play the can go and support man city 4-1is an emphatic result against a well organised Newcastle defence

    • Spot on mate!!

  • Bullshit pal united was never in trouble

  • Sancho prefers the left wing mate

  • Mate we won. That's all that counts

  • Sancho is a disappointment...Viva Ronaldo..

  • People thinking Sancho is only a right winger didn't watch him in germany.

  • Adam is like Roy Keane going crazy in blog.

    • that's Disrespectful too the Irish. Adam ain't no hard ass

  • stop crying adam, get used to winning again

  • ridiculous video wtf

  • Well said Adam. Spot on. We should dominate games like this even more.

    • Wow much better analysis than the so called analysis show / exactly correct that the tempo was so so slow and the overall team performance was mediocre but there are great individuals who came up big / Bissaka is an offensive black hole and Dalot should have come on and should play against any teams that sit in a low block

    • Better analysis than levin!

  • I agree that it’s a flattering score line, but about buying Sancho for the right and using him on the left - don’t be shoehorned into thinking he is only a right winger Adam. He spent more minutes on the left than right at Dortmund last season. He plays just fine on either wings. What he needs is time to adapt to the team, look at Havertz, Pulisic coming over from the Bundesliga. Playing Martial instead, who will tend towards cutting into the center even more than Sancho, wouldn’t have made things better.

    • @Thomas Gundersen pogba from the left against big teams doesn't work though because he doesn't get the time like last season It seems if varane plays, pogba plays in the middle because his recovery pace is great against the big sides

    • @sheik sahib it isn't just the lack of Dm to help Pogba flourish, it's about the space he requires to play his expansive game. Teams afford this space out wide, Pogba thrives on lw. This league is fast pace, high intensity neither suit Pogba game in the middle.

    • @Jake Wilson yeah i agree....they are different type of players who offer different styles of play.....pogba does a really good job in LW but pogba as an 8 is the best....just the lack of a DM is not allowing Pogba to flourish

    • @sheik sahib Pogba is our best LW. Rashford should only be playing LW when there is space in behind

    • @sheik sahib This is like saying. If Bruno is world class he would not been benched at the Euros. Pogbas two best games this season, Leeds and Southampton. Both from the left.

  • For a low block and a team that does not offer much going forward maybe Dalot and Donny would be better than awb and matic. We have a big squad with different qualities so use it

    • @Deshaun Mckenzie you probably haven't watched dalot since Mourinho's last season. He has improved massively defensively

    • Your right. For a low block. We could have absolutely gotten crosses in tactics from shaw/sancho/dalot. Just put in crosses in to disorganise the defense. But sadly no crosses. Even low crosses will do. We would also have ronaldo at the end of it and if cavani was there it would have been good against this low block.

    • Certain games require certain type of players and playing against a low block AWB will struggle needs to improve his composure

    • If only we had a manager who was that smart. AWB and Matic are useless against a low block. Dalot, Telles and Donny are perfect against low blocks. Then putting Pogba forward and Donny with Matic/Fred/McTominay to control the tempo. But he is obsessed with AWB, Bruno in the 10 and Matic.

    • Dalot could not have managed maximin

  • Can we have Zidane please. Ole should be placed in director of football role instead. He does get good players in but poor in tactics.