Cristiano RONALDO Will START! MARTIAL's Last Chance! Man Utd News

Birt 8 sep 2021
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Man Utd will start Cristiano Ronaldo against Newcastle as he steps up his training and Anthony Martial faces a difficult season to impress Solskjaer. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. NEW Last Dance Hoodie HERE

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  • Pogba plays as CDM for france, it means nothing that martial played for france, just the same as Fred doing well for Brazil. Even rubbish players have a good game once in a while. Consistency shows the men from the boys. They still have some growing up to do for me.

  • It would’ve been a brilliant decision to do a promo video with Ronaldo and Fergie like Mark was talking about. The nostalgia effect alone would have huge impact.

  • Martial is garbage.

  • United need to sign mark for video ideas 💡

  • Did Mark say he is a better driver than LH??!😂🤣😢

  • Rashford > Martial

  • You think Martial has had a better career at United than Lingard???? 😂😂😂😂

  • Sancho obviously came to play on the right.....

  • Test

  • Good video...martial is a good player

  • I dont think our no6 is at fault for the slow tempo. I think its Oles tactics that slow us down.

  • If linguard thinks he should be starting, that's on ole for not putting an earlier damper on that.

  • Can easily see our French and Portuguese players start their own inner circle at the club. They are our most talented players. Real recognize real.

  • Mister Greenwoods who are you do you have you Cristiano Ronaldo shirt

  • I love Anthony Martial. At his best... He is INCREDIBLE. If he finds form again... Deadly for other teams

  • Donny in ole out

  • Mark does know that the smiling Cheshire Cat comes from ‘Alisson in wonderland’ doesn’t he?

  • Martial has a huge amount of talent still. We saw what happened with Lukaku. I think you don't just get rid of him, hold him as long as you can

  • martial over rashford all day long, especially with ronaldo,and cavani,,bring greenwood in later outside fullbacks hang back and in a bit, then you have fernades ,pogba and mata. total class

  • Ronaldo’s last dance and Martial’s last chance!

  • martial played crap yesterday what? lmao

  • Cats are so happy in Cheshire because Ronaldo is there 😅

  • Martial ? Does he want us to loose against new castle

  • If Mctominay is our best number 6 then we are screwed 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Ronaldo will start our first champions league game this season

  • The martial butt licking is hilarious

  • People say Form is can't say that if you want to win titles in the Premier League...

  • Why do people think Ronaldo isn’t a very good passer/playmaker? He can deliver very good passes that are short or long and he can pull off a good back heel here and there. He is also good at drawing the defense which leads a winger of full back to have a run and even tho stats aren’t everything Cr7 is like 2nd all time in assists

  • I dont see how rashford fits in with ronaldo dreading his return all rashford does is get hes head down and run into defenders , he does not assist what so ever ronaldo needs ball to feet and crosses in box rashford just not the guy will be like playing with jota he hates it

  • Who's saying give lingard a chance? They both should have been sold in favour of a CDM

  • With Fred banned this is donnys time they are literally letting him play

  • You all need to wake up. Ronaldo will get Ole the sack. Come back here in 9 months- I guarantee it.

  • Manu did not need sancho.

  • Did he just say Ronaldo’s creative side is gone ?😭😭😭

  • After rejecting contract renewal Lingard should be sent to reserves , I dontunderstand what this club is doing , our squad is stacked and Lingard who’s fuckin crap will sit on bench ,get minutes ahead the likes of Donny for example and then leave for free. Honestly I’m starting to hate Ole .

  • Scott is utd current best 6. He has experience. We just don't think he is good at it.

  • Martial needs someone to coach him better... Martial still have many chances especially at the left wing... Cavani has only a year left... CR7 has two years... So, all the young United forward have many chances to learn from Cavani and Ronaldo before they leave...

  • martial has been so inconsistent. But i still wouldn't want him to go i would rather have martial on the bench than lingard.

  • i hope greenwood plays....he's been one of the best players for us so far......without him wolves would have been nightmare

  • Di v b should start in place of fred VD b will shine as soon as possible

  • Must Ronaldo start?

  • Martial should get on okay as he has a friend in high places. Joel Glazer is convinced that Martial is the next Pele.

  • players do need time with the intensity of the prem but Ronaldo had his education in the prem and trained with keane he trained daily with much better players that are in the prem today

  • So you blocked someone's comments because if they don't agree with you they must have fallen on the trap of the media? What are you, 6? Learn to respect others people's opinions! Your time as a cop shows up very clearly sometimes! Way too used to everyone just saying that you are right! By the way i don't live in England and the media don't speak very much about man utd here, and still i think that martial is and always has been lazy and with a bad attitude, i thought berbatov was arrogant and lazy but still he was more functional to the game then Martial. The fact that he's talented makes me even more angry, because if he had ronaldos attitude he could be one of the best players in the world

  • Again the whole footballing world knows CDM is our weakness except Ole. Go figure

  • Mark. You’re a whopper. Don’t call rashford one of your “favourite players” when you slate him EVERY opportunity you get.

    • Dar Mon Hence the surgery..

    • He's deserved many of his slatings he's a good player needs to sort himself out

  • We lost the Europa league final. Remember

  • There's no buzz about Martial...Lingard did more than him last half the time

  • Great news that Fred is banned for the next two games.He should be in the championship instead of the premiership because that's where he belongs.

  • All those past videos of moaning at Ole for allegedly not starting Ronaldo only to shoot yourself down by admitting that Ronaldo will start 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mactominay no.6. What are you smoking mate. He’s a Newcastle, west ham player

  • Love martial bt this has to be his last chance..he is also on mad wages...can't really get rid of him either

  • It's from Alice in Wonderland!

  • Martial is a good talent but he's never shown it consistently for our team. I really rate the player but of he doesn't perform thus season he should be sold

  • I have questioned Martial's commitment to United ever since he refused to join the squad for a pre-season tour of America a few years ago

  • Martial is a talent

  • This Ronaldo rubbish will hinder the younger players not help them, James already gone who is next

  • Mark, your analogy of the #6 being a conductor of an orchestra is spot on. Ole should use Donnie (Johnny) in that role against Palace. He is an intelligent footballer who reads movement, has a good touch and passes quickly.

  • McDonny START

  • How can we even be talking about CR7 starting on the bench? We have fallen so low!

  • Fred to miss the next two games.... DVB or Matic?

  • Who saw that weirdo on sky sports waiting for a picture with Ronaldo he's a fucking stalker

  • I don’t know why we are going on about a CDM as we don’t need a CDM against the smaller teams it should only be in the biggest games. When we are playing against smaller teams it should be 2 x 8s and leave our defence to deal with breakaways.

    • Thats not how football works………

  • Just play VanDeBeek instead of Fred for once as 6 and avoid us heartattacks withh his back and long passes. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE OLE

  • Mctominay was our man of the match in the europa final He’s valued by managers that have football knowledge

    • Mctominay is crap he got MOTM because of his sideway and backward passing

    • Mark just doesn’t like mctomminay 😂

  • I’m sure Fred has something in one of the hierarchy. How does he get away with it, they can show all the clips they want but we know donny is a better player by far

  • Hopefully our fowards can get the ball fast to suit Ronaldo , we can only hope , watching a frustrated Ronaldo will not be a good sign

  • Mctom and Fred would not start in any other French league side let alone epl team The only way we will win anything is when ole goes , imagine any other manager what would they do with this team , the reason we won things with Ferguson is our mid field,,, Wake up ole or get out

  • Scott Mctominay is a proper united player

  • Martial has had enough chances

  • 😂😂😂 we see ya

  • I think we are tired of Martial. So inconsistent and loses confidence too much. Cavani showed him levels at his age and showed us everything martial doesn't have.

  • CR7 better start! People are paying thousands to see him start!

  • What happened to 'Free Speech' to timeout anyone for not agreeing with your opinion is disgusting comrade, you keep saying it's all about opinions, then promptly ban someone for not agreeing with YOU ! Keep The Red Flag flying comrade WTF 👎

  • FRED is not allowed to play in the weekend. Brazil banned all Brazillian players to play this weekend due to PLs restrictions of letting them go to Brazil

  • Matic was diabolical in the draw with Southampton. He literally looked lost, made passes to Southampton players or gave those ins and corners away. He was the definition of a liability that day. Fred the same. The ghost pass to AWB which went for a throw comes to mind. And landing on his ass a few times when it got physical.

  • Just here to mention that Mctominay was far and away man of the match at the 6 against Villarreal. A little harsh to say he’s never impressed there.

    • @Trë Trë he played next to Pogba… held the midfield on his own. Don’t really know what you think a 6 does, but that’s where McTominay played that game.

    • Might’ve been a 6 on paper but didn’t play like one tbf in that game. Was impressive in other parts of the game

  • Free donny

  • Mctominay has to become a 6 as an 8 he has no career

    • He should be a CB as he has no career in midfield

  • Martial did not start while france have 'loads of options' lol. In important games, he is not starting. As much as I like Martial, he should have left utd.

  • Scott and Fred are at a similar level.

  • Scott is a very limited United player .

  • Mctominayy is below average.

  • Scott is at best a bench playef.

  • Now we need a quality CDM like Ndidi.

    • Tofo top pic lol 🤣🙆‍♂️

    • no we don't lol, ole needs to deliver now

  • Fred can't play for a couple games thank god?

  • McTom might not be the best no6 by league standards, but he’s miles better than Fred and Matic right now. I think that’s what people are trying to say

    • I would prefer McTominay then Fred any day.

    • Inclined to agree with that, it’s just you can’t ply him n Pogba in the midfield they both want to run ahead both 100% attacked minded players..

  • I heard that brazil player gonna get ban this weekend. Hope ita fred lol(not like i dont like him or something)

  • Scott might not be a 6 but I'd take him over Fred any day of the week because I without a doubt believe he can't be as shite as Fred. Scott Is better passer of the ball and can get stuck in. It's the coaches' job to make sure he gets the discipline in that position

  • Met who talking about lingard and mata on the left we a putting pogba on the left vdb in the mid that wat we want

  • "Mctominay would struggle to get into most teams in the league" is one of the most deluded comments i have ever heard just shows the disrespect on his name most underrated player we have by a landslide

    • @Manchester United Club he doesn’t even start for Scotland for midfield which proves that mctominay isn’t good enough for any team in PL

    • maybe not most but he won't get into any top6 team. Although i would also like to point out that ole uses him the wrong way so we don't get the best out of him. Would like to see him more of a box to box.

  • Love martial but has to be said he’s now 4th choice striker behind cav cr7 and Greenwood, he’s also 3rd choice left wing behind rash and Pogba - he’s too good to be 3rd or 4th choice anywhere - let him go

  • Donny said on Vibe with Five that he,s working with Carrick on the 6 and he,s Played the 6 before many times with Ajax

  • Nice

  • Can already see it now, Lingard starting despite the contract thing. McFred in the midfield. Greenwood on the right and Ronaldo up top, Ole sat at the side wandering why we aren’t creating chances for him. 2-1 United with a penalty in extra time.

  • Gr888 news.. seems fred cant play because of Brazil's ban.. 🤣🤣🤣

  • People who think Martial at his best is better than Rashford at his best obviously don't remember Rashford at his best. He literally carried us in 19/20 until his injury he was second top scorer in the league and was probably the second best player in the league

  • Dude his is not on form... but he is on a high,, he needs to play more to turn the high into great form

  • VDB starts this weekend I reckon.

  • Ronaldo should start on Saturday and the rest of the team as substitute as they have to get used to training with such a GOAT...