POGBA Solves UNITED Midfield Issue! Man Utd News

Birt 7 sep 2021
Paul Pogba has given Man Utd a huge transfer hint around the midfield and opened the door to the perfect midfield solution. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. NEW Last Dance Hoodie HERE united-stand.myshopify.com/products/l...

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  • GUYS honestly..if we won the next 10-15 games without DVB I bet fans will still be mad angry with OLE complaining about treatment of dvb will those people have a right to be pissed off

  • Arsenal going to get Conte and we will be stuck with ole. Every big club will have world-class manager expect us

  • Tchoumeni really isn't good enough Mark. If Caicedo wasn't he isn't either. Made many mistakes in France game.

  • Tchoumeni really isn't good enough Mark. If Caicedo wasn't he isn't either. Made many mistakes in France game.

  • Normally players end up playing with the youth team, if they speak out. I don't think van der beek will but can't see ole changing tact so quickly either. Ole probably going to ignore him again, at best get him on for the last 10 mins.

  • The audacity to say arsenal would take a cup of tea when you’ve won nothing for 4+ years😂. Also you’d rather a title race than a trophy makes no sense. You don’t get a trophy for finishing 2nd and having a title race. Really stupid comments there

  • ole cant have his cake and eat it making donny vanbeek stay at the club but not giving game time,not letting him go to everton on loan just in case hes a success there

  • I would take Tchouaméni over Declan rice. He looks to have a higher ceiling

  • Donny just not good enough to displace the players ahead of him.

  • There is not doubt in my mind that DVB would be at least as good as Fred… at least

  • Donny would probably start vs Young Boys in the Champions League. I could see him starting cup games more often and being a substitute in the League

  • Manchester United should replace Pogba with Pedri from Barcelona!!!!!

  • Well even if Arsenal don’t win anything this season. They could defo win the championship end of next season looool

  • Van De Beek being ‘blue-ticked’ and watching all these headlines abt a midfielder like he doesn’t exist, has to be the worst. What a wasted talent

  • pogba on left. dvb 6, mctom8

  • We won't win the league....this year. And I can't believe their is even a discourse on the subject. If players can't create for cavan they won't for ronaldo

  • Wish pogba woulda mentioned that like a month ago

  • Who watched klassen play for holland ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  • Truth be told pogba dont care about this club this guy only thinking about himself financially 😂

  • Y not even get bissouma

  • Lol mata is only 32

  • This United Squad is arguably best squad that's only rivaled by 99 & 08 squad which could b argued isn't as good as this!

  • JUSTICE FOR DONNY!!! DONNY DESERVES BETTER...WE NEED TO CHANGE OUR MIDFIELD FORMATION...2 CENTRE MIDFIELDERS, BRUNO AT CAM!!! Pogba can stay central while on the attack (can secure passes overhead!) While VDB and Bruno make forward runs! Its that simple for pete's sake

  • So whoever pogba likes we must buy? Thats the dumbest thing lol paul wants to go to real no matter what happens at utd so we must not beg anyone

  • Clutching at straws Stand

  • It’s simple all ole has to do is give Donny all of mcTom appearances

  • Hate how Ole treats Donny No more excuses this season swim or sink time. How could some fans call Donny average when he hardly plays or giving a chance

  • Why rice?? Don’t get the obsession .

  • Definitely PL over CL. If you don't win your domestic league how can you claim to be the best in Europe. Is anyone saying Chelsea were better than Man City last year. I doubt it

  • Tchouameni is incredible. Long passes tackles .skill. unbelievable. Forget Declan

  • We all could do a better job then Fred. It would not be that hard.

  • better be a mid of donny pogba and bruno atk of mason martial and ronaldo

  • Rice is overrated

  • Why French players want to play with Benzema?! Pogba, Kante, Mpappe…

  • Hahaha,,,,I knw pogba is quality player...bt mark u bow down to pogba..

    • Haha exactly, trying to buy players he likes to convince him to stay is just embarrassing and desperate smh

  • I've said it before Rice is a carthorse

  • Ole kept both varane and sancho on the bech. Ole saying easing players in is bs. Why are other coaches playing the players they bought?

  • He gets paid a fortune. He will survive.

  • Donnys a insurance policy for paul Pogba Just in case he leaves. With one year left on Pogba‘s contract and many people think he’s liable to leave, having Donnie at the club already to just fill in his role is a big part of why they want to keep him

  • with fred and scott and matic i can see why pogba wants to leave not getting best out of a pogba but if we had a ndidi rice or bissouma or neves maybe pogba would of stayed

  • We are a franchise since the glazers came in

  • Lasagne? I see Ronaldo as more of a chicken tikka masala kind of guy.

  • who donny ?

  • I love how mark started to interact with the usual chat again and not only the superchats , gives that coozy livingroom feeling =D

  • I think donny has no place in our team since pogba in, cuz they can’t play together they are the same style.

  • Donny will do better than whoever.not calling out names.

  • Chelsea cant get both players. If they get Rice,we get Tchoameini(butchered his name).

  • This is not going to end well for O.......,

  • He has trained today check united app

  • Just watched it. He trained with the squad.

  • I think donny could do well in cdm

  • Donny said in our CURRENT system he thinks his best position is no. 6 i.e in a double pivot so I don’t think he meant his best position in United will be as a lone no. 6

    • Ahh, good catch. Fair point

  • Ronaldo's will end up telling manager who to buy lol

  • More bullshit

  • Wolly needs to go

  • I can't stand Fred. Would love to see Donny get a chance instead, however, Mark van Basten reckons that Donny is way over rated... What do you believe??

  • Telles CDM!!!

  • Tchouameni is much better than declan rice

  • Ole donny is saying Release me surely you’ve Heard the song ole cmon

  • Give Donny a try at CDM. I’m confident he will do well. This is football and we’re not asking an astronaut to become an accountant 🤷🏾‍♂️.

  • But if he's a good player who would normally get into the international team as long as he is playing regular league games but he's being prevented to from Ole it's so unfair and cannot progress his career, I find it really odd. yet OGS picks his favs who are all average. Lets see what happens between OGS and Ronaldo and ego's, one is the manager of the biggest club in the world and one is the biggest football star in the world and although I agree that no player is bigger than the club, OGS is no SAF.

  • If Donny has been average that would still have him way above Fred and McTominay level. Both of them can only dream of ever reaching the dizzy heights of being average

  • We can play a 4-3-3 without a 6 (two 8's and a 10) cause our back 4 is good enough. Especially if you're playing a high press on defense and ruthless attacking play.

    • @Daneille Louis can't rely on that

    • @Jo Daresh That's why we have Varane. To cover for Maguire's lack of pace. And of course, that's just my opinion.

    • Every top team has a dm. Defence isn't good enough maguire is slow and dives in alot and gets caught out with pace

  • Rice is overhyped by english media. Monaco lad is better suited

  • Why are Man United not going for Tchouameni? He is such a great player.

  • Might be an unpopular opinion but Touameni looks like he's not ready for the English league. Rather pay the price for Rice than an unproven player

  • I was praying we would get tchoumeni before the window closed, he’s the exact type of player we desperately need

  • We know CR7 can take pressure but we should not expect miracles immediately, he will need a few weeks to acclimatise so we should not expect him to be as good as Phil Jones straight away but hopefully he will watch & learn from Jones in training.

    • @Nadir Munoo 😂😂 my feelings exactly

    • I hope that Phil Jones gets in Ronaldos ear and and helps him to learn the ropes. Gives the lad some encouragement and support 😅

    • @Rehaan you triple captaining him on fpl?

    • CR7 hattrick on the first day, Mark my words

    • Maybe 6 months to really get up to Phil's level

  • mark is hilarious, he tried to justify that ole is not a coward by telling us exactly why HE IS A COWARD. STOP BEING BIAS MARK

    • Nah he is just trying not to look like a fool if Ole ends up succeeeding

  • Why would we want to keep Pogba? Performs great one game and disappears for the next 10 games

  • United will waste time behind the rice deal then he will eventually end up at Chelsea then United will pretend they want techimeni then he will end up somewhere else and Tielemans might end up at real

  • Jorginho started as an 8 and is now one of the World's best holding players. Donny can do the same. How on earth can Ole be "unsure" about Donny, yet confident in Fred, McTominay, Mata, Matic and Lingard?! Tchouameni? He's better than Rice and would cost a fraction. Forget Rice ....he's massively overrated.

    • @Ishmaam Sha-Riyad Imam Fred. are you joking.

    • Nah nah our midfield next season gonna be Fred Rice! Treble winning midfield right there

    • Rice would be around 100 miln

  • i watched the game because im french and tchouameni was class

  • Chelsea chasing Tchuamini? Just how many midfielders do they want?

    • Chelsea tactic: Buy every good midfielder so rivals have a hole in their midfield

  • Interesting the question was asked what if it works... what if it doesn't?

  • I'm loving donny but where does he play if Paul', rash, Sancho an Ronaldo on the field

  • The evidence is there... it's at the training ground, surely? All us armchair critics aren't privy to that evidence.

  • I bet next season utd be like....... Unitedwould like a midfielder but its not a priority..... Theywould like a right back first🤦‍♂️

  • Tchouaméni for Martial swap. Worth the risk imo, unless Martial can revive his career this season.

  • Why Declan , touchmeni is a baller United should sign him

  • You all amaze me. So because Pogba praised someone Man Utd should be all over him. Not saying he’s not a good player but Pogba was only going to praise his team mate didn’t expect him to say any different. Regarding VDB I honestly think Ole wanted to let him go but after that Wolves performance from Fred he changed his mind. I’ve seen Fred play bad but I haven’t seen him that bad.

    • @Manchester United Club maybe you’re right and a lot of managers do that

    • Ole has kept donny for selfish reasons not because he will play him. Ole just wants a squad incase injuries come in that all.

    • @ahk. everybody is better than Fred doesn’t mean they are the quality required. Like I said I’m not saying he’s not a good player but a club like Man Utd will not be all over a player just because he’s praised by Pogba. You all were all over Fred as well when he was doing his thing at Shakhter and City wanted him.

    • the question at hand is, is tchouameni better than fred ? yes he is. so pogba praising him or not has nothing to do with the fact that his a good player and should be looked at by united

  • Why the hell would Utd take advice from a player who could possibly be leaving the club next summer? When are people (including OGS) going to realise that Paul can not play in a midfield two? He will switch off and cost you every game in the position. Look a the Wolves game, we were absolutely dominated in midfield and had no control whatsoever. I don't care whether it's Tchouamemi, Rice or even Kante next to him, Paul is a liability in a midfield two and he always has been from the moment he arrived at the club when he was 16. France have accommodated him in the position by sacrificing wingers and playing Sissoko, Tolisso or another central player wide, tucking in to provide cover when not in possession. Utd don't play that way, and all this talk that Utd want a CDM is bollocks. Ole prefers two all round 8's in midfield, this much is clearly obvious. He's had ample time to buy one and hasn't.

  • Ole has been given enough chances, he’s just NOT good enough. Simple as that. Not Manchester United material

  • Tchoumaeni if that’s how you spell it is much better than rice. Have you seen his stats he is literally off the charts

  • Donny needs a run of games to prove how bad Ole and his coaches are. Fred has had his chance, he can sit for a while, McTomany is a bench player.

    • @walata11 100% correct. The standards of manchester united is not met by fred and mc tominay, i still don’t know how they start game in game out

    • Both Mctominey and Fred are bench players

  • Pogba dreams of playing for real he should have been dreaming about wining things for the team that’s been paying his wages the last few years

  • Donny is a better player technically than both fred and mctominay ,fact

  • I did read that Ronaldo and OGS do not agree on which position is best for him to play for the team.

    • Don't be like Mark and belive every little thing you read in the press. It's bollocks mate.

  • Free Donny!!!

  • Mark if pep was manager Donny could play at CDM as he would have an actual system, if we played possession based football Donny could be used as a 6. He has the attributes to do it. It's up to the coaching staff to find the solution

    • OLE should play 4-3-3, counter attacking De gea, AWB, Varane, Maguire, Shaw, DVB, Bruno, Pogba, Sancho, CR7, Cavani/Greenwood

    • @iman afdar have to have some balance . Useless possession doesn’t work but man city style creates a lot of goals it is way way more effective than constantly giving the ball to the other team

    • @iman afdar Liverpool dominate teams and play entertaining football, City do play good football, they break teams down east which we struggle to do.

    • @Romeo Daley Jr barca pep or city pep? i dont mind possession football i just like direct style more but a team cant play direct all the time like when United play against defensive team or playing an important games. Overall i like direct more for entertainment

    • @iman afdar And what I mean by possession based means we dominate the ball, like a Liverpool, Chelsea city or even a Brighton

  • Only Ole can have a top talent in VDB and think Mcfred are better. Ole and his coaches clearly don't know how to use a player of his quality. So he uses the Duracell bunnies cause they are easier to coach. If we just get a world class manager we would be a better team

  • He's been there for years and all he did was anchor us ! costing games and never earning tis insane salary! You can't say he solves a problem that he created that makes no sense!

  • Jose - Shaw treatment, OGS - DVB treatment. Very similar

    • @Martin Bidmead fair point

    • @Michael Pitchford I agree he deserves more chances, a run with our best players, but I still think it's a long way from how Jose treated Shaw. OGS is never disrespectful, and never blames his players publically, he should get respect for that. Hope to see DVB today:)

    • @Martin Bidmead I said similar. Lol. It's more of his game time & continues to not pick him. I think your wrong in terms of Donny done nothing because alot of goals were created from his build up when he did get game minutes. No you are right, I don't see him training at all but come on, Ole either didn't want him or he doesn't trust him. Hopefully he plays & starts against Newcastle, maybe as a no6. Ole has his favourites though & will be interesting how he rotates.

    • Really? Is OGS calling Donny a brainless useless idiot like Jose basically did with Shaw when he said he needed to be his brain on the side line? Bear in mind that OGS sees what Donny does in every training, you don't. That said, I also want him to get more chances, but he has not been brilliant when given the change (just average).

  • Grealish signed on the Thursday and played on the Saturday, Lukaku signed the Tuesday played on the Sunday. Two world class managers with actual systems got their signings straight in. Wouldn't surprise me if a championship manager at best benches one of the best players in the world because he didn't train with defenders.

  • Madrid is shite now, why does Pogba want to go there..

    • Madrid was worse when Ronaldo went there. Players just want to go there.

  • Ha ha. Ronaldo getting his tracksuit on to go and do training tomorrow. Is it that cold in Manchester ?

  • Stop waffling Markey Boy.

  • In place of fred d v b should play fred t to remove

  • Just put a£100 on Ronaldo to score a hat trick against Newcastle at 18/1

  • Looks like hes not happy and oles telling him off in the pictures.🤣 tension at carrington. Ronny your not starting. I start ole i am no.7 the goat trust i start. No no no ronny you must sit on the bench first im telling you now ronny.