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  • I like the title road trip, must be the shortest trip in history hey Adam ;-)

  • This is

  • It's 4-1!!!!

  • Boring 😴

  • It’s all about the fergie’s boy McTominy. Olé is bending backwards to play him. He plays Fred, so he can help McTominy. I will say no more

  • Today is like an event more than a match so much hype

  • Adam always gets on the point, enjoy his shows. 🔴🔴🔴❤️

  • Love it Adam. Very confident 5-0

  • Let's keep the momentum....the king is home no more mediocre performances...fred fred fred wake up mate

  • My score prediction is 4-1 to Man united

  • I am so up for today's game! My concern is that we look lethargic against teams park the bus. We boss teams like Leeds and the big boys because we get room to play. I couldn't sleep cause I'm so looking forward to this game! 2-1

  • I wouldn't be surprised if Ole didn't start Ronaldo

  • Kev Ashford 2.0, forever in his shadow.

  • 🚫OLE OUT🚫

  • S

  • 4-0 United

  • stop selecting sub standard players for a start.

  • CR7 needs players to feed him the ball. For me, that's Pogba & Sancho. Greenwood and Martial want to score for themselves

    • @jaden bring Greenwood on in 2nd half when Newcastle are fucked and CR7 has his hattrick

    • Martial isn't that selfish but greenwood has to start no matter what the guy has been out best player since the start of the season

  • Great channel, great day for united but this video should've been made before or after driving on a motorway. Making ISprofile videos at the same time as controlling a 70mph tonne of steel is very dangerous for others on the road... as SAF would say: HE COULDVE KILLED HIM

  • Fred should be dropped and Donny given a chance

  • Does anyone else have a feeling he is gonna start lindilof over Varane

  • I just hope Ole gets some credit if he makes the right calls and gets this time clicking & firing on all fronts, can't just be on the players if they win and on Ole if they lose

  • Horrible news 😱😨😰…..Fred is available for selection.

  • Gutted fred allowed to play,if Solskjaer plays fred and not Donny then Solskjaer OUT!!!!!!

  • Fred is available too

  • Has to be a big win today and a decent performance , any other outcome and ole really has to look around him and ask some serious questions of himself

  • Can Fred really play? For me ole can’t change the team the same day as we play.

  • Come on united 3.0 👍🏻

  • Ronaldo needs to grab a mic and stand in the centre circle........"after 12 long years.....FINALLY...the RON has returned to MANCHESTERRRR!!! Smell me?

  • My prediction is a 2-0 win not as confident as Adam but still think we will win the game fairly comfortably. Come on United!

  • Freds penciled in

  • Fred is not awful, just not great. Sums him up, ain’t it?

  • I was wondering how much were the tickets sold ? Prediction 3-0

  • If Ole goes with Fred and Matic again then he must be trying to sabotage himself. They are the worst midfield duo I think I’ve ever seen.

    • You must have never seen Djemba Djemba play for United.

  • With Varane and Maguire in the middle we need to start VDB and Pogba in the double pivot. Nothing to lose and start Bruno, Sancho and Greenwood plus Ronaldo…give it a half and see if defensively we maintain…we want to play higher up the pitch so this makes sense.

  • Welcome home cr7 💥🙌

  • How did we pay 60mil for Fred 😂 buzzing for Ronny return today!!!!!

  • Bruh! Fred is a big hole in the midfield ! Yoo 5-0 is ridiculous to me because Ole has no tactical powress to breakdown teams that sit back and defend . I swear ! United need to sack Ole and bring in a high profile coach !

    • Very good point this won't be like Leeds Newcastle will be tightt

  • Come reds, come on ole get this right and let's treat this game the right way. Destroy!!

    • Love listening to your opinions brother , and great to have u back , u and kev and jay are my favorite to listen to 🥇

    • Glad your you have come back to this channel Adam...your spot on. Hope you stay this time! There's others that have left for various reasons, but your well suited here for sure!

  • Way overconfident myself but I agree with the 5-0 prediction. The floodgates will open within the first 5-10 mins. Anything less will be a let down.

  • Pogba and Fred wouldn’t help United let him try using Donny

  • 6-1

  • Also let’s give a shout out to Brandon Williams today, hope he can help Norwich keep Arsenal on no points at the bottom down in the depths where they belong. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Relegation 6 pointer early doors for Arsenal

    • Battle of the bottom

  • 4 0 united

  • Excellent video Adam. Keep up the good work. Cavani to score a hatrick and then get subbed. CR7 to score a hatrick. 6-0 😁

  • Happy Ronaldo day 😊

  • Love these vids adam. I just have one request if you would always keep eyes on the road just for safety sakes cuz you cant be slacking especially when you upload on internet

  • Everyone get old Trafford early to see Ronaldo presentation before the game..

  • Greenwood to score first man u 4-0 Ronaldo score 2nd

  • I think I’m breathing Ronaldo my family are getting annoyed now

  • 4-0

  • Is the game on BT? heard it isn't on TV

    • @Rob Zombie why tho?

    • Not being shown on UK TV anywhere, legally.

  • You made Southampton team so weak the last time and we drew. So I ain't buying that again 😂😂

  • I think it will be 6 .0

  • 4-1man united

  • So much hype , so many viewers on Old Trafford and imagine if we win just 1:0 😂.

  • Fred free to start, VERY DISSAPOINTING.

  • Let’s gooooooo come on

  • Great video pal!

  • I hope we win 5 - 0 but I dont see it personally. Oles got me deflated so ill just see who he puts out No excuses

  • I'm buzzing!!! Can't wait for the game to start! 5-0 United! Ronaldo hat trick! GGMU!!!

  • I love Adam's road trips

  • I have a horrible feeling Ole’s gonna bench him

    • I won’t be surprised from the clueless

  • No Mctominey today pls

  • We going win 3-0 let go devils

  • Sancho Has To Play On The Right If United Want All That Assists From Him. Greenwood A Sub Cavani Plays In The Middle Ronaldo Starts Plays But I Don't Know Where Pogba On The Left. Bruno No Fred Mactomony And The Rest Is History. And We Should Win Big With The Players We Got Greenwood Will Come On And Score Ronaldo Will Score To I'm Putting It Out There But If Fred Starts It's A Different Game We Will Win Still But

  • Enjoy the match. Lucky to see Ronaldo debut.

  • I totally agree Adam! No more chances, now it´s time to show what Ole is! Lets go REDS!

  • Man Utd 4 - 1 Newcastle

  • Ive deduced from the road trip that adam is either a middleton or heywood lad? Could even be rochdale.. Lol The pain of being a season ticket holder under LVG is now paying dividens.. Big time. Come on you reds!


  • Lingaard to start haha

  • Adam bro, can you get me back on this channel, my channel aint doing so good.

  • Why block donnys move to everton? If i was his manager and he didnt play today i would force a move . Absolutely ruining the young mans career .

  • I WATCHED HIM COME HOME 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • Eyes ont road mate

  • Great point on Fred. If he can only play with Mctominay in midfield he's not good enough. How much more proof do we need.

  • For sure it's a 5 nil

  • Let's goo Should be 4-0 👑🔥

  • Donny better be starting today. Ole can’t keep coming out saying all his bullshit about how good Donny is and not keep giving him the game time

  • Mcsauce and DVDB as the double pivot. Greenwood can play on the left easily. We need a left footed player even though Greenwood can play equally well with his right and left leg. Ronlado up top, implies Pogba on the bench

    • Fact mctomminey and fred are piss poor

    • No Mctominey pls,we need better quality not backwards and sideways passing football.

  • 👹🔰

  • Can't wait for team news

  • My team : De Gea Wan bissaka. Varane. Maquire. Shaw Matic Fernandes Pogba Greenwood. Cavani. Ronaldo

    • Ronaldo is now a No9 he womt play wide.

  • Fred shouldn't play for uniteds good

  • Adam is by far my second fav united stander glad this guy joined the channel

    • Actually i can choose between him and Mark

    • @enfado23 for his age he is a smart lad he's only 19

    • Am loving his analysis mate.....United for life

    • @enfado23 Levin has great knowledge but for some reason i he lacks a bit of personality like this adam and kev and jay

    • Always loved listening to adam I'm so happy he is back to the channel .

  • Got a feeling donny is playing in 6 or 8 with matic

    • This will age a bad way 😂😭

    • Would love to see that

  • The mid field needs to be organised

  • DDG Shaw Maguire Rapha Dalot Matic Donny Pogba Bruno Mason CR7

  • crazy

  • Think Adam got as many Hera tees as me...I hope he's not bought any new stuff ash White fucked Hera up now with cheap Gildan quality

  • Lets go!!


  • Siiiiuuuuuu

  • Excuse now for ole to chance it with VDB. I see VDB and Matic

  • Great videos as always

  • Fred is allowed to start this game. 😩

  • Ole better not pick Fred. St maximin is gonna smoke him

    • @Jeveet Soibam He is allowed to play

    • At maximum isn’t smoking anyone today. Newcastle won’t be able to cope with the atmosphere

    • Fred has been banned

  • We’re gonna win 4-0

  • Donny Ronny need to start