Ronaldo Message To United Fans! Man Utd News

Birt 9 sep 2021
Cristiano Ronaldo's message to the fans ahead of his potential second debut on Saturday & Newcastle look ahead! Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here​​​​

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  • Young Boys are going nowhere,only luck was on their side.lets wait for the Return match at Old Trafford.

  • Only Trafford adam

  • Ronaldo the best player in the world? He never was, even at his best, which is long gone!

    • Football is obviously not for you pal!🙄👹

  • Team full of top class players. We should be going after the top prizes, winning or coming very close. But we have not even a championship level manager at the helm

  • How come i cart comment on the live?????????

  • Leven and Beth (occasionally) are the only ones here actually saying some sense. These top of the screen guys spout so much nonsense, it's unbelievable. Who in their right mind would say that Ronaldo is humble? Or that Donny can release creative passes? Or that Rashford "might have a chance of turning it back"? Turn what back? When he recovers he's the first choice left winger, how can anyone be this thick i cannot understand

  • Levin with the CRIB bruh


  • The truth of the matter is ole is not good enough he makes the same mistakes most weeks donny would walk into most premier league teams easy pe joker

  • I hope Ole starts Ronaldo get the goals in the first half and then rest him for weekday

  • Pogba and ronaldo in the same team yuuuuuuuuuuum

  • Loved this Show!!!!!

  • Everyone love and enjoy when ronaldo comes everything will be fine, to the next level please let's join our channel.

  • well I'm sorry ronaldo but it's not the old united, they don't like to win things anymore

    • Ole and the ole inners

  • I love how they're all pretending they won't be streaming the match 🤣

  • Ole doesnt have the winning mentality thst is the problem he rather put his favourites than players who is actually better like donny over mcfred

  • I can not see Tony Martial getting many starts in this Utd team this season .

  • Beth sipping that water wishing it was something stronger 😂

  • I dont want to piss on everyones chips but unfortunately football is a team game, having ronaldo will not change our dogshit midfield.

  • Hey Adam

  • Hey Leven2k

  • Hey Beth

  • Hey Jordan

  • After a 8/10 transfer window of players coming in giving Ole Ronaldo Varane and Sancho the manager has no excuses this year .

    • I think Ole didn't go after DMF because then there wouldn't be Any excuses. But without some fans will focus the blame on that, and the glazers ect

  • Too much hype over Ronaldo is detracting from the deeper disease in this club in the form of the greedy Glazers & the toxic & woefully incompetent management team

  • Look what happens when Bruno come in now we have Ronaldo varane and sancho come on let's have it

  • Love this line up, all four are top class 👍🏻

  • It's a shame we won't be able to watch it. Yeah no worries mate lol

  • Leven has Sanchez piano

  • de gea won the league

  • When adam said he live near parklife and beth said she live 10 mins away from there, I was like😏


  • Ronaldo will start. He will walk out about 10 mins before the other players walk out. I GOT MY TICKET READY FOR TOMORROW 😬😬😬😬😬😬

  • Ole’s here for vibes tho..

  • Great show guys! Keep rotating the panel as you are all doing a great job! Siiiuuuu

  • Adam and crew.its lit🔥

  • I think since there now is a cap on what agents can get from a transfer fees, they are now thinking of getting a lot more with a signing on fee if a player goes for free.

  • Well done guys, another top show, really great listening. Especially loving the banter between Jordan and Beth, so funny 😄👏

  • N Scott too haha. With Mata, Lingard

  • Beth just said Phil Jones has elite mentality 😱🤣🤣😂


  • LEVEN ABSOLUTELY BOSSED the explanation of Donny-Fred issue! FINALLY someone w sense going through the debate w actual analysis not just emotion! THANK YOU LEVEN! (Single handedly earned you this like 👍)

  • I like your hairs though 😜

  • Martial, fred, lingard, mata, matic and pereira must be sold/leave next season

  • Cavani competing with ronaldo for the striker position? Not in a million years that's a competition, it's ronaldo's spot everyday

  • A part of me feels sad that there’s a very high chance Ronaldo will not fulfill his dream of winning more silverware on his second stint here, with Ole in charge

    • @Neo Leso Ole is brilliant

    • If that's the case he will outlast ole don't see ole being kept long enough to ruin his return

    • Ole is amazing

    • Do you think stars like Bruno, Cavani, Varane and even Ronaldo rate Ole same like you rate him?

  • Wow what a concept. I’m here to win…… lol what else are you playing professional sports for?…. Utd ain’t winning anything it it’s so glorious… honestly what are they gonna win?

    • Nobody thought Chelsea was winning the UCL at the start of last season. On your bike.

  • wide forwards to bring the best out of Ronaldo for me is Pogba and Sancho with their ability to create. Although Greenwood is undroppable atm

  • enjoyable to listen to! Love Adam hosting & this panel discussing 💯

  • Good show !! 👏

  • He is almost 37 and talking about coming 3-4 years

  • Next best thing to Ronaldo out to win more titles and silverware is not seeing and hearing Goldbridge with his negativity on the united stand. Big up to you guys better to keep Goldbrige of the united stand. Amazing without him.

  • playing at the premier league high standards and intensity week in week out, fred can't just repeat mistakes in his courtyard consistently.. it raises the question when do ole cut him off ? there has to be a limit to this ? ?

  • This club has been slacking for too long. I loved Ronaldo’s comments. A breath of fresh air!

  • 55:10 I knew someone would do this

  • Very good point on Rooney , he could partner with anyone. WORLD CLASS

  • Such a chill group & enjoyable to listen to! Love Adam hosting & this panel discussing 💯

  • Breaking News : Fred is the most important player in Ole’s mind, because Fred is the heartbeat of the team, linking defense and attack. Ole believes that he will win silverware with Fred as the CDM.

    • @Nadir Munoo Well, we have to straight the facts. Some people just attacked Ole and his decision to play Fred often, without knowing stats actually showed that decision was right. Some people think VDB would give us a better results than Fred, while the facts is VDB's losing percentage when he was on starting XI was highest around all Man United midfielder. What the logic do they use to think player with highest losing percentage would give us better results?

    • @Alan Koh he is brilliant

    • @JA Adji Man, this comment is posted literally everywhere

    • @JA Adji 🙄

    • @Alan Koh do you know last season we mostly lost when Fred DIDN'T play or WASN'T on starting XI?

  • Great chemistry guys , really enjoyed the chat ...subscribed

  • What I love mostest about these panel videos is the huge difference in mic volumes! 😡

  • Ronaldo is the next best thing we could have to Sir Alex. His desire and need to win is so much.

  • กรีนวู้ด ขวาสังได้ ซ้ายผ้าฝ้า

  • Prediction: Perfect hat-trick for Ronaldo, left leg, header, and a banger with the right leg in the 90th minute

  • Leven's jokes = Silence

  • If you look in depth ..... Ronnie , Bruno and Pogba =set pieces and penalties Shaw , Ronnie and Sancho =crosses Mcguire =driving forward and through balls Varanne =suring things up at the back .

    • Fred= passing to opponents

  • Seriously Sancho, Greenwood and Ronnie could just have fun with teams

  • Use matic or mctomany as cdms and , let the midfield and front line just play

  • Jordan said he didnt want ronaldo back. Now on the bandwagon💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • This is the best 4 👍👍

  • "Smash It"

  • The wide forwards to bring the best out of Ronaldo for me is Pogba and Sancho with their ability to create. Although Greenwood is undroppable atm

  • If Ole doesn’t play Fred, who will whisper in Bruno’s ear before every free kick? It’s a vital role.

  • Beth is spot on that donny was a second choice after Jack. I feel like Ole is now using donny to make a point to the board that you give me what I want or I'm not gonna play what leftovers I get handed instead.

    • That's the reason he won't win a single trophy imagine throwing toys out of a pram for not getting your first choice signing but still get a technical talented player with champions league experience goodness we want a man leading this team not a 10 year old Manchild with tantrums

    • No way. He is a Glazer yes man, that's why he is where he is

    • Ole should loan out vdb then to prove the point strongly.

  • The only manager that will bench Ronaldo is...... [DRUMROLL] .... Ole Gunnar Solskjaer !!!!!! Congratulations to all those that guessed it ;)

  • Ole n board has messed up with Pogba, DVB, Lingard,

  • Hold it Beth! Who told you Cavani will not be playing?

  • The serial winner was on his way to Abu Dhabi Sovereign Wealth Fund, but had his head turned by the idea of linking up with Phil Jones.

    • Do not curse him. What u suggested is linking up in the treatment room playing 🏓 ping pong. 😬

  • Beth is spot on with every point she makes. She has got a lot of football knowledge

    • yet she is ole in...don't think she has a clue

  • I just want Cavani to get one heroic performance in front of the home crowd. Ronaldo has made that less likely which is sad.

  • Nothing new. Same ol same ol.

  • Think Jordan is expecting OT to be quiet this weekend?

  • let's not forget that Cavani can play RW as well. whether as a sub or whatever.

  • If Donny needs to be able to cover for Fred (a DM), then the problem is Fred! We should not be displacing an asset to protect a deficiency, we should be replacing the deficiency with an asset!

  • I was actually surprised how relaxed he sounds. He always maintained some sort of distance in interviews, but this was really from the heart it seemed. I think the second he walked out of the tunnel, it really hit him. He looked revived compared to the Juve Ronaldo I've been seeing. Unreal seeing him back there.

  • Ronaldo is also 37….so let that sink in prats

    • @Jay JAY you can't be envious of other teams in football? Do you understand what role fans play in sports?

    • Ignorant? Ronaldo is 36 you muppet

    • @Jay JAY Look at your tone. It's only football hater.

    • @Helal Choudhury shut your ignorant pie hole, envious of what? Its just soccer, what's that got to do with it?

    • 37 seven next year. You know his age has been mentioned all over the media as 36. Yet your envious ass still lies.

  • Win the league with Ole who say that Jones has a career with Man U. Who prefers lingard to VDB. Who would rather use MC Fred than an actual CDM. Who doesn’t even know that right subs to make or the right time to make them and doesn’t even have a defined formation. I think you lot just like to hear your own voices at times.

    • @Fergie The donwe need to actually win it you think ronaldo and varane will celebrate finishing second like you lads have been doing the past two seasons he has a higher mentality and expectations than all ole inners put together

    • @Fergie The don not what you're trying to say, but "my team" is Man u.

    • If he finnishes higher than your team how will you feel then

  • Why not play Shaw as a Holding Midfielder and Telles at Left back? I think Shaw could operate as a holding midfielder and allow Pogba or Danny to play further up.

    • @James Pringle put some vowels in his username....that is what they like to do.

    • @James Pringle Because he’s still relatively young, a good defender and passer, and a player I think could do the job better than our current options unless we’re seriously thinking of starting Fernandes, Pogba, VDB(which I would prefer, with Varane/Maguire I don’t think we need a purely holding midfielder). I really like Shaw and think he’s a great talent, playing him more centrally could improve his passing and marking even more while strengthening the team.

    • Why would you change Luke Shaws position ? When he is the best

    • Obviously you have not watched football enough.

    • You are having a laugh , cause Rugby is your calling 😂😂

  • Sorry Ronaldo because if you've come to United to win things you've got the wrong team.Nothing doing here while the PE teacher is manager

    • @Prometheus Tv I prefer ole

    • Go support another team

    • Zidane

    • That pe teacher built this team. Never forget how horrible it was before he came. Maby he lacks in tactics, but he got the rest down right. No excuses. He needs to win this season.

  • You lot age talking out your asses again, so from a man Utd team we all agreed wasn’t complete and hasn’t been complete in years to now because we have one player, Albeit it’s Ronaldo..we are now title favorites? Kind of like how Ronaldo helped Juventus win the league right? And they had a complete team. And you remember that we still have the same manager right. Utd fans have become sooo delusional it’s pitiful. We are not even going to win the Carabo cup.

  • CR7 🐐

  • This part of the Ronaldo movie is going to be so good

  • Ronaldo will bring it home after a decade !!!

  • Rooney and Ronaldo gotta be the best partnership, they were absolutely electric

    • I know we all really don’t like him but Tevez Rooney Ronaldo was unstoppable

  • nice one folks, viva ronaldo!

  • Of course you are

  • Siuuu❤️❤️❤️

  • I’m not gonna lie I through all my toys out the pram and my fiancé said that I was spoilt brat because I can’t see Ronaldo on TV on Saturday 😂

  • Great show guys

  • Sky Sports are showing the whole game 8.30pm Saturday 🔥👍

  • Well then Fred will have to improve or Ronaldo will be like that guy can’t play