SOLSKJAER's VAN DE BEEK Dilemma! Man Utd News

Birt 9 sep 2021
Man Utd fans await Cristiano Ronaldo's return but will Solskjaer solve his biggest problem? Donny Van De Beek. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. NEW Last Dance Hoodie HERE

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  • Here is the formation I would have united play: --------------------------------------------------------Cavani------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------Ronaldo---------------------Greenwood------------------------------------------------------- ---------------Pogba--------------------------------Bruno--------------------------------------Sancho----------------------------- ---Shaw--------------------------------Mcquire------------------------Veran-------------------------VB------------------------- --------------------------------------------------De Gea--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Mark, it's that biochemical engineered and experimental spike protein Graphene oxide and LED filled inoculation you got and it's messing with your natural immune system.

  • Donny would be perfect for a number 6 with Bruno and Pogba in front of him. Could be our Modric type player. JUST FLIPPING START HIM FOR A FEW GAMES IN THAT POSITION AND SEE 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Everyone wants Donny to play. Just play him!!!!!! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Hope you feel better soon Mark! Thanks for doing the show regardless

  • after seeing Donny play the measly amount of minutes, i did notice that he is more of a, for the lack of a better word a "system" player meaning he needs the team to play in a similar fashion for him to thrive. Donny does not have that "killer pass" in him to play that advanced creative role in OUR system, so by saying that...he only has the chance to "prove" himself in the middle and i would love to him as a number 8 linking defence to attack.

  • Play Fred and donny, kinda like the same dynamic with Jorginho and Kante, where we have donny to keep things ticking from midfield and Fred to provide the tenacity and energy. When Fred is back..

  • Jay IS A PRAT😂😂😂😂🤡

  • Fred can speak Portuguese lmao 🤦‍♂️

  • We demand Donny plays. C'mon Ole, if you do respect the supporters and can see our midfield debacle, you need to change. SAF was always ruthless when it came to changing the squad

  • Jay got violated at the end. 😂

  • Ole is not stubborn, he is useless.

  • Hala Madrid Ñ

  • Nice

  • Love all the videos. Feel better Mark

  • How to use Donny? PLAY HIM....

  • The only dilemma Ole seems to have is how to find a way to leave Donny out.

  • I can see it 😅, wait what i slept so short aswell

  • Can someone find Ole a copy the DVB Haynes Manuel

  • Never seen a team that fights for trophies with an amateur coaching stuff.

  • people say donny couldn't play the no.6 role as he isn't defensive enough your quite right but does he have to be if he's clever with his game is skillful which he is there will be less defending if you control the game more and donny can do that alot better than what Fred mctominay can do with his eyes closed its clear to me that ole isn't the man to take us over the line he's done brilliantly well for what he has to offer but he's no pep or klopp or tuchel lingard out Phil Jones out Fred out mata out matic out

  • Im beginning to realize we didnt need Sancho at all. Greenwood looks a better player, stepovers and flicks aside. Greenwood and Amad can feel that right hand side just fine, we should have went for a DM instead

  • 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥 if he doesn't play donny now ,feel for him he needs a chance to prove himself or not

  • We talk about oles man management 🤥

  • Get well soon. Good show.

  • I disagree with Fred hate. Fred is a decent player, but when you underperform you should be dropped. It send the right message to the rest of the team.

  • Donny brigade: Ole play Donny Ole: Donny what position do you prefer Donny: 6 or 8 positions Donny brigade: no Ole, Donny is a #10.....he does not know his best position. I knew this F#$@$%@ joke!

  • Fred’s definitely not a number 6?? Fred is definitely not a footballer lmao. The sooner he leaves our club, the better

  • Of course United couldn't let Donny go to Everton, the second he goes there and performs what was the excuse for not using him? I don't think anyone would ever believe that Fred and McTominay were just that much better in training.

  • I don't know why but I feel donny will probably leave in jan have no hopes from ole if he keeps playing fred and lingard we aint winning anything here

  • Ole and Southgate are football twins! Definitely the same manager. Both are cowards when it comes to taking risks!

  • the audacity to moan about ole playing pogba on the left then realise he actually plays well there and dont have to cover the middle in defence then you say play donny on the right after years of matas never been used right and all the videos moaning about playing square pegs in round holes lol.

  • Dvb > Fred anytime and everytime honestly

  • Why not go 4 2 2 2. Or use a diamond in midfield. We have options in midfield, yes we need a DM but there r ways round it. We could also revert to 4 4 2. I don't believe pogba and Fernandes is the best option I'd rather have van de beek for a lonk man

  • Get well soon mate

  • Stars finally aligned with Fred being banned. Hopes Donny starts against the Magpies.

  • I would be over the moon 🌙 if Donny start, but like mark said it won’t happen.

  • I don't see McFred getting first team positions in the Premier League top 8 teams. That says a lot about the our mid field.

  • What's up with this observation over a average westham cdm, he's overhyped because he's English

  • Donny exposes our slow and outdated style of play. Donny also shows how much Ole is afraid to lose as opposed to going for a win.

  • I think it's a crime against football to have a player like Donny and not use him. What makes it more painful is his competition. Like WTF.

  • Swivel on it LOL

  • Donny tv

  • Donny ain't gud enough simple

  • Top work mark o

  • Goldbridge really went in hard on Jay. Lol 😂😂😂😂😂🙆🏾‍♂️

  • You've become so friggin arrogant and harsh. People are scared to give opinions on your platform...shame

  • Olle and his coaching staff have one thing in common. They are all relegation heroes. Olle will never win anything nor will his second class coaching staff

  • That's what that coward said last season and Van De Beek didn't play at all why he persists with Fred over VDB is beyond me it makes no sense whatsoever. This job is too big for the Norwegian.

  • perfect Ronaldo announcement: Sir Alex is standing on the touch line of an empty Old Trafford. All the lights are off and the boss is there reminiscing about the good ol’ days. You see him looking around at different parts of the pitch with flashbacks of incredible moments Ronaldo produced. Ronny walks down the stairs from the players area, puts his hand on Sir Alex’s shoulder and says, “ready to make new memories boss?”

  • "The best players don't win the game, the best team wins the game." ---- Donny van de beek

  • It’s high time OLE HAVE A TET- A -TET WITH BRUNO,because the # 10 position is one of the most sensitive but should be treated with tact and flexibility, given the unprofessional attitude displayed by BRUNO WHEN HE IS TAKEN OFF SOMETIMES: HIS GAT TO KNOW THAT HE CAN BE ASKED TO ROTATE REGARDLESS::

  • Is it Beek or Bake??

  • Everything is falling in place for Ole to start donny hope he does so next game


  • Ole will not be using Donny if McFred is not available. He will be using Matic, it is quite obvious, Donny is 5th choice CM.

  • If u people watch Marco varrati, Gundogan, then that's wat we always miss wen we bench Donny at united

  • Ole should be blamed squarely for this VAN DE BEEK SAGA;there was no reason for that backyard interviewed :HIS complacency in using one of the great assets he had at hand ‘need evaluation and reconsideration otherwise he gonna put his skill management career on the line,he need wisdom dealing with these GEMS AT HIS DISPOSAL,May GOD HELP HIM TO MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE:

  • Mark goldbrige please talk about frank kessies situation at AC Milan as he is a cheap CDM we can buy this January transfer window

  • Donny should start against Newcastle.. not that "fraud fred"

  • Hope you get better as the day goes on mark 👍🏼

  • Damn mark did Jay in at the end

  • Ajax plays the right type of VDB... to connect defense to forward...Ronaldo will push Ole the Wally to play him

  • It really Harts to see my team's midfield being dominated by a small team but when Donny is at the bench 🤔. I loved Ole but I hate u for that. Or if we are not ready to use Donny it's let him go coz the times I sow Donny at Ajax 🤔 his quality is not a bench material instead we are just making him lose quality by benching him yet the world needs to enjoy his talent

  • McDonny??? 👀

  • I’ll find it hilarious if he picks scott after he’s been out for a little while, but didn’t pick varane and sancho for a few games because they “haven’t trained enough”

    • What?? They weren’t at full fitness. Scott was here training before those two

  • GLASERS can get Israeli DM, DAN GLASER for free 🤣🤣🤣

  • Not sure Ole has the recipe, but he’s got great ingredients.

  • Fred cant pass 10 yards in front of him, he cant take a touch to save his life and yet we still wonder if Donny will slot into our team??? He honestly cant be any worse than that being a wonderkid from Ajax. Give the man a chance already

  • Mc and Fred should always be the second choice after Donny

    • They are not starters,they are bang average.

  • United fans love Donny because we have seen him before he came to united. So we demand him coz we know his potential at the pictch, he is not a bench material

  • Knowing ole I see mictominy starting ahead of donny

  • Donny is a industrial midfielder with intelligence he plays any where in that midfield he's already the answer but Ole has is favorites the wolves game proves that!

  • Classic qoute by Mark... "... infiltrated by d***heads." 😂

  • VDB should play in UCL matches

  • We always talk how United is competitive and players should be dropped when they are not playing well But seems to be an excuse with ole his favourites all get ahead of players that are in form and played well in previous games he is still doing that

  • People who say 'play linderlof at CDM' go and have a word with yourself

  • I think Ole hate you ... you stop talking about donny and he may get his chance 😅

  • I don't support united but I do have time for goldbridge I've disagreed on some things he's came out with but that's what you get a very opinionated guy loves his footy funny aswell slow sports should get you on prime time. that's it for year now tho no more nice comments from me.

  • Put pogba and donny in the midfield

  • Not that sort eh Mark? LOL...i burst out laughing. :D

  • Hey! It is obvious Ole has a problem in tactics . That is why he can not use him effectively. The club should replace him with Conte.

  • De Gea Wan Bissaka Maguire Varane Shaw Van De Beek Pogba Sancho Fernandes Martial Ronaldo No reason this team cannot do well against most opposition that will sit back.With our strong defence playing two deep 8s shouldn't be an issue

  • We need speedy on the wing stop shoe horning Pogba in

  • I think DVB can play well on the wing. You've seen those runs he makes into the box(and nobody passes the ball to him).

  • Cant believe he had the audacity to slander the goat. O'shea is arguable our greatest ever player

  • Two 🐐 in Manchester nw. Cr7 and 👑virat kohli 💪

  • Even if Donny starts this game, there is a good chance he won't start the next game. There's more chance of fellani starting then there is for Donny too ☹️


  • Jack of all trades master of none

  • Viva goldbridge

  • This is about Lingard. Ole and the players think if VdB does well Lingard will have to sold.

  • 20:28 Mark, you could always go to a game and let Craig BaldBridge do the watch along on TF. I like BaldBridge and would like to see him on a Utd watch along.

  • At some point you have to blame the club or coaches. Depay, Di Maria, Lukaku all went off and showed they were world class. Ok, they shine but we also kept Lingard, Pereira, Jones etc.

    • You are very right. For a long time we have been lacking in coaching.

  • Ole dosent have a problem, Ole is the problem

  • If he doesnt use Donny Van De Beek, Ole is heading for the sack

  • Someone explain how Fred is in everyone's starting line up in the holding position...

  • Ole's dilemma video number 4538972 and counting

  • Everyone is discussing Van De Beek but it's Matic playing Saturday, I think that's obvious. You can't play Bruno Pogba and Donny as a three