Birt 5 sep 2021
Man Utd face a season of huge expectation with Cristiano Ronaldo and others adding to a side that must now challenge for a title. Is Solskjaer under pressure to succeed? Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. NEW Last Dance Hoodie HERE

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  • Fifi Cooper was even bignyana in Bots.

  • Pogba and donny should be starting in the double pivot, this game is easy to win as Newcastle are relegation team

  • Portugal start winning once Bruno is benched or subbed off lol 😂

  • we need to play 4-4-2 in last 15-20 mins if we are drawing or losing.. Ronaldo and Cavani both.

  • Varane was playing with Ramos. Not Maguire. And is not the best defender in lge. We all know who that is.

  • Don't worry he will play Ronnie and never substitute him. Ronnie will run utd. Olly not stronge enough. Same old

  • The GOAT is back no excuses!

  • Agree with Mark totally what a speech, standards have slipped amongst United fans massively.. looking on United forums they always making excuses for Pogba, Martial etc after bad games "he wasn't terrible" or United failing to win trophies the last 10 years is like accepted now... Manchester United is NOT a charity!

  • Now we have most of the players that we need it's time for the PE teacher to go and hire a football coach

  • Linguard was never a Manchester United player and should never have played for united, the have slumped due to accepting the standard that linguard , mata etc have brought to the club , it’s all to nice.

  • This is awesome

  • Jay doesn’t mince his words and I have to say I agree with 95% of his opinions. 👍

  • United going nowhere under Ole, with or without Ronaldo.

    • I agree with you with the PE teacher in the driving seat United will fail

  • Should let Ronny pick the team and be at the wheel Hyping up Lingaard for scoring against farmers. He would've being an absolute superstar at West Ham. Bad move.

  • Ronny should be club captain I hope we hear Maguire has offered him the club captaincy out of respect

  • If Ole can’t win at least one trophy with this team he needs to change profession!! We need Zidane in!

  • Adams final comment was so spot on: City w/o a proper nr 9, Liverpool with U23 defenders.....United w/o a proper CDM

  • Give that squad to pep, tuchel or klopp and automatically they are favourites. Ole does not have the technical savvy to rotate effectively nor experience dealing with such big name players.

  • Ole as to deliver this season now.. He now as a abundance of richs with a much better squad than fergies title winning team 2013..

  • Great show and love the panel best in the business!

  • Ronaldo is way better in a 2 striker system than as a lone striker. Maybe we should try 442 diamond or 352. He is not very good lone striker although will always take his chances when they come

  • Gonna have to disagree with Jay that this squad is on par with the 2008 team.... Prime CR7, Rooney and Tevez that front trio tops what we currently have. Then u had a prime Carrick anchoring the midfield with Scholes there pulling the strings. Fullbacks are about even but Still gimme Vidic/Ferdinand over Varane/Maguire.... That said agree with do have enough to challenge on all fronts

  • When hu subbed greenwood instead of rashford in the final it was a disgrace, rashford was awful

  • Only if the world leaders could sit down and talk like this and wait for each other to finish their statement. I'm sure the world would be a better place

  • Jay's my man. So is Markie

  • Ince will make a better manager than Ollie

  • Martials better at 9 but he isn’t gonna play at 9 this season so we’ve got to see his creative side which we’ve seen before martials not only a good 9 but he’s very capable of being a good creator

  • But How You Guys Say That You Want To See Ole Make Subs And Rotate But Don’t Want Him To Take Off Ronaldo ? 🤯🤯


  • Macguire world class LOL

  • We can take any team any time in the world LOL

  • I want to see Hannibal used we can’t lose him he’s special

  • I like this analysis, all have come to a consensus that it's either this season or never. Ole is gona be exposed, I dnt like it but he's not good for Manchester utd.

  • I don't know why but I feel Lingard will prove to be more useful than Sancho and Rashford this season.

  • Lingard doesn't touch the pitch for me I'm sorry

  • We've got Ted Lasso as our manager. Nice guy, makes the players happy but really doesn't know what he's doing.

  • A lot of managers could achieve fantastic things with this squad now,but not Ole who doesn't even do coaching

    • @JA Adji he said it

    • With doubtful squad and disaster summer transfer window last season, in the beginning most people had predicted Man United couldn't made top 4. If Ole really doesn't do coaching, how he could handle all that things that i had said before and finished at 2nd? For amateur like you he doesn't do coaching, but for stars like Bruno, Cavani, Varane, even Ronaldo he ia attractive, they want to play for him under his system

  • Carricky we have no excuse now. Have you bought me the tactics for dummies book? Here it is. Fantastic!

  • Ole can play that drab midfield all he wants as long as he coaches either Fred or McTominay to discover their inner Iniesta. We cannot progress with such an ineffective midfield, irrespective of the calibre of forwards and defenders we got.

  • OGS is the wrong manager for this team

  • Don't use CDM as an excuse Goldbridge will bang on about it every game until may.

    • Because cdm position is cr@p and f**ked. this sh*t is not acceptable.

  • You are right Ronaldo should be maintain in his position, no,, 9

  • OLE is the best people manager but not a great tactian to effectively achieve results with the resources available at Utd right now. There are other managers outside the top however I will be elated to be proven wrong by Ole this season. Let’s wait and see :)

    • Donny is crying in the corner

  • I dont agree with Oles tactics, but you cannot disagree that we finished 3rd and 2nd. I agree now is the time to win somthing

  • Hear me out please!! We got world class players now but I still think we will struggle this season until ole is gone! Ole has no system, there’s no volume in his game. We play like a fucking Sunday team!

  • Ole is not good enough i said last season & i am sticking to my word, ole out

  • That dumb ole won't even let donny and lingard play and don't even let them move from the club



  • Martial and Rashford are not in line or fighting for number 9 neither of them are strikers they are fighting for place on the left .

  • Give Jesse some respect

    • Why? He's a west ham level player.

  • We have world class options in every position except in the CDM position !

  • Who here just skips the parts of Joe?

  • IMO the club bottled it hanging to Lingard. They created one headache last year with Henderson and De Gea and now they’ve done it again with Lingard… there’s too much talent ahead of him and arguably better talent coming from behind as well! (Amad, Elanga). It’s time for him to go!


  • He's under pressure now, he will be feeling it, getting the ball to the front men will be the biggest challenge, and it will be the make or break, if ole can't get the midfield firing it well be his downfall.

  • Ronaldo Cavani Pogba Beek Bruno tominay Shaw Maguire Varane Lindelof

    • Get some help

    • Lindelof right back😂 Did you watch him last season when ole did that again liecester they bullied him and get subbed to axel Don't underrrate. Dalot and awb

  • Give olé time. Patience in a virtue

  • Standards have definitely dropped. However, it is more difficult to win the league now. You need a big points total and that means putting together a big run of wins with no margin for error. It remains to be seen if we can do this, but if not now then when.

  • The worrying thing is that it appears Ole is not aware that there is a problem at the mid field.

  • Hopefully the LONGSTAFF brothers aren't available 😆😆

  • Absolutely right. Lingard should have gotten out the club. He’s a ON and OFF performer. No more “deserve to start”. Unless u want to win your next prem after 30 Years. Sick and tired of this. Sadly we need to think like Man city. We have a second team ready to be on the bench let them be on the bench. No starts for those not good enough!

  • Soon as I saw Joe was part of the team I switched off

  • Ole and his bias English coaching staff is not what Manchester United need right now to manage all these talented players. Sink or swim time if he can't deliver silverware this season he is not the man

  • Geez, you finally have a Manager who resembles the man utd philosophy. And all I hear is negativity, finally we have a good squad, if Ole is competitive in the league and does a good run in Europe. It's fine. Trophies will come eventually. And for everybody complaining why donny isn't playing HE ISN'T A CDM. You can't pair him with a matic or somebody else. He's an attacking player. Simple

    • @Nwaoha Joel Ndubuisi yeah? just like pogba can play in that position? The guy sucks in that position. There's a difference with being able to play there and being good at it.

    • Utd philosophy is "Attack, Attack, Attack" Ole is safety-first, and reactive.

    • You don't know football Donny can play anywhere in midfield even ole said that himself Ole is a gamble p.e teacher

    • Rubbish talk mate

  • We need to replace fred with donny please..🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

    • Seeing MATIC--FRED playing as the midfield pair makes me very uncomfortable

    • Lindelof shld stay put where he is..that the reason man u got alot of back up unless alot of injury...Never happen but its about time for a change..fred can't click ard and adapt deep play..lost of touch..🤦‍♂️

    • Never happen

    • Sadly some of our fellow fans think lindelof deserves a better chance to replace fred than donny.

  • No midfield excuses good managers find solutions, before tuchel Chelsea we’re leaking goals now they’re solid & pep won the league with no ST

    • Pep won the league without a striker? Since when? Get ur facts rght..tuchel is correct..wont deny that one

    • i just edited Mark singing Stone Roses, would love you guys to check it out....

    • Yup. Good manager. Which we don’t have

  • I believe the game against Newcastle is NOT televised 😢 what’s the best way of watching if you haven’t got tickets to watch live?

  • Love jay 👊 ole is out of his depth

  • Ole out

  • Greenwood is not our best player so far this season. It is Pogba then Greenwood 2nd. Don't know where this narrative has come from.

  • Remember when SAF used Phil Jones as CDM? What do you guys think of Lindelöf there?

    • @Nwaoha Joel Ndubuisi exactly!!!!!!! I swear man the English just don’t wanna drop their beloved Harry. Lindy and varane would be one of the best pairings in the world. Maguire is slow, and can’t aim a header to save his life. I call him mr ballon head because literally he just heads it straight up in the air everytime. Glad we have varane now.

    • @Cole TMaguire is overrated Slow can't defend Lindelof is better than him

    • I’d honestly rather have linderlof as a rotating defender if he’s not gonna put maguire on the bench( I think it should be lindy and varane because before maguire came linderlof was amazing with Bailey. Only when he plays with maguire does he struggle). We shoulda gotten a loan deal or something for a proper cdm. Fred is useless there

    • The problem with Ole is he doesn’t like to try something new and doesn’t rotate

  • We must win a trophy this year, no excuses.

    • @Vikram Thakur no you won't. Sorry not with your manager.

    • We will win the league and ucl 👊🏻

    • i just edited Mark singing Stone Roses, would love you guys to check it out....

    • @Cole T EFL Cup doesn't count as a trophy. Period. (Given the quality of the squad rn, it's too minor of a trophy)

    • @Valsan 13 you’re the person that say if ole doesn’t win a cup he should go but then down a tournament. A cup is a cup. If we have to play teams like city Chelsea Liverpool to win a cup and we do. It’s a fucking win.

  • The mighty whitey collection 🖕🏿

  • Quality everywhere apart from central midfield and Manager. Ole is a good man manager but that’s about it. No other big club would want Ole as manager. He’s an obvious sentimental talisman manager. He’s a decent manager , don’t get me wrong , but “decent” just isn’t going to win you titles. It’s going to be a painful experience. This United team might be a couple of wins away from the title but when it really matters Ole will make the wrong decisions. The other problem is that Ole seems to be incapable of making the team gel and play fluent passing. Most of our goals and good football come from individual moments rather than good team play. We pass way to slowly and predictably. Watch how our rivals play far more cohesive and fluent football.

    • Not even that good at man management. Rashford and Bruno run into the ground Mistreatment of Donny The GK situation is his fault

    • @3chords Sir Alex is behind Ole and Ole is loved by the entire club, removing him now would probably have a disastrous effect especially on the youth side of things, Ole has a huge IQ and if I'm right he building the GOAT and that takes time and much loses to make the team stronger than just winners.

    • @Nathan White with doubtful squad and disaster summer transfer last season, Ole could surprise everyone in football when he ended EPL at 2nd, when actually in the beginning of season most people had thought he would even not made top 4 with that squad. How is the logic, with better summer transfer and better squad he will be downfall?

    • @Roger Benjamin the transition does take too long but I disagree that it's Maguire's fault. People don't suggest varane and lindelof because it's widely accepted that Victor's aerial ability is a large weakness of our defence. We've consistently seen him get bullied. The price tag was heavily inflated but I'd say that most fans through their own judgement would say that Maguire is better than lindelof and should be partnering varane. Seeing him play for England, seeing him over last season, he's evidently a top quality centre back. His partnership with Luke Shaw has been very effective too. And let's be honest, fans wanted Jones, lingard and smalling gone way before Ole came in lol.

    • @power ranger …..and I hope you are right. I want to be proved wrong.

  • Top right corner spoke sense🔥

  • we have been beating man city and chelsea. I don't see them as a threat. We normally lose to arsenal and liverpool. Ole can't adapt and change a game. We have been playing like this since he came. A few good games then a few bad games no consistency whatsoever. Keeps doing the same mistakes. Ole should be given a few games if he plays the same crap football, we should not wait till the end of the season. He should go.

    • @Cole T if board listens to what fans have to say then this club would be in the better place then it has been for the last 8 years .... this board is the worst thing that has ever happened to the club!

    • i just edited Mark singing Stone Roses, would love you guys to check it out.......

    • @Cole T Arteta (As awful as he has been) and Brendan Rodgers have already won trophies, in less time and have spent less overall. Keep making excuses for Ole though, lol. Some fans are just deluded

    • All you ole haters can sit down when he wins a trophy and just keep those tears coming and angry faces going because he’s here to stay. Luckily the board don’t listen to idiots on ISprofile that have probably never played the game and by far never coached

    • @Jorlando Volts lmao yet still unbeaten

  • Is it possible to be united manager and not under pressure?

  • Lingard will leave on a free

  • For Cavani to play Ronaldo gotta play off the wing in some games

  • Adam just sat down Goldbridge at the end with lack of a CDM should not be an excuse for not challenging. Kinda just cancelled Mark there. All Mark does is moan about the lack of a CDM. That had been his show for the last how many years now? There is no excuse for failure if you a team of 10 quality players and one weak player. As long as Ole is there, expect mediocrity. This is a manager who said trophies are a ego thing, so it is better to bottle semifinals and finals. That is a sign of a weak manager. In other news, Cristiano Ronaldo is not a United legend but a Real Madrid legend. Change my mind.

    • If he wasnt a huge mural of him wouldnt be in the utd gym..simple as

    • @surendran9311 ole can't lift trophy with Manchester United He's awful to watch and football so dreadful

    • You do realise a player can be a legend in multiple clubs right? The dude literally came to united and won a cl, a balon d'or. Multiple other trophies and top scorer and what not. He was and is a United legend and a Real Madrid legend too. What a silly comment. The lack of cdm part i agree tho, the rest of the team is outstanding on paper, ole will have no excuses anymore.

  • Any competent manager comes in and changes the formation immediately... the number 10 position causes a lot of imbalance in the squad further more the 4-2-3-1 is a defensive formation no attacking team plays that formation .. it’s not about putting players here or there the formation itself doesn’t allow quick flowing football u can switch matic Donny pogba all u want the result will be the same the formation is garbage .. it’ needs to be 4-3-3 .. Bruno is not a number 10 he’ needs to play deeper that way u allow pogba to be at his best also because he won’t be isolated when defending because he has fred and Bruno next to him to cover gaps .. u eliminate isolating by pressing and defending as a team .. this is y good coaches can play small players who aren’t defensive and still don’t get over run .. the problem with this squad is simply coaching ability

    • Spot on.. 4231 is so boring. Name the club/nation using this formation, and look how they play! Feel like watch Mou 2.0 actually with different passion

  • People are good looking in Sweden 🇸🇪, imagine how poor Joe stands out with all them around him !!!! Especially when he laughs

  • Maguire MUST surrender the armband to Ronnie.

    • @Nwaoha Joel Ndubuisi Well i see someone woke up and decided to be childish. Good. :) Goodbye

    • @surendran9311 He must He's overrated CB Too slow and can't defend like dias,rudiger , Baily vandijk,varane He's so garbage 😂

    • Must? Why is it a must? Other than the national squad, cristiano has never been the main captain of any of his sides. So why is it a must again? What a foolish statement. Fucking sentimental fc. -.-

    • Never happen

    • Nope

  • We have an amazing squad but not a system of play

  • Don't get this 'must win a trophy'! The cup competitions all come down to 1v1 scenarios vs City/Bayern/Psg/Liverpool...i just expect and id accept us just to be deep in there challenging 💯🔥❤️

    • You’re mentality is all fucked up smh. Small club mentality go support spurs Lmfaoo

    • We are united! We don't have a stuffed trophy cabinet just by being "deep in there challenging". SAF always maintained that even second is not good enough for a club like man united

  • For anyone who's looking for the game it will be on Premier Sports in Ireland I don't know for the worldwide audience if ye have the same channel

  • _De Gea Rafael Vidic Ferdinand Evra Giggs Carrick Scholes Valencia Rooney RVP_ Thats the team that won our last title. You can argue, _De Gea AWB Varane Maguire Shaw Sancho Matic Pogba Greenwood Fernandes Ronaldo_ is a better side on paper.

    • @LiveWireRed B. liverpool and city have better side overall compared to last time This city has broke numerous records and the managers more than make up for their shortcomings in certain positions

    • @LiveWireRed B. agreed, LVG had a very good squad though with some world class players at the time just didn’t work

    • @Nwaoha Joel Ndubuisi Chicharito and even Kagawa were nice squad players. Cavani and Lingard are better players than they were which tells you the quality of our squad as well. This is the best team we've had since 08.

    • Chicharito? He played the big part with RVP and Rooney

    • @LiveWireRed B. city forsure didn’t have the players they have now. Liverpool just has that mentality we lack. And Chelsea. Damn Chelsea have such a good team

  • Greenwood will learn to be Ronaldo from Ronaldo 👌🏽🔥

    • i just edited Mark singing Stone Roses, would love you guys to check it out......

    • @brian kenome I don’t really mind whether he turns into ronaldo or rvp

    • I hope he learns to be Ronaldo in mentality but RVP in skill

  • Lingard stopped me falling to sleep 💤

  • Adam, I don’t mean to call out a player/person but the fact that Phil Jones is still here means that low standard is a norm at United. Chelsea and City give a player or manager one season at the most to prove themselves. At United, we keep mediocre for 7yrs.

    • @Konrad Exposito - Graphic Designer ole should suspend jones contract and make a example of him

    • @Konrad Exposito - Graphic Designer it IS Ole’s fault. He sanctioned Jones’ last contact renewal

    • i just edited Mark singing Stone Roses, would love you guys to check it out.....

    • Ferguson bought Jones. Ferguson was a big part of the problem in the end, he bought Smalling, Young & brought Lingard through.

    • Utd transfer business is ridiculous. If a players is not good enough city or chelsea sells them asap; Utd gives the player a longer contract hoping to sell for a higher price. Do we think other clubs are fools?

  • Like I said before if we don’t win anything this season I’m ole out for the first time😭

    • Would you be happy with Ole if he was grinding out 1-0 wins and draws but he is 9 points behind city and 6 behind Chelsea?

    • @Konrad Exposito - Graphic Designer depends on the CL run. If we play the easy teams then get smasged easily in the semi its a lot different to beating giants

    • i just edited Mark singing Stone Roses, would love you guys to check it out.....

    • @The Truth I'd say like 6 points max, ideally want to be closer

    • @Konrad Exposito - Graphic Designer how much points behind city or Chelsea do you consider a title challenge?

  • N y plenty people saying Ronaldo is gonna stunt Greenwood’s career like y’all don’t see ole don’t want to let greenwood play strike right now he’s gonna play right wing until he developed as a better player then shift to striker

  • Cmon ole shut the mouth 👄 to haters

  • hope AWB steps up. alongside CL Varane he has to improve and have the confidence to not cover for him ala Victor. our left side combo with Shaw + 1 of marcus/pogba is world class... being able to have a right hand side to that effect would be devastating.

  • Watching the way sancho plays pass and move just like donny, I have no doubt if they are in the pitch there will be very good exchanging of passes.

    • i just edited Mark singing Stone Roses, would love you guys to check it out......

    • I am worried about Sancho he may not play him because of lack of speed

    • They won’t be on the pitch together unfortunately

    • @Dallano clips sorry mate we dont do that hear. Bruno hero ball and inshallah

    • U will see prime iniesta and xavi passes i swear if he play them together

  • Man. United lack someone who can come off the bench and make a difference like chicarito

    • When you don't make attacking subs, you expect no less

    • United lacks a manager who knows how to make a sub and rotate when necessary and is extremely stubborn

    • We just need ah coach to come off the bench now and win us the game

    • What a mental comment with the depth we have now 😂

    • @Konrad Exposito - Graphic Designer let's hope they can make a difference

  • Utd should go to Dortmund next year for Bellingham not Haaland

    • @James Anderson G We will have even bigger issues next season than now if we do. Were do you play Cristiano if Haaland is here. They will both demand playing 90 % of the games.

    • @Nwaoha Joel Ndubuisi okay now you’re trolling

    • I don't rate Bellingham as a class mildfielder I would pick Gilmor, James Garner, Hannibal,Levitt ahead of him Bundensliga is crap

    • @Thomas Gundersen because haaland is better tf

    • @Shane Mcclean Why ?

  • Mark did you see Paul Ince got into the football hall of fame

  • Why did you put idiot joe on, standard is dropping mark